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Izumo no O-Kuni

She is said have been a daughter of a smith in Izumo and became a shrine maiden of Izumo Shrine. Later she toured the whole country to solicit contributions for the shrine.

Around 1600, she distinguished herself as a man and performed kabuki odori. It gained popularity in Kyoto. According to some references, she visited Nyoin Gosho (*) and Fushimi Castle and performed her dance. At first her dance was that of young girls but became to be the one whose subject was the love of kabukimono (**) and prostitute and was popular in red-light districts. Such performance was sometimes accompanied by prostitution.

Therefore, kabuki odori was regarded undesirable and gradually controlled by the Tokugawa shogunate. After that it changed to the one performed by young men. But it was prohibited also and became to be performed by adult men only.

In this series, she has her dance company and tour many provinces accepting the invitations of daimyos. One day they are invited by TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi and perform in the presence of him. Then SANADA Nobushige finds his missing sister Matsu among the dancers and asks her for taking her home with Masayuki who visits Osaka. She sccepts it because she is the worst dancer in the company. and in the Siege of Osaka in 1615, her successor who is called O-Kuni also visits soldiers.

(*) The palace of the Empress Dowager who became a nun.
(**) The young guys whose costumes, hair-styles, and performances are eccentric and lived in idleness in the early 17th cenury. The word "kabuki" comes from this.

The image shows Sylvia Grab as Izumo no O-Kuni
(From the DVD series of Sanada Maru)


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