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Sanada Maru Episodes 25-27

Episodes of Sanada Maru

Episode 25  "Betsuri"(Parting)

After the Siege of Odawara, the Toyotomis and Sen no Rikyu become to dislike each other because of some ingots of lead impressed Rikyu's seal that were found in Odawara Castle. TOYOTOMI Hidenaga, younger brother of Hideyoshi points out that it needs to some daimyos to protect the Toyotomis for Rikyu is a merchant and gives priority to profit over other matters.

After that, Hideyoshi and his vassals make Rikyu confine to his house and he is  made to committ hara-kiri at last. On the other hand, Tsurumatsu, only son of Hideyoshi suffers serious illness and Nei, Kita-no-Mandokoro tells her husband that Tsurumatsu is cursed by dead Rikyu and those who were killed by Hideyoshi despite innocence.

SANADA Masayuki who occasionally stays in Kyoto visits Hideyoshi brings a medical herb. His wife Kaoru and KATAGIRI Katsumoto make medeicine but it ends in failure. Tsutumatsu dies at the age of three. His mother Chacha cries bitterly in the arms of Nei and it cast a shadow over the future of the Toyotomis.

Episode 26 "Uri-uri" (Gourd seller)

Hideyoshi retires from kanpaku and becomes taiko (*) and his nephew Hidetsugu succeeds him. However he is still full of ambition and plans to invade into China. He builds a castle in Nagoya in Hizen, current Saga and calls daimyos gather but it makes them perplex.   

Though some daimyos advance to China, rest of them spend time having a drinking party and a disguising competition. Though Masayuki and Nobuyuki plan to disguise themselves as gourd seller but give up for Hideyoshi also disguise himself as same one though his call is much inferior to that of Masayuki.

At that time, Tori, grandmother of Nobuyuki and Nobushige and mother of Masayuki is seriously ill. They viti her in Ueda Castle. Then she gets up and tells her grandsons to cooperate with each other and dies after that. Two days later, Chacha give birth to a baby in Osaka Castle. He becomes to be called Toyotomi Hideyori later. 

Episode 27 "Fushin" (Distrust)

After taking office as kanpaku, Hidetsugu performs his duties but he always afraid of how Hideyoshi regards him. Especially he worries about how Hideyoshi treats his son Hiroi. And he tells Kiri who serves him as maid then to become one of his concubines. But she is told not to be so by his daughter Taka for he is faint of heart.

Hidetsugu decides to perform NOH and takes lessons from UKITA Hideie, a daimyo who is reltives of the Toyotomis. However Hideyoshi is unsatisfied and tells him to give priority to his business. He gets depressed but is consoled by Nei. Besides, Hideyoshi tells Nobushige that he plans to ask the court to give him and his brother official titles despite his refusal.

Then Hidetsugu happens to see a plan of building Fushimi Castle, new castle for Hideyoshi and understands that he intends to attend to government affairs. It makes him feel suspicious of Hideyoshi. In addition, his younger brother Hideyasu died of illness but Hideyoshi never allows the members of the Toyotomis attend his funeral for the death brings misfortune.

* Taiko is a title for former kanpaku.

The image shows Toyotomi Hidetsugu (Shinya Niiro, left) talks with his uncle Hideyoshi (Fumiyo Kohinata, right). (From the official website of Sanada Maru)

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