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She was a daughter of TAKANASHI Naiki and became a concubine of SANADA Nobushige. They had a daughter later.

Kiri (Masami Nagasawa) in her younger days

In this series, she is described as one of his friends and acts with him as long as he lives. She is a cheerful, talkative and tends to interrupt people while they are talking. She becomes to serve the Sanadas as maid and knows that Ume becomes a concubine of Nobushige. Though she is her friend also but when she feels jealous with her.

After the death of Ume in the Battle of Ueda in 1585, she accompanies Nobushige who visits Osaka with UESUGI Kagekatsu. Then he becomes one of the guards (Umamawari-yaku) of TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi and tells her to return to Ueda and serve the Sanadas again. But she serves Nei, wife of Hideyoshi and is taken into the confidence of Toyotomi Hidenaga, nephew of Hideyoshi. It makes Nobushige feel uneasy.

Kiri becomes a maid of Nei, wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi

However Hidenaga is made to commit suicide because of his scandal. And Nobushige marries Haru, daughter of OTANI Gyobu Yoshitsugu. But their relationship doesn't change so much. After the death of Hideyoshi, Nei decides to become a nun and discharges many of her maids. Then she serves the Hosokawas though the outbreak of the battles that result in the Battle of Sekigahara make her, Kaoru and Haru be sheltered in the residence of Yoshitsugu.

After the Battle of Sekigahara, she and Haru accompany SANADA Masayuki, Nobushige and Naiki and live in Kudoyama. Though they are exiled, she enjoys the life there that reminds her of the life in Ueda. And she encourages Nobushige who does't know what he should do after being invited to participate in a war (the Siege of Osaka) against the Tokugawas.

Kiri serves Chacha after the outbreak of the Siege of Osaka

Then she accompanies Nobushige and his family and serves Chacha (Yodo Dono) in Osaka Castle. On the night before the final battle, Nobushige hugs her for the first time but she says to him,
"It's too late".

On the following day, she is told to send Sen to the headquarter of TOKUGAWA Ieyasu and sees Nobushige fight against the army of the Tokugawas. After making Sen meet her grandfather Ieyasu and her father Hidetada, she disappears.

The images are from the DVD series of "Sanada Maru"


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