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Sanada Maru Episodes 34-36

Episodes of Sanada Maru

Episode 34  Kyohei (Uprising)

ISHIDA Mitsunari is told to be confined but the administration without him doesn't go well. In February 1599, he makes a comeback. Nei decides to become a nun so Kiri, who serves Nei is going to serve the Hosokawas. In the next month, leading figure MADA Toshiie dies and it encouragws those who are against Mitsunari and finally TOKUGAWA Ieyasu orders him to retire from his position. Then he departs for Sawayama Castle in his fief.

After that Ieyasu enters Fushimi Castle and tells Nobushige to serve him but he refuses it. Ieyasu, the actual governor of Japan now gives notice to UESUGI Kagekatsu who is suspected to rebel against him. But his vassal NAOE Kanetsugu sends a letter calld Naoejo, that says the rumour of rebellion is not true and the Uesugis are busy with building castle town in Aizu. It makes Ieyasu unsatisfied and he decides to attack Kagekatsu.

SANADA Masayuki receives a letter from the Uesugis that asks him to fight against Ieyasu together. On the other hand, Ieyasu asks Chacha for some amount of money. Besides he asks her to permit him the use of the Toyotomis' battle flags to justify his attack to the Uesugis. Though Okura-kyo no Tsubone opposes, Chacha permits it. After he marched to the East, some daimyos as UKITA Hideie, KOBAYAKAWA Hideaki and KATAGIRI Katsumoto discuss to defeat Ieyasu.

Episode 35  Inubushi

Women of the Sanadas leave Osaka to avoid the war in the near future. Ina, wife of SANADA Nobuyuki who is a daughter of HONDA Tadakatsu, vassal of Ieyasu promises her husband not to communicate with her father secretly. In Osaka, the daimyos includes ISHIDA Mitsunari prepare for the war against the Tokugawas. But KOBAYAKA Hideaki is tired of fighting and is told by his vassal ITABEOKA Kosetusai, who is a spy in reality how to behave during the war.

In July 1600, Fushimi Castle is attacked and it triggers the series of battles related to the Battle of Sekigahara. OTANI Yoshitsugu writes to the daimyos who still cannot decide which side they should take and suggest them that they should support ISHIDA Mitsunari. As his illness prevents him from writing letters, Mitsunari assists him and finishes it. SANADA Masayuki receives it and is shocked at the rash act of Mitsunari that makes his plan disturbed.

That night Masayuki, Nobuyuki and Nobushige talk about how they should do at Inubushi where their camp is established. Masayuki hopes the return of trubulous times but it's impossible after the unifitication of whole country by ODA Nobunaga and TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi. Nobuyuki says that he will take the sides of Ieyasu for his father-in-law is HONDA Tadakatsu. Then Both Masayuki and Nobushige take the side of Mitsunari and winner(s) will help loser(s) as possible after the war (*).

Sanada Nobushige (Masato Sakai, right) is reluctant to part from his brother Nobuyuki (Yo Oizumi)

Episode 36  Shobu (Fight)

Nobuyuki left Inubushi and takes the side of Ieyasu while Masayuki and Nobushige meets Ina, Ko and their children. Ina hears that Nobuyuki took the side of Ieyasu and says it's characterestic of him. After that, Masayuki and Nobushige visit Numata Castle of Nobuyuki with vasssla but Ina and Ko never allow them to enter the castle because they are enemies. Masayuki smiles wryly and says that Nobuyuki has a good wife.

TOKUGAWA Hidetada attacks Ueda Castle. Nobuyuki who communicates with his brother secretly and fights against him not seriously but in a set manner. In addition, the soldiers of the Sanadas confuse Hidetada's army and steal their rations. It keeps raining for several days and Kan River near Ueda has risen. Hidetada is forced to retreat and marches to the west obeying the order of his father.

Masayuki and TAKANASHI Naiki see their retreat in the rain. Masayuki to Nobushige,
"You should do your best before the war begins."
And in Sekigahara, the battle of TOKUGAWA Ieyasu and ISHIDA Mitsunari is going to start but the Sanadas celebrate the victory and they suggest where the two armies meet. Then Sasuke comes in and tells them that the West army of Ishida Mitsunari was defeated and Mitsunari himself is missing.

Ina (Yo Yoshida, left) and Ko (Satomi Nagano) don't allow their father-in-law enter Numata Castle

(*) This is called "Inubushi no wakare" (Parting at Inubushi), one of famous episodes in the history of the Sanadas.

The images are from the official website of "Sanada Maru".


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