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Furin Kazan 22 Sangoku Gekitotsu (A Clash of the Three Provinces)

In 1545, Yu-u hime tells Kansuke who visits Suwa that she is pregnant. She becomes calm and it makes Kansuke happy.  But at that time, MURAKAMI Yoshikiyo says that TAKEDA Harunobu will retreat from Shinano where he invades into and dispatch troops to Suruga. As IMAGAWA Yoshimoto,who allies himself with Harunobu and HOJO Ujiyasu are in a touch-and-go situation over the possession of the eastern part of Fuji River, he should send reinforcements to Yoshimoto.

Oyamada Nobuari (Seiichi Tanabe, right) bring Taigen Sofu Sessai (Masato Ibu) to Tsutsujigasaki.

Then OYAMADA Nobuari, who rules the region near Suruga brings TAIGEN Sofu Sessai to the residence of Tsutsujigasaki. He asks Harunobu for advice on how the Imagawas should do. After his leave, Nobuari insists that Harunobu should make peace with the Hojos first. But Kansuke advises Harunobu to make both reconcile and gain their gratitude. Though Nobuari seems to be dissatisfied, Harunobu agrees with it.

Kansuke (Seiyo Uchino, left) sees Ihara Yukimasa (Ryo Segawa) at Zentokuji Castle

Kansuke sees IHARA Yukimasa at Zentokuji Castle, the headquarters of the Imagawas. Yukimasa tells him that Sessai is not keen on fighting against the Hojos in reality. Then Kansuke meets Sessai and then Yoshimoto. Kansuke tells him that Harunobu plans to make  both armies retreat from there and in that case, the place still belong to the Imagawas. But Yoshimoto says that the Takedas have no right to do that.

Imagaqa Yoshimoto (Shosuke Tanihara, left) remonstrates Kansuke

However, Yoshimoto realises his words there is nothing to gain by triumphing the Hojos. But he tells Kansuke that he is unsuited to be present at submitting a written vow. Then Harunobu sends KOMAI Masatake, one of his heredity vassals. And in the headquarters of the Takedas, Kansuke tells Nobuari that everything was planned by Sessai.

Yoshimoto submits a written vow

Sessai told Kansuke that he had a good lord when he left and only Harunobu realises what he really meant. In the headquarters, he finds ITAGAKI Nobukata and he asks him whether he plans to deceive Harunobu with Yu-u hime or not. Kansuke refuses it strongly and he says he admires Harunobu, Yu-u hime and Nobukata respectively as if a human loves his province. Nobukata sees what kind of man he is by his words.

Itagaki Nobukata (Sonny Chiba, left) asks Kansuke about his relationship with Yu-u hime

He and Kansuke departs fot Yoshiwara Castle where the Hojos are based. Hojo Ujiyasu remembers him and Nobukata tells him that it's Kansuke who informed him the reconciliation. Ujiyasu says that he was right because he didn't employ him (*). Then Yoshimoto sees the sea with Harunobu who is long to have sea in his territory. And Kansuke marches to Kawagoe, Musashi with a certain purpose.

(*) He means that such a brilliant vassal will run away to another lord soon.

The images are from the video of "Furin Kazan".


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