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II Naochika (Kamenojo)

II Naochika was a samurai in the 16th century. He was a son of Ii Naomitsu, father of Ii Naomasa and heir of the Ii clan. His father Naochika was murdered for he was thought to have betrayed the Imagawas. Then he escaped to Shinano, current Nagano and spent most of his teenage days there.

Kanata Fujimoto as Kamenojo, Naochika in his childhood

After returning to Totomi province, he married a daughter of OKUMAMA Tomotoshi, vassal of the Iis. He was originally engaged to Ii Naotora, heiress of the clan but she became a priest after his escape. He took over the head of the Iis after the death of his cousin Ii Naomori in the Battle of Okehazama. However, order of the province was disturbed at that time and he was rumoured that he was secretly connected with MATSUDAIRA Motoyasu, later TOKUGAWA Ieyasu. He visited Sunpu to vindicate himself but was killed on his way. 

Haruma Miura as Ii Naochika

In this drama, he is called Kamenojo in his childhood and Naotora and Tsurumaru, later ONO Masatsugu are childhood friends. At first he hopes to marry Naotora who is a priest but marries Shino, daughter of Okuyama Tomotoshi. Though Naotora still loves him and his death gives her a supportive push forward. Then she becomes a chatelaine and brings up his son Naomasa.


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