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BABA Nobuharu (KYORAISHI Kagemasa)

BABA Nobuharu was a vassal of TAKEDA Nobutora, Harunobu and Katsuyori. He was formerly called KYORAISHI Kagemasa. He called himself Baba Nobuharu when he was  allowed to inherit the family name of Baba later. He was granted the official title Minbunosho first and then Minonokami after HARA Minonokami Toratane retired.

He was a late bloomer. He became to command 120 mounted soldiers when he was 44 though some vassals commanded about 300 soldiers in their forties. He is said to have never injured himself in the battles he joined in his life (*) so was nicknamed "The Invulnerable Baba Mino". YAMAMOTO Kansuke is said to have taught him fortification and he constructed some castles includes Fukashi Castle in Shinano.

He died in the Battle of Nagashino in 1575. He was succeeded by his son Masafusa who was killed or executed when ODA Nobunaga invaded into Kai in 1582. The house of his descendant is preserved in Matsumoto, Nagano.
In this series, he has a close relationship with Kansuke. Besides learning fortification, he and Kansuke maneuver in Suwa in preparation for the attack of Harunobu. He made his name in attacking OGASAWARA Nagatoki, shugo of Shinano and the fourth Battle of Kawanakajima.

(*) He is similar to HONDA Tadakatsu, vassal of TOKUGAWA Ieyasu in this respect.

The image shows Kazuya Takahashi as Baba Nobuharu
(From the DVD series of Furin Kazan)


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