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The Adventure of the Dog's Language Interpreter 2

In the episode based on "The Greek Interpreter", Sherman tells Holmes that she walked for ten minutes but in reality she and Wilson Kemp who plans to sell the specimen walked for five minutes and turned back. In this respect, the episode is based on "The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb" also. And the reason why Kemp carries Sherman on his back is not to make her identify their location.

In the canon, Wilson Kemp appears in "The Greek Interpreter" only but in the puppetry he appears in several episodes as villain's part. And Mycroft Holmes and Diogenes Club in Dealer House make their debut. In the series, the Holmes brothers don't get along.

Though Mycroft says that nobody can communicate with dog, Toby realises Sherlock's words. During the search without Sherman, he tells Toby that he will give him bone of the chicken if it goes well. However at the end of the episode, he tells Sherlock that he prefers bone of the cow for that of the chicken is easy to stick his throat, interpreted by Sherman.

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