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Sanada Maru Episodes 22-24

Episodes of Sanada Maru

Episode 22 "Saitei" (Arbitration)

HOJO Ujimasa decides to visit Hideyoshi in exchange for making him prove that Numata belongs to the Hojos. Then Nobushige, ITABEOKA Kosetsusai, vassal of Ujimasa and HONDA Masanobu, vassal of Tokugawa Ieyasu submit their agreement to an arbitation. SANADA Nobushige appears on behalf of his father Masayuki.

They argue to whom Numata belongs to and Nobushige wins the argument with the help of Masanobu and Hidetsugu, chairman of the arbiration. But ISHIDA Mitsunari asks Nobushige and Masayuki to compromise with the Hojos to make Ujimasa visit Hideyoshi easier.

Finally, the Hojos are granted Numata Castle and the Sanadas are granted Nagurumi Castle stands close to Numata. It is Masayuki's idea for everything in Numata Castle can be seen in Nagurumi Castle. After a while, the Hojos suddenly attack Nagurumi Castle and it causes the siege of Odawara in 1690.

Episode 23 "Koryaku" (Conquest)

In 1590, TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi besieges Odawara Castle with the armies of many daimyos who ally with him. The Hojos has the consultation to determine to surrender or not in vain. But HOJO Ujimasa amuses himself by playing kemari to escape from the uneasiness of being attacked.

Hideyoshi enjoys the dance of Izumo no Okuni with Chacha in his camp. On the other hand, SANADA Masayuki reduces castles to the north of Odawara with UESUGI Kagekatsu who says that there's no justice in the war.  And ISHIDA MItsunari is sent to attack Oshi Castle with which SANADA Nobuyuki has hard time.

Ujimasa indicates Hideyoshi the surrender on terms but Hideyoshi leaves it to his vassals and visits a hot-spring resort with Chacha. Then ITABEOKA Kosetsusai and HONDA Masanobu recommend Nobushige who argued well in the arbitration over Numata Castle. In the castle, Nobushige meets an unlooked-for man.

Episode 24 "Metsubo" (Downfall)

The man is OYAMADA Shigemasa, brother-in-law of Nobushige. After the missing of his wife Matsu near Lake Biwa, he became to serve the Hojos. Then Nobushige is taken to the room of Ujimasa by Kosetsusai and perasuades him to surrender and it moves Ujimasa.

At last Ujimasa cuts off his topknot and surrnders to Hideyoshi. He is ordered to committ hara-kiri by Hideyoshi and his son Ujinao becomes a monk and is exiled to Koyasan. And Nobushige cannot get off some ingots of lead out of his head. He found in the armoury of the Hojos where he met Shigemasa and the seal of Sen no Rikyu is impressed on them.

Meanwhile ISHIDA Mitsunari cannot manage to take Oshi Castle. Then Masayuki, who rerurns from Odawara and initiates him he secrets of taking the castle. After the war, daimyos are rewarded for their services in Utsunomiya (current Utsunomiya in Tochigi), and a one-eyed young man who is cheerful and smart is among them. His name is Date Masamune.

The image shows Ujimasa who cuts off his topknot.
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