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Furin Kazan Episode 11 Nobutora tsuiho (Nobutora Goes into Exile)

TAKEDA Nobutora visits Sunpu and is invited to renga no kai by his son-in-law IMAGAWA Yoshimoto. It's a meeting in which some people make renga, a kind of poem and Yoshimoto makes a verse that suggests someone leaves Kai and never returns to there. Nobutora thinks it means Harunobu but in reality it means Nobutora for Yoshimoto knows the plan of Harunobu by his letter.


IHARA Yukimasa hears that Kansuke accepts the offer of Yoshimoto and visits him. He tells him that he will be a sacrificed piece of Yoshimoto but this is a chance in a million to him regarding taking revenge for Mitsu and serving the Imagawas. Then AOKI Daizen appears. He is eager to take the head of Nobutora and serve the Imagawas but Kansuke says he won't kill him. His words does not only to keep Daizen in check but to contain himself also. And he is called to Sunpu and told he should welcome Nobutora in tidy fashion and is given an eye patch made of leather.


Aoki Daizen (Wataru Shihodo, centre) visits Kansuke (Seiyo Uchino, right)  who is with Ihara Yukimasa (Ryo Segawa)

In Kai, the meeting of Harunobu, Nobushige and their vassals is in a tangle. MOROZUMI Toradsada, moriyaku (tutor) of Nobushige hesitates to accept Harunobu’s succession for he hopes that of Nobushige in reality. OYAMADA Nobuari who keeps calm stands up suddenly and opens the sliding doors to show them many vassals wait in next rooms. Nobuari knows what Harunobu thinks through the good offices of Taigen Sessai who serves Yoshimoto and knows him well.

Nobuari asks Harunobu whether he compels Nobushige to accept his succession or not. Harunobu bows to and persuades Nobushige to accept it but he understands what his eider brother thinks though he is favoured by Nobutora. Then they arm themselves and depart for the borders on Kai and Suruga. Oi Fujin, mother of Harunobu and Nobushige decides to become a nun.


Takeda Nobutora (Tatsuya Nakadai) is shut out by his sons and vasssls

At that time, HOJO Nobutsuna who is ill in bed makes his son Ujiyasu succeed the Hojos. Ujiyasu reads aloud the family precepts how the Hojos' samurais should be and it overlaps Nobutora on the way to Kai. But he sees his sons and vassals who prevent him from entering his province at the fort on the border. However those who accompany him strive to be the first to enter when the gate is opened.

Harunobu announces that he cannot return to Kai any more. Though Nobutora, being flurries and orders ITAGAKI NObukata to kill him but the vassals never obey him. At last Nobushige persuades him and he realises that he should turn back the way he has come. Then Kansuke, Yukimasa, Daizen and other samurais come to guide him. Kansuke abandons his leather eye patch and wears his straw one made by Mitsu.


 Nobutora draws a sword on his horse


Kansuke accepts the challenge


And Daizen rushes into them

On their way, Nobutora tells Kansuke that he feels a blood lust from him. Then he makes his horse run to the field and Kansuke chases him. The memory of Mitsu come back. They cross swords each other but Daizen rushes into and Nobutora is injured and falls from his horse. Kansuke makes other samurais stop him and approaches Nobutora. He speaks to him that his son Harunobu will rule Kai well, contrary to his real intention. They return to Sunpu at dusk.


The images are from the DVD series of "Furin Kazan".


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