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Furin Kazan Plot 3

Though Kansuke was ordered to spy on the Imagawas, he plans to take the side of BAIGAKU Hosho (later IMAGAWA Yoshimoto) to avenge the killing of Mitsu by TAKEDA Nobutora. Nobutora is going to support KUSHIMA Echizennokami, who assists GENKO Etan, opponent of Hosho in the dispute over succession. Kansuke meets Jukeini and tells her that the number of Kushima’s soldiers are  limited and he will not invade into Sunpu but fight at Hanakura Castle, his base.

But it means that he makes an enemy of  his brother Sadahisa, vassal of Kushima. He tells his brother to betray Kushima when they happen to meet in front of their parents' graves, but he won't. At the same time, Nobutora meets TAIGEN Sessai, a priest and tutor of Shoho mediated by OYAMADA Nobuari, one of the senior vassals of Nobutora. There Sessai proposes to become reconciled and make alliance each other. In return, marriage of Harunobu and a daughter of the Sanjos, an aristcrat family in Kyoto whom Jukeini associates with is decided.

Yamamoto Sadahisa (Ken Mitsuishi, right) tells his brother Kansuke (Seiyo Uchino) to help his suicide

Kushima and the vassals of the Imawgawas are in a state of war. The troops from the Hojo clan to support them arrive but the inforcements from Nobutora never appear. The Imagawas' soldiers rush into the castle. Though Kansuke attacks Etan and Kushima, Sadahisa makes them away. The brothers fight each other and at last Sadahisa tell Kansuke to help his suicide. He also tells his younger brother to survive and transfer the headship of the Yamamotos to him.

Kansuke decides not to return to Kai any more. He hopes to serve the Imagawas, but new head who names himself IMAGAWA Yoshimoto after secularisation is told by Jukeini not to employ him. Kansuke also feels that Yoshimoto dislikes him during their conversation. Then he learns that the Takedas and the Imagawas were reconciled. And Kushima Echizennnokami, who is sheltered by MAEJIMA Masakatsu who serves Nobutora are executed by Nobuari but Hikojuro escapes from there.

Some vassals of the Takedas blame the behaviour of Oyamada Nobuari (Seiichi Tanabe, centre) and surround him.

Harunobu opposes his father Nobutora but he ridicules his son. After that, Lady Sanjo arrives at Kai accompanied by some maids includes Hagino. Their wedding ceremony is held and he hopes she will be an irreplaceable wife for his first battle is near. And Kansuke hears a news from a man called Aoki Daizen that there is a spy from the Uesugis called Honma Goshu in the hojo clan and hurries to Sagami, fief of the Hojos.

Kansuke meets HOJO Ujiyasu and tells him about Honma Goshu. Goshu becomes confused but affirms the fact. It seems that Ujiyasu knows everything and tames Goshu. Ujiyasu wonders why Kansuke knows such a thing and suspects him to be a spy from the Imagawas. Though Kansuke denies it, one of the vassals of the Hojos who practice kendo finds him and insists that he's from the Imagawas. The man is KUSHIMA Hikojuro, son of Echizennnokami.

Kushima Hikojuro (Hiromi Sakimoto, rightmost)insists that Yamamoto Kansuke (centre) serves the Imagawas in front of Hojo Ujimasa (Makoto Matsui, leftmost)

"Plot of Furin Kazan" will be changed into "Episode of Furin Kazan" from the next time.

The images are from the video of the series.
This is based on the episode 5 "Suruga Tairan" (A Riot in Suruga) and 6 "Shikan e no michi" (The Imagawas and the Hojos)


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