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Idaten Episode 3 Bōken Sekai (Adventure World)

In 1960. KOKONTEI Shinchō's family and his pupil Imamatsu are surprised that a young man called Komatsu becomes Shinchō's pupil secretly. He bathes in cold water every morning because his father told him to do so in his childhood.

In 1909, Shisō who becomes 18 bathes in cold water near the well. He who lost the chance of becoming a navy officer plans to study at Tokyo Kōtō Shihan Gakkō and tells his elder brother Sanetsugu that he was not carried by Jigorō Kanō in reality. Sanetugu has already known about it but Shisō hopes to regret nothing (*) and decides to go to the school whose principal is Jigorō himself. He passes the entrance exam of the school and goes to Tokyo with Hidenobu Mikawa. Both of them wear red blankets that symbolise the country bumpkins who visit Tokyo. On their way, Shisō finds a magazine "Bōken Sekai" (Adventure World) someone left in the train and reads the column on Tengu Club. Hidenobu tells him it's a sports club, a community of libertines. 

Shisō (NAKAMURA Kankurō VI, left) and Hidenobu Mikawa (Ryō Katsuji) arrive in Tokyo

They arrive in Tokyo and go straight to Asakusa but Shisō has his purse picked in the streetcar. Then Koume, a prostitute speaks to them and rikishaman Sei-san suggests riding on his jinrikisha to them. After that they go to the dormitory of the school but the dean Dōmei Nagai who is famous for his severity blames them for bringing "Bōken Sekai". Hidenobu tells him calculatingly that it's Shisō who has the magazine. So Shisō is told to hang down from wall bars as punishment. Besides he has to bend his legs at right angles. 

At the residence of the Mishima family, Wakako, mother of Yatorō and Yahiko makes a maid called Shima read aloud a novel "Hototogisu" (**). She is a brave woman from Kagoshima who is liken to SAIGŌ Takamori. However in the novel, a mother-in-law of the main character Namiko is modeled on Wakako and she torments her son's wife. Shima is confused but Yatarō tells her to treat her adequately because Wakako cannot read difficult Chinese letters. Yahiko takes an interview of a magazine and says he'd like to know how losers feel as he is ever-victorious. 

Jigorō Kanō (Kōji Yakusho) talks about the Olympics at the entrance ceremony of Kōtō Shihan Gakkō

At the entrance ceremony of Kōtō Shihan Gakkō, Jigorō talks about the Olympics and the preparatory students includes Shisō are required to practice judo founded by him or kendo (Japanese swordsmanship). Shisō writes to his family about his school life. He bathes in cold water every morning and masticates the food well so he is the latest student who leaves the dormitory. And he runs to Shihan Gakkō as he did in his high school days. After having his purse stolen, he doesn't use a streetcar and is the first student who arrives at the school. In summer vacation, he returns home and meets Suya Haruno but is shocked when he learns that she will be formally introduced to her prospective marriage partner. Sanetsugu tells him to find something that fascinates him. When he entrains to return to Tokyo, Suya who rides a bike chases his train and says loudly that he should sing "Jitensha Bushi", her favourite song.

Shisō and Hidenobu return to Tokyo and go to Asakusa again. There they see a film based on "Hototogisu" and in it, the mother-in-law is described true to the original so Wakako who also sees it is very angry. And Koume speaks to Hidenobu who is with Shisō and asks him to visit her brothel house. Then a car comes (***) and Yahiko gets out of it. He shoots a gun as the signal to start of a marathon race. Sei-san also takes part in it in spite of being chuck out as he is not a student. Shisō asks him what it is and Sei-san answers it's marathon. The runners run around Asakusa and Shisō thinks he can find something that fascinates him. Onthe other hand, Kōzō Minobe frequently goes to the vaudeville hall and starts practicing rakugo by himself.

