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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 34 Kakushi minato no Ryuunmaru (Ryuunmaru at a Hidden Port)

The death of Masatsugu is informed to the Iis, Natsu and her son Inosuke. Natsu feels sad but acts bravely. But Naotora shuts herself up in a room of Ryotanji Temple and continues to play go. She seems to be emotionally unstable and believes that Masatsugu is still alive and cannot remember Ryuunmaru when he visits her. In Kiga where he lives, many people betray the Imagawas and become to yield their town to TOKUGAWA Ieyasu. But Ryuunmaru is not certain whether he is trustworthy or not. He tells his men to be ready to escape from there.  


Ryuunmaru (Yuya Yagira, right) who visits Naotora in Ryotanji talks with Nankei (Kaoru Kobayashi)

Ieyasu is going to take Kakegawa Castle where IMAGAWA Ujizane is sheltered by ASAHINA Yasutomo. Then MATSUSHITA Jokei appears and introduces SETO Hokyu to Ieyasu. Hokyu brings military supplies to Hikima Castle where Ieyasu stays. But when the New Year (1569) begins, Ieyasu is forced into a hard fight by the Hojos who support the Imagawas. Osawa Mototane, lord of Horie Castle attacks Horikawa Castle in Kiga and orders the people to resist Ieyasu. However, Ryuunmaru thinks that Mototane should not involve common people in the battle and throws him and his vassals into disorder by putting out the light in Horikawa Castle.


Seto Hokyu (Tsuyoshi Muro) brings military supplies to Hikima Castle with his attendant Tatsu (Keisuke Yamamoto)

He and his men plan to make Kiga people escape from a hidden port of the castle. There appear a group of ships of NAKAMURAYA Yodayu but the ships are requisitioned by Ieyasu because he takes the side of the Tokugawas. And the commander SAKAI Tadatsugu orders the soldiers to make a raid on them. In Ii-no-ya, Natora goes into sleep after she realised that Masatsugu has gone. She has a nightmare of killing Ryuunmaru by herself and then wakes up. At that moment, Hokyu rushes into the temple and says that there’s a raid in Kiga.


Naotora (Ko Shibasaki) has a nightmare of killing Ryuunmaru

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