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Okura-kyo no Tsubone

Okura-kyo no Tsubone is a nurse of Chacha and her son TOYOTOMI Hideyori, mother of ONO Harunaga and Harufusa.

After the death of TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi, his wife Nei (Kita no Mandokoro) left Osaka Castle and Chacha (Yodo Dono) became the chatelaine of the castle. Then she became to wield power as her nurse. When TOKUGAWA Ieyasu got anger with the inscriptions on the bell of HOKO-ji Temple in Kyoto, she negotiated with Ieyasu alone. Ieyasu feigned that he would not attack the Toyotomis, while he made strict demand to solve the problem to KATAGIRI Katsumoto, one of the vassals of TOYOTOMI Hideyori. However she refused the warning of Katsumoto and planned to assassinate him who finally served the Tokugawas. The affair caused the Siege of Osaka eventually.

She committed suicide with Chacha, HIdeyori and her eldest son Harunaga in the Summer Campaign of the Siege of Osaka.

In this drama, she is described as a woman who is prideful and devotes herself to Chacha and Hideyori. By contrast, she treats ronins who fight in the siege coldly and is offended by some of them who call her "old hag" in secret. And she is led by Acha no Tsubone, concubine of Ieyasu into accepting her words that the moats of Osaka Castle must be filled up to avoid further conflict after the Winter Campaign.(*) But it means the weakening of the defense of the castle.

(*) After the broadcast, some viewers commented that it was she who destroyed the Toyotomi clan.

The image showa Rie Minemura as Okura-kyo no Tsubone.
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