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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 25 Zaimoku o daite tobe (Lost logs of the Iis)

SETO Hokyu finds a buyer of the logs. It's a merchant whose shop name is Narikawaya and his logs were consumed by fire. Naotora tells Hokyu to sell them at a high price. At the same time, bucket-shops of salt trade with Kai becomes to be controlled strictly because IMAGAWA Ujizane prohibited it. This situation makes some merchants give up their business in Sunpu and move to Kiga.

Naotora brands logs with a red-hot iron by herself and invites children at Ryotanji Temple to help her. Toramatsu, who considers why he lost the game of go is drawn to them also. After that she and her vassals visit Nakamuraya Yodayu in Kiga and talk over their dinner influenced by the Western and Chinese foods.

Naotora (Ko Shibasaki, right) knows the Imagawas assume that the Iis trade with Tokugawa Ieyasu secretly

Yodayu says that he sometimes mediate between merchants and Ryuunmaru who started their business that undertakes various kinds of works. And he learns that Naotora is in charge of shipping the Iis' log at a lumberyard. On the other hand, ONO Tajimanokami Masatsugu visits Sunpu and knows that Ujizane is going to build a castle in Kiga though the town is managed by merchants. Ujizane plans to control them (*). Then his vassal appears and tells him that somebody trades with his enemy TOKUGAWA Ieyasu (**) is found out.

Naotora meets Ujizane (ONOE Matsuya) for the first time in twenty years

In ii-no-ya, people dye cotton cloth but Naotora thinks it needs to sale them in another way if Ujizane plans to build a castle in Kiga. At that time, Masatsugu returns to Ii-no-ya with SEKIGUCHI Ujitsune, senior vassal of Ujizane. He tells Naotora and her vassals that the Iis trade logs with Ieyasu and she realises that she was deceived but takes a low profile to him on this issue. Then both Naotora and Masatsugu considers how they should do.

Natsu offers Masatsugu to help him but he refuses. Naotora decides to show off her fidelity to Ujizane who wants to make her obey him and departs for Kiga on the following day. She plans to buy all logs and then brands the logs and shows Ujizane them to prove there is no secret trade with Ieyasu. But there are not enough logs in Kiga. Then she ask Ryuunmaru to take back logs from Narikawaya. 

Seto Hokyu (Tsuyoshi Muro, centre) and Okuyama Rokuzaemon (Miou Tanaka, right) bring the logs with the help of Ryuunmaru (Yuya Yagira) stands on them

Besides she take a medicine to make her become feverish. Masatsugu visits her from Sunpu to confirm it and Naotora tells him it's a trick to gain time.While Naotora is delirious, Ryuunmaru and his fellows chase the ship of Narikawaya and take back the logs of the Iis. In Sunpu, Naotora meets Ujizane for the first time in twenty years and insists that she never betray him. At that moment, logs are brought into the residence of the Imagawas. 

(*)On the folowing year, ODA Nobunaga forced Sakai that was managed by merchants to give in.
(**) Around this time he obtained the consent of the Imperial court and changed his family name Matsudaira to Tokugawa. 

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