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Jin and Holmes

I write about JIN, a Japanese TV drama series that features a brain surgeon called Jin Minakata played by Takao Osawa. In the series, he suddenly travels back to Japan in the 1860s and treats some people using his knowledge of medicine and makes medical equipment and drug as intravenous drip table and penicillin. This curious experience makes him decide to save some famous people who were assassinated in this turbulent era. Will the act that betrays God go well?

This series has something in common with the NHK puppetry series. Both main chracters, Jin and Holmes are obliged to do their jobs within their limitation. Meanwhile I compare this young Holmes to Pinocchio and YOSHIDA Shoin for all of them try to grow up or improve themselves despite many restrictions. The case of the comparison between Holmes and Pinocchio includes their relationship to Irene Adler and the Fairy respectively. The similarity between Jin and Holmes may be accomplishing their mission in limited time. Especially Jin, who travels back to the past has a hard time to perform a simple operation in the medical environment at that time.


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