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Furin Kazan Episode 14 Son-shi* no hata (The Flag of Sun Tzu)

Though SUWA Yorishige takes up arms ignoring the alliance with TAKEDA Harunobu, he makes peace with UESUGI Norimasa after all. It disappoints SANADA Yukitaka who hopes to destroy the Takedas. TAKEDA Harunobu is bewildered. If he fights against SUWA Yorishige, his sister Nene, wife of Yorishige will face danger. Then Kansuke proposes to him that it needs to cause discord between the Suwas and the Takatos, branch family of the Suwas.


The Takedas plans to scheme Takato Yoritsugu (Shozo Uesugi), lord of Takato Castle

Harunobu and Kansuke visit the hot springs. Harunobu talks about "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu and Kansuke speaks of "Furin Kazan". In their absence, Nobushige visits Oi Fujin with senior vassals and tells her that they worry about Harunobu who always accepts the words of Kansuke. Oi Fujin says that he may be a good companion for him. Then ITAGAKI Nobukata appears and says that Kansuke probably knows how Harunobu thinks.


Kansuke (Seiyo Uchino, right) and Kyoraishi Kagemasa (Kazuya Takahashi) depart for Suwa

Kansuke and KYORAISHI Kagemasa depart for Takato Castle. As they plan to behave that the vassals of the Takedas lack unity, TAKATO Yoritsugu. lord of the castle gets carried away. Then they go to Suwa in a chilly wind. On the way, Kansuke finds Heizo accompanies Hisa, daughter of YAZAKI Jugoro. Heizo brings them to his master’s house. At supper, Kagemasa tells Jugoro that he hopes to serve Yorishige because he dislikes the Takedas.


Needless to say, it is the scheme of Kagemasa. Jugoro accepts it and keeps him as his shokkaku (dependant**). And Kansuke also says that he is a ronin who searches somebody whom he should serve. Heizo loves Hisa but she is going to ARUGA Kiyomasa, lord of Aruga Castle. She worries about that her family will die out in the future but Jugoro tells her that there’s no problem if one of her sons secceeds him. Kagemasa tells Kansuke if Harunobu attacks Yorishige, the Yazakis will have a direct influence.


Omiwatari on Lake Suwa

At that time Omiwatari(***) appears on Lake Suwa and a Shinto Ritual is held at Suwa Shrine. Yu-u hime attends it and people gather there to see her. But according to the divination at the ritual, an evil god from the east will cause misfortune. And Sanjo Fujin asks Harunobu not to attack Suwa but think of Nene. Harunobu says she is a hostage and  didn’t marry Yorishige of her own will but Sanjo Fujin says so is she. She still worries that Yamamoto Kansuke hopes to trigger a war.


Kasuga Gengoro (Kotaro Tanaka) becomes to serve Takeda Harunobu

Harunobu also plans to construct banks to prevent villages from floods and he finds a young man called KASUGA Gengoro among Kawayokeshuu, those who oversee dredging and constructing banks. Harunobu knows that he is acquainted with Kansuke.


 The vassals of the Takedas are glad to see the Flag of sun Tzu (blue one)

Kansuke returns from Shinano and meets Harunobu. Then he is surprised to see Gengoro there. He is employed by Harunobu to serve him as his attendant. Harunobu makes the flag of “Furin Kazan” and shows it to his vassals. ITAGAKI Nobukata tells them that Harunobu is always ready to have a battle and they rejoiced at it.

(*) Japanese style pronunciation of Sun Tzu.

(**) The system of treating a talented man as guest and he supports the head of family instead. It is said to originate in ancient China.

(***) Ice cracks appear on frozen Lake Suwa. The word means "god crossing" because there is a legend that it's the path marked by a god who visits a female god by crossing the lake.

The images are from the video of "Furin Kazan"


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