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Sanada Maru episodes 37-39

Episodes of Sanada Maru

Episode 37 Nobuyuki

Though beaten in the war against the TOKUGAWA Ieyasu, SANADA Masayuki keeps hunting the remnants of the Tokugawas and is stopped by Nobuyuki. In October 1600, Ueda Castle is told to surrender and there is possibility that they are executed by Ieyasu.


Nobuyuki and his father-in-law HONDA Tadakatsu petition Ieyasu to reduce their penalty. Then Ieyasu tells Nobuyuki to change one of the letters of his name. he changes the letter of “yuki” to disown his father (*). Then Ieyasu plans not to give Masayuki any opportunity to participate in any war.


Nobuyuki is granted is father’s fief in Ueda and becomes to rule both Ueda and his original fief Numata. On the other hand, Masayuki, Nobuyuki, their family members except Kaoru and vassals are exiled to Kudoyama, the villafe lies at the foot of Mt. Koya.


Episode 38 Masayuki

They are given a simple house in Kudoyama and is kept under survelliance. Though HONDA Masanobu begs Ieyasu to parson them, he flatly refuses it. Besides he estsablished Tokugawa Government and make his granddaughter Sen marry Hideyori, son of TOYOTOMI HIdeyoshi.


One day in 1606, Nobushige happens to meet ITABEOKA Kosetsusai who says that something is still burning in his eyes. In Kyoto, Ieyasu meets Hideyori to display him his authority. Hideyosi grows into an amazing young man and it surprises him. HONDA Masanobu tells him that if Hideyori is mediocre, he will not threaten Ieyasu and can live long.

After that, KATO Kiyomasa dies suddenly and it's rumoured that he was poisoned. And in Kudoyama, Masayuki becomes ill and shows Nobuyuki the paper about strategy written by himself it as if he leaves a will to him. In 1611, he sees his deceased lord TAKEDA Shingen in a vision and dies.

Episode 39 Saigetsu (As Time Goes By)

Nobuyuki visits Kudoyama and Nobushige tells him that they hurt for money though Kiri and Sasuke earn little money. He promises he will send enough money to support their lives. They are familiar with the lives in Kudoyama but Nobuyuki plans to appeal Kodai-in, former Kita no Mandokoro (Nei) to pardon them but Ono-no Otsu-u, who mediated her and him says it’s in vain.


A woman visits Kudoyama then. She is Taka, daughter of TOYOTOMI Hidetsugu who was saved execution and escaped to Luzon when his father committed suicide. She says she is a  concubine of Nobushige and shows them a flat braid. Nobushige tries to make it by themselves and Kiri and Haru makes samples.

He asks Chobei to sell it and they receive ten per cent of the sales. Thanks to the income, they have a banquet one night but Daisuke practices go because he is always beaten by TAKANASHI Naiki. When Nobushige is ourside, someone calls him. It is AKASHI Teruzumi, who formerly served UKITA Hideie.

(*) He changes the letter "yuki (幸)" that is also used in his father's name Masayuki to "yuki (之)" to disown his father.  


Masayuki (Masao Kusakari) leaves his strategy and dies in 1611


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