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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 15 Onna Joshu tai Onna Daimyo (Chatelaine of Ii-no-ya Castle VS Female Head of the Imagawas)

Jukeini is dissatisfied with II Naotora who disobeys the orders of the Imagawas. She directs ONO Tajimanokami Masatsugu to make her visit Sunpu. Masatsugu tells his lady lord if she makes him guard Toramatsu, he will visit Sunpu instead. She refuses it and decides to go to Sunpu but the assassinations of Naomitsu and Naochika in the past makes her feel unsafe.

OKUYAMA Rokuzaemon does not accompany her for he is not good at swordsmanship. And NAKANO Naoyuki, who opposes Naotora being as ruler rebuffs protecting her. Then she asks monk soldiers of Ryotanji Temple to escort her. On the previous night of her depart for Sunpu, she sits by the well of Ryugu-kozo and speaks to dead Naochika.
"As ill luck would have it, I will visit Sunpu also. I hope you to watch me on my way to there."    

Nakano Naoyuki (Yuma Yamoto, right) tells the farmers who practice penmanship about the departure of Naotora

Then she departs for Sunpu. Nankei, one of those who see her off finds Naoyuki who gets sulky. He takes him to Ryotanji and makes him help farmers practice penmanship. During their practice, he tells them that Naotora has departed for Sunpu. They become unsettled and say that they depart for Sunpu also to protect her but Nankei tells them to help her without stirring. That night Naotora screams at a temple she lodges and Koten and Ketsuzan finds a snake approaches her. Masatsugu who accompanies her feels unpleasant for he is always left out of them.

Natsu, sister-in-law of Masatsugu tells Nankei that he intends to become a shield for Naotora to protect her from the Imagawas. She sees him who asks for Shino to write a note that Toramatsu should be guarded by him. Nankei dodges her question but says he will never say so from his own mouth because it should be done secretly. At the same time, Masatsugu asks for Naotora to make him guard Toramatsu. Then a tall tree falls down suddenly and some axes are thrown to them from somewhere.

Naotora tries to keep quiet and runs away but is surrounded by the masked men with swords. Masatsugu tries to cross swords with them but there appears Naoyuki and he mows down the enemy. Ketsuzan fights with them also and she can escape from the danger. Naoyuki is impudent as usual and says "woman should no be self-assertive!". But he seems to be satisfied with having worked for her.

Ono Masatsugu (Issei Takahashi, left) goes to Sunpu instead of Naotora (Ko Shibasaki)

Naotora asks Masatsugu to visit Sunpu instead of her. After the departure of Masatsugu and his vassals, Naotora talks about something with Naoyuki. Then someone with Naoyuki's clothes makes a horse run under cover of darkness. On the following day, Masatsugu meets Jukeini and tells her that he will guard Toramatsu. At that time, a servant comes and tells her that a samurai called Nakano Naoyuki visits her and a man who wears Naoyuki's clothes appears and bows to her.

Both Jukeini and Masatsugu are surprised when he raises his face. It is Naotora who wears the clothes of Naoyuki and puts an eboshi on her head. Jukeini reproves her that she and SETO Hokyu contributed Seto and Hoda to Ryotanji, but she explains that the Imagawas cannot intervene in it according to Imagawa Kana Mokuroku (*). Jukeini says it is revised now and pressed for an answer to her why she didn't apply Tokuseirei. Then Masatsugu presents her a note of Shino but Naotora promptly says that the question means that Jukeini accepts her as the head of the Ii clan who guards Toramatsu. 

Naotora (right) in the clothes of Nakano Naoyuki visits Jukeini when she talks with Ono Masatsugu (left)

There come some servants and show the petition to tolerate her with the signatures of farmers. Jukeini gives in at last and will watch how the female ruler will behave though her grandson Ujizane is unhappy about it. Naotora goes out of the Imagawa's residence and sees OKUYAMA Rokuzaemon who carried the petition to Sunpu. They return to Ii-no-ya and are welcomed by the villagers and women of the Iis.

After her return, Nankei drinks sake by the well with as many cups as the deads of the Ii clan. And Natsu tells Yuchinni that she will return to the residence of the Onos and adds that she must balance between the Iis and the Onos. 

(*) Laws established by the Imagawas to control the fief and people.

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