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Heizo (YAZAKI Heizo)

Heizo is a fictional figure. He is a farmer who lives Kuzukasa in Kai with Densuke (later KAWARAMURA Denbei), his sister Mitsu and Takichi (later KUZUKASA Takichi). The appearance of Kansuke influences his life. After the death of Mitsu, he takes the charm of Malici offered on her tomb and leaves Kai. He hopes to attack TAKEDA Nobutora who killed Mitsu.

Then he serves the Sanadas and joins the Battle at Unnokuchi Castle with Kansuke. After the battle he parts from Kansuke but falls ill on the street and is saved by YAZAKI Jugoro, vassal of the Suwas and his daughter Hisa. He becomes to serve the Yazakis and loves Hisa secretly. As Jugoro serves the Suwas, he still hates the Takedas though Harunobu becomes the head.

After the attack on the Suwas by the Takatos and the Takedas, Jugoro serves OI Sadataka and then MURAKAMI Yoshikiyo and he continues to serve him. Later he marries Hisa and calls himself YAZAKI Heizo. But Jugoro is killed by the soldiers of SANADA Yukitaka in the battle at Toishi Castle in 1551. And Yoshikiyo who is betrayed by some of his vassals escapes to Echigo at last.

Then Heizo serves the Uesugis who rule Echigo. He is ordered to tempt a young monk called Chokyu into killing Harunobu. He was born between Suwa Yorishige and his wife Nene but was forced to become a priest in his childhood. But it ended in failure and then he serves USAMI Tadamitsu, senior vassal of UESUGI Kenshin and participates in the fourth battle of Kawanakajima.

During the battle, he sees a man who is familiar to him. It is YAMAMOTO Kansuke who is dying but he is shot by arrow and falls down on the ground. After a while he stands up and tries to walk to Echigo where his wife Hisa and children Jugoro and Mitsu live. It is not clear whether he survives or not.

The image shows Ryuta Sato as Heizo
(From the video of "Furin Kazan")


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