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ODA Urakusai (Nagamasu)

ODA Nagamasu was a youngest brother of ODA Nobunaga and later called himself Urakusai Joan. The name Joan comes from his Christian name.

After his eldest brother Nobunaga was killed in the Honnō-ji incident, he served his nephew ODA Nobukatsu for a while. In the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute from 1584 to 1586, he took the side of TOKUGAWA Ieyasu and negotiated with some daimyos for TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi. Then he became to serve Hideyoshi as one of his otogi shu, a kind of close adviser or companion who talks various things with his lord. He distinguished himself in the Battle of Sekigahara and continued to serve the Toyotomis to assist his niece Chacha (Yodo Dono). But the conflict between the doves includes him and the hawks in Osaka Castle became severe and he left Osaka and lived in Edo. He is also known as the master of tea ceremony and built a teahouse called Joan (如庵).

The area where he lived is called Yuraku-cho after him. And "Uraku", a kind of camellia japonica is originated from his name.

In this drama, he is a man who loves Chacha and Hideyori but maneuvers to make peace with the Tokugawas without fighting that betrays the ronins gathered for the Siege of Osaka. He asks Hideyori to command ronins to hold a castle repeatedly to realise his plot. But SANADA Nobushige who doubts his behaviour finally finds out he is a spy and tells him to leave the castle.

The image shows Jun Inoue as Oda Urakusai.

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