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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 2 Gakeppuchi no hime (A Maiden on the Edge)

O-Towa hands Kamenojo a flute he left near the well. Then they exchange their clothes to trap the vassals of the Imagawas who chase him and make him escape easier. Meanwhile,  many boys are checked in the residence of the Iis and then two men of the Imagawas bring a boy at that moment.

But it is not Kamenojo but O-Towa. Her parents and Take who nurses her are surprised and O-Towa speaks them the fact. Soon after the vassals of the Imagawas left Ii-no-ya and funeral of Naomitsu is held though is attended by very few people.

Then Ono Izuminokami Masanao visit them and reads Gechijo, command letter from the Imagawas aloud. Everyone in the place doubt why he, senior vassal of the Iis receives it instead og Naomori. The reason is mentioned in the letter that Niino Samanosuke, brother of Chika is discharged from overseeing the clan and Izuminokami himself is assigned to the post.

Ono Izuminokami (Mitsuru Fukikoshi) reads a command letter aloud.

Chika gives O-Towa a tsuzumi,  a hand drum Naomitsu purchased in Sunpu, capital of Suruga, current eastern Shizuoka. She decides to practice tapping it until the homecoming of Kamenojo. And she is told by Nankei that there are several answers to each question. At that time, Naomori decides to make his daughter marry Tsurumaru, son of Izunokami to continue the Ii clan but O-Towa who yearns for Kamenojo refuses it.

O-Towa meets Tsurumaru near the well of Ryotakuji Temple. She tells him that she is going to marry Kamenojo and wait for him, though it means that she refuses the marriage with Tsurumaru in his presence. O-Towa plans to leave home to break off the engagement and meet Kamenojo, who is going to escape to Shinano, current Nagano.

O-Towa (Miu Arai) practices tapping a tsuzumi

On her way to Shinano, she enters a tumble-down cottage to have a rest. But there is a poorly-clad man with disheveled hair. He is a vagrant who is made the scapegoat when there is a trouble with neighbouring village resulting the death of some people. After she goes asleep, he finds that something valuable in her luggage and villagers search O-Towa who is thought to be kidnapped.

On the following day, he brings O-Towa to the residence of Naomori but he tells his vassals to kill him. The man trembles with fear but O-Towa says that it's all her fault and the man is rewarded for it. Though she goes home safely, she still refuses the marriage with Tsurumaru and blames her parents for having another option.

Chika is anger with her words and locks her up in her room. O-Towa still considers other method to avoid the marrigae with Tsurumaru to realise the promise with Kamenojo. At such time, Naomori agrees the engagement ignoring O-Towa's will but Take, who carries meal to her screams for she shears off her hair by herself.

O-Towa is brought by a man (Tsuyoshi Muro) in the cottage to her parents' residence


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