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Fūrin Kazan 50 Kessen Kawanakajima (A Decisive Battle at Kawanakajima) - 2

At that moment, NAOE Sanetsuna makes his horse run and approaches Kansuke. Kansuke who tries to kill Masatora takes a toss and his helmet falls off from his head. He still keeps on fighting despite being covered all over with wounds. He also sees Masatora on white horse far away and he cannot approach him any more. Though he tries to approach him, he makes his horse run to the headquarter.

Despite being wounded, Kansuke (Seiyō Uchino, centre) continues fighting

A soldier of the Uesugi Army watches for a chance of killing him. It is Heizō. Kansuke recognises him and tries to hand his Malici to him saying kill and behead himself. However Heizō is shot by an arrow and falls down. Though he loses his eye-patch but he can see the flag of Sun Tzu's words clearly. He remembers that he told Shigen, who was called Harunobu then to control both the Sea of Japan and the pacific ocean. Kansuke who still sticks to fighting sees the flags of six coins then. The detached force includes the troop of SANADA Yukitaka arrives at Hachimanpara.
"My Lord, you win the battle."
Immediately after the arrival of the force, some enemy soldiers approach him saying "The time has come to die". And they kill and behead him.

Kansuke sees the flag with the words of Sun Tzu but is beheaded soon after

Meanwhile, O-Kuma searches for the disapperaed Malici of Ritsu. Then Ritsu comes home with some eggplants and finds her Malici goes onto a verandah somehow. She realises something happened to Kansuke and weeps. At last the situation is advantageous to Masatora in the morning but the Takeda Army controls it in the afternoon though the battle is not settled. Besides many soldiers of both armies die or are wounded. At Masatora's headquarter in Zenkōji Temple, he says that the heads they took will be identified at Mt. Motodori. Sanetsuna tells him that it's their win but he says the war will continue and this troublesome time is just like one night dream.

Takeda Shingen (ICHIKAWA Kamejirō, second from the right) sees the dead body of his younger brother Nobushige

Against their expectations, the heads of Nobishige and Torasada are taken back to Shingen's headquarter. He sheds tears ovdr the death of Nobushige who agreed with his idea and appreciated him when he decided to exile his father Nobutora. At that moment, KOMAI Masatake finds somebody who runs to them from far away. It is Denbée who carries the headless body of Kansuke on his back.
"Here comes Yamamoto Kansuke!"
And Takichi returns to them with his head. He swears that the head is that of Kansuke himself. BABA Nobuharu who hears his words says there is no doubt because his face is so characteristic. Takichi joins his head with smile and his body together. Then Shingen and his vassals give a shout of victory.

Shingen and his vassals surround the dead body of Kansuke

Around 4 p.m., Shingen and his army retreat Hachimanpara and in Echigo, Hisa prepares meals and separates that for Heizō from theirs. At the same time, Heizō walks leaning on a spear and mutters to himself that he wants no more war and hopes to return to Echigo early. In the battlefield, may farmers who remove the armours , swords and spears of dead soldiers to sell them. O-Fuku is included in them and sees Heizō walking hopelessly. He walks so slowly and seems to take time to arrive in Echigo but he heads for his home saying he will not die.

Heizō (Ryūta Satō) is wounded but heads for Echigo  

After that, OBU Toramasa was involved in a rebellion and committed hara-kiri and Yoshinobu was disinherited in 1565. Shingen shut him up in Tōkōji Temple and he died in 1567. In 1570, his mother Sanjō Fujin died of illness. In 1573, Shingen died at the age of 53 and his death was kept secret for three years. His heir Katsuyori fought against the allied force of ODA Nobunaga and TOKUGAWA Ieyasu and was defeated at the Battle of Nagashino in 1575. Baba Nobuharu and YAMAGATA Masakage (Obu Masakage) fell in the battle. And in 1582, Katsuyori was cornered by Nobunaga and committes suicide after the Battle of Tenmokuzan and the Takeda clan as Sengoku daimyo was destroyed but the family line survived.

The images are from the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan".


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クルセイダーズ 24-13 ハリケーンズ
レベルズ 40-13 サンウルブズ
ジャガーズ 29-13 シャークス
チーフス 39-27 ワラターズ
レッズ 15-18 ハイランダーズ
ブルズ 28-38 ブランビーズ
ストーマーズ 23-26 ライオンズ








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Sego-don Episode 20 Shōsuke no Kuroi Ishi (The First Move of Shōsuke*)

In 1860, Kichinocuke who married Aikana decides to continue to live in Amami Oshima. And Yuta tattoos her on the back of the left hand. It is for married women and said to protect her new family. Yuta tells her to remember the pain while being tattooed (**). Kichinosuke doesn't know what happens in Satsuma. The story dates back to spring in 1859. ŌKUBO Jiemon and Fuku, parents of Ōkubo Shosuke move to another place and tell Masu to get along with Shosuke though he likes argumentative discussion but Fuku says he never does so to her.