Hidenobu reads "Hototogisu" in his room

Hidenobu who visited the brothel house is punished because he breaks the gates. And he is told to hang on from wall bars as Shisō did. Dōmei leaves there and Shisō finds a poster through the bars. He asks Hidenobu to stretch the legs then he sees the logo of marathon. It's a poster of a marathon race for the students.

(*) Maybe he is eager to study under Jigorō.
(**) The novel was written by Roka Tokutomi. Hototogisu means lesser cuckoo (Cuculus poliocephalus).
(***) Car was very rare at that time.

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Jigorō Kanō

He was born to a family who was a wholesaler and ran a brewery in Kobe, 1860. The family supported KATSU Kaishū.

In 1870, his father started working for the Meiji Government so he studied in Tokyo and entered Tokyo University in 1877. But he was bullied by his classmates and tried to strengthen himself by practicing jūjutsu, the predecessor of judo. After that he founded judo and established Kōdō-kan, a gym to practice it. Later judo was adopted as a required subject in the high school under the old system that were only for boys. 

In 1891, he became a principal of Daigo Kōtō Gakkō (No.5 High School, one of the institutions of higher education) in Kumamoto, present Kumamoto University. He was also a deputy head of Gakushūin and a principal of Tōkyō Kōtō Shihan Gakkō, present Tsukuba University. He made efforts to spread sports in Japan and participated in establishing Nippon Joshi Daigaku, Japan Women's University.

In 1909, he became a first Asian member of the IOC and established Dai Nippon Taiiku Kyōkai, present Japan Sports Association to make Japanese athletes join the Olympic Games. In 1936, he succeeded in hosting the 1940 Olympics in Tokyo.

However he died of pneumonia on the way to Yokohama from Vancouver after taking part in the IOC session in Cairo, 1938. After the death, he was awarded the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun. 

The 1940 Olympics was cancelled due to the outbreak of the World War II and his dream realised in 1964.

He had seven children between his wife Sumako and was a member of the House of Peers.  Kanō Jigorō hai (Jigorō Kanō Cup) is named after him.

The image is Kōji Yakusho as Jigorō Kanō.
(From the official website of "Idaten")

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『いだてん』関連の投稿で、書こうとしていて忘れていたことです。第1回で嘉納治五郎が人力車に乗っていて、Right manと手帳に書くシーンがあります。さらにその下に、横書きでライトマンと書いていますが、これは左から右への横書きになっています。その当時は右から左ではないのか、そう思った方もいるかもしれません。ただし当時でも英単語の発音などは、アルファベットに合わせて左から書いていたようです。そもそも戦前であっても、横書きは左から、あるいは右からと様々だったようで、第二次大戦後にたとえばGHQの命令で、横書きは左から書くようになったということではなさそうです。

それから武者氏の『まんぷく』評です。このドラマを含め、自分の嫌いな大河や朝ドラを悪く言うのは大河コラムと変わりません。『まんぷく』と『いだてん』の農業は違う、後者はきちんと考えられているなどと書かれていますが、前者の場合は家族の食べる分を補う家庭菜園で、後者の専業農家とは違います。そして『花燃ゆ』では、スタジオでちょっと鍬を振るだけで、野菜がボコボコ湧いてくるなどと書かれていて、しかも大河コラムの方では、こういうのは季節感がないとも書かれていました。しかしその一方で、『おんな城主 直虎』の新野家は常に睡蓮や藤の花(造花?)が咲いていましたが、ああいうのには言及したのでしょうか。私も『花燃ゆ』は好きではありませんでしたが、殊更に悪く言われると同情したくもなります。


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パナソニック 24-21 クボタ
サントリー 34-43 トヨタ自動車
豊田自動織機 31-35 ヤマハ発動機
リコー 28-17 NEC
キヤノン 21-62 NTTコム
神戸製鋼 28-33 東芝
日野 14-19 宗像サニックス
Honda  24-40  コカ・コーラ







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"Manpuku" is a series of so-called "Asadora", morning drama series produced and broadcast by NHK. The main characters Fukuko and Manpei are modeled on Masako and Momofuku Andō. Momofuku Andō invented instant noodles.

