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TOYOTOMI Hidetsugu

TOYOTOMI Hidetsugu is a nephew of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. But being a heir of his uncle and the birth of Toyotomi Hideyori made him go wrong and commit hara-kiri as a result.

He is a son of Tomo, elder sister of Hideyoshi and Jihei and was taken as hostage to the Miyabes in his childhood. After having come of age, he served his uncle but committed a blunder at the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute. Later he cleared his name and participated in the Siege of  Odawara in 1590. In the following year, he succeeded his uncle as Kampaku but the birth of Hideyori cast a cloud on his career. Finally his scandals includes a matter of succession cornered him to suicide.

In this drama, he is described as a good-nature man who loves Kiri, childhood friend of Nobushige. Later he becomes to worry about his future under the pressure of Hideyoshi and killed himself in a temple of Koya-san(*).

(*) In former times, Koya-san is not only one of the holy places of Buddhism but the place where sons of the noble or famous samurais as daimyos were sent or sought refuge in also.

The images shows Shinya Niiro as Toyotomi Hidetsugu.
(From the official website of Sanada Maru)

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