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TAKEDA Nobutora

TAKEDA Nobutora was born in 1494 or 1498 as the heir of TAKEDA Nobutsuna. His first name was Nobunao. He was a Shugo Daimyo (*) of Kai but at that time the province had  many troubles and he reunited his divided clan at first.

Then he put some local rulers who ruled their own territories under his control. Though the Oyamadas served him,  others as the Ois or the Anayamas opposed him and served the Imagawas of Suruga. But thereafter he became reconciled with the Ois and in 1520, he married a daughter from the clan. On the folowing year, the Anayamas surrendered him. In 1518 he moved the headquarter of Kai to Kofu and built his residence called Tsutsujigasaki Yakata and made a castle town where his vassal lived.

Besides he opposed the neighboring daimyos such as the Imagawas or the Hojos and fought with them. In 1530, he made a widow of UESUGI Norifusa as his concubine to strengthen the relationship between the Takedas ans the Uesugis. Though some vassals opposed it and took the side of SUWA Yorimitsu who invaded into Kai. But the forces of Nobutora defeated them and made one of them surrender his castle. 

In 1535, he allied with the Suwas. And in 1536, Hanakura no ran (the Riot of Hanakura) occured and he was required to take the side of Genko Etan, half brother of IMAGAWA Yoshimoto but didn't. Then he made his heir Harunobu marry a daughter of the Sanjos through the good offices of Jukeini, mother of Yoshimoto.

In the same year, he invaded into Shinano. This was the first battle of Harunobu. But he loved his second son Nobushige more than him and treated the heir coldly. It caused Harunobu and the vassals who took his side exiled him to Suruga and he never returned to Kai. After that he became a priest and sometimes visited Kyoto. He survived his sons and died in 1574.

In this series, he is described as an inhumane lord of Kai who always takes Harunobu to task and ignore his people. In the episode 11, he is exiled to Suruga bu his sons and vassals and YAMAMOTO Kansuke is involved with it.

(*) A kind of daimyo granted his fief and executive power by Muromachi Bakufu, government established by the Ashikagas. Some of them and some local rulers became Sengoku Daimyo by expanding territories by themselves and made castle towns.

The image shows Tatsuya Nakadai as Takeda Nobutora
(From the video of "Furin Kazan")


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