In this series, Fukuko is the third daughter of the Imai Family and works at a hotel after graduating from Jogakkō, a high school for girls from Meiji period till 1948. Then she meets a strange man called Manpei Tachibana and they get married. But Manpei is falsely accused and the war breaks off. Fukuko, Manpei and Fukuko's mother Suzu evacuate to countryside. Manpei cannot go to the front because of the condition of his health.

After the war, Manpei is engaged in some business but end in failure. In 1950s he becomes a chairman of a credit association. However the association goes bankrupt and he goes broke. One day, he thinks out a plan of instant noodles when he has dinner.

Not only Fukuko, Manpei and their children but their relatives and friends appear also. Fukuko is described as a cheerful woman who always supports her husband while Manpei is a rather eccentric man who absorbes in one thing. Sakura Andō plays the role of Fukuko and Hiroki Hasegawa acts Manpei. Hasegawa will feature in "Kirin ga Kuru", a Taiga Drama series in 2020.

Fukuko massages the shoulders of Manpei who has returned home
(From the Instagram of "Manpuku")
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Sego-don Omnibus 4

Chapter 2 Saisei (Rebirth)  (2)

Kichinosuke who changed his name into KIKUCHI Gengo feels gloomy and depressed in Amami Oshima. One day he sees a boy picks up a piece of sugar on the beach. TANAKA Yūnosuke, a magistrate of the island is angry with it and Kichinosuke tries to struggle with him. The people of the island are forced to make sugar but cannot enjoy its taste.  And Tuma, niece of RYŪ Samin who takes charge of Kichinosuke tells him that SHIMAZU Nariakira squeezed them because of his interest in Wectern culture so they felt happy when he died. Kichinosuke is surprised with her words.

Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki) feels gloomy in Amami Oshima

Though Tuma dislikes Kichinosuke, she nurses him devotedly when he catches malaria. Since then Tuma becomes to be frank with him. And Kichinosuke makes rice balls for the  local children from his rice as stipend. However Samin and Tuma's brother Tomiken are captures for a false charge then the throng includes her visit the jail. In front of the jail, Yūnosuke appears and tells her to become his ango, local wife. She tries to cut her throat with her hairpin but is stopped by Kichinosuke. He destructs the key of the jail to save Samin and Tomiken. Tuma senses that she loves Kichinosuke and tells him about it. Then they get married. Kichinosuke gives her a name "Aikana" following the customs of the island.  

  Tuma (Fumi Nikaidō, left) and Kichinosuke get married

They have a son and Kichinosuke plans to name him Kikutarō but Samin tells him to name him Kikujirō. He realises that he will return to Satsuma someday. So he thinks that "Tarō" should be used for the first son between his legal wife whom he will marry in the future. One day, Kihcinosuke learns the assassination of II Naosuke from the letter of ŌKUBO Shōsuke. Soon after he changed his name into Ichizō visits Amami Oshima to recall him to Satsuma. And SHIMAZU Hisamitsu becomes "kokufu", father of the present lord after the death of his father Narioki. Hisamitsu wants Kichinosuke to serve him as his adviser. Though Aikana tells Ichizō that he will not return to Satsuma but at last he returns to his hometown. He changes his name again and calls himself OSHIMA San-emon.

Kichinosuke returns to Satrsuma with Ōkubo Ichizō (Eita, right) and changes his name into Ōshima San-emon

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葵 徳川三代




『葵 徳川三代』は如何にも経費をかけましたといったゴージャスな雰囲気、『新選組!』は走りまくる隊士と切り絵、『功名が辻』は桃山文化と、それぞれの内容と呼応していたように思います。そして何といっても『風林火山』、『新選組!』では人が走りましたが、こちらはひたすら馬が走りまくるOPでした。テーマも躍動感があって、「コッペパンの歌」なる替え歌まで登場していました。



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スーパープレミアム ドラマ 『スローな武士にしてくれ』




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