Ōkubo Jiemon (Mitsuru Hirata, left) leaves his house to Shōsuke (Eita) and moves

Then his parents tells him to do his work without a hitch but Shosuke who considers how Satsuma domain should be says it is hard to do so now. Jiemon tells him to do everything as he wishes. And SHIMAZU Narioki, grandfather of Mochihisa who is the lord of Satsuma domain still holds real power and intends to obey the Tokugawa shogunate. Shōsuke considers what to do while playing go with Shinkai, chief priest of Kisshōin Temple though other samurais of Seichū-gumi(***) practice swordsmanship. They obviously oppose Narioki but Shosuke says that he respects him who never ordered Kichinosuke to commit hara-kiri. Especially ARIMA Shinshichi and ARIMURA Shunsai disagree with Shōsuke and blames him that he often meets Narioki secretly.

It is clear that Shōsuke (centre) is thoughtful and different from other samurais of Seichū-gumi who are radical

Indeed he meets Narioki but he intends to report him what "nisé", young men of Satsuma domain think. Narioki introduces him to Hisamitsu and tells he likes playing go. Hisamitsu plans to play it with him but he doesn't let him have credit for it and wins the game. Hisamitsu asks him what he thinks and doubts whether he is really a friend of Kichinosuke or not because what he does is political. Shōsuke advises him to say opinions to the shogunate when the time comes. The "time" means after the death of Narioki.

Shimazu Hisamitsu (Munetaka Aoki, left) thinks the words of Shōsuke impolite and holds his sword to his face

Hisamitsu thinks the words of Shōsuke who is from low-class so impolite and holds his sword to Shosuke's face. But he declares that Hisamitsu is the only man who succeeds the will of Nariakira and no vassal disobey the order of "kokufu", the father of the domain. Hisamitsu is pleased with his behaviour. On one hand, his wife Masu is invited to a cherry-blossom viewing party for the wives of the vassals held by O-Yura. She sighs over Hisamitsu who continues playing go but Masu tells her that those who likes playing the game is skilful in politics such as Toshō Daigongen (Tokugawa Ieyasu). O-Yura is satisfied with the words and gives her one of her Japanese spaniels. Masu returns home with it and tells Shosuke that she was invited by O-Yura but he warns her not to attend such an event. Masu cannot show him the dog and asks SAIGO Kichijirō and Kumakichi to keep it for a while.

O-Yura (Rumiko Koyanagi) gives one of her Japanese spaniels to Masu

After that Narioki becomes ill and hurls insults at Hisamitsu,
"I will die soon and you must feel happy with it."
Then he says that he tried to live longer that Nariakita and tells Hisamitsu to do what he wants. However he emphasises that he cannnot be Nariakira and not to be ultra-Westernised to keep good old Satsuma. He adds the lord should be the basis of the domain and make his vassals arrange his affairs. Hisamitsu feels pressured with his will and entreats him to live longer. And O-Yura says to him ,
"Nagai aida oyatto-sâ de gozaimoshita" (Thanks for having ruled Satsuma domain for a long time) in Satsuma dialect.

Shimazu Narioki (Takeshi Kaga) leaves a will to Hisamitsu (left) but it's just the opposite of that of Nariakira

One day O-Yura visits the house of Shōsuke and surprises Masu who carries her son Hikokuma on her back.  She, espacially her clothes attract the neighbours and enters the house to take back her spaniel. So Kichjirō and Kumakichi who hear it run to their house to bring the dog to O-Yura. As she misses Narioki, she hopes to keep it by herself again (****). Shōsuke who returns home is surprised with her also. As he is afraid that it would cause trouble and tells Masu that she cannot understand what she did perfectly. Then she tells him that she wants to learn about the affairs of the domain such as he talked with Kichinosuke even just a little bit. At that time the younger brothers of ARIMURA Shunsai write to Seichū-gumi about the Ansei Purge and it makes many samurais attempt to leave the domain and kill II Naosuke. 

Hisamitsu (centre) visits Kisshōin accompanies by Shōsuke (right) and reads the paper aloud to persuade the members of Seichū-gumi.

Shōsuke tells them to wait because leaving the domain is the last resort and reports it to Hisamitsu. Shōsuke hopes to ask his son Mochihisa, lord of the domain to write a paper that persuades them and hands him a draft. Later Hisamitsu visits Kisshōin and reads it aloud in front of the members of Seichū-gumi. However some of them includes Ōyama Kakunosuke visit his house. They ask him whether he suggested an idea to Hisamitsu or not but he keeps silent. Then MURATA Shinpachi finds a paper he hides but it is not the report to Hisamitsu but the petition for making Kichinosuke return to Satsuma. Shōsuke realises the importance of the existence of Kichinosuke keenly and they except for Shinshichi agree with him. Shōsuke regrets that he cannot unite people like him but Masu loves Shōsuke as he is. He decides to consult her from now on.

Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki) receives Shosuke's letter from Koba Dennai (Ayumi Tanida)

In 1860, Kichinosuke appreciates the tattoo of Aikana but she tells him that he has blamed it once before and makes him smile wryly. At that moment, KOBA Dennai brings him Shōsuke's letter that says about the Sakuradamon Incident. Dennai tells him that he can return to Satsuma soon but he is confused. And one of the younger brothers of Shunsai killed himself after the incident (*****) and the other is ordered to commit hara-kiri. Though all members of Seichū-gumi are impatient to leave the domain and overthrow the shogunate but Shōsuke says it's dying in vain. Besides he says to them,
"Kill me first then."

II Naosuke (Shirō Sano) is killed by Arimura Jizaemon (Hiroki Yamada), younger brother of Shunsai

(*) In go, players with black stones usually makes first move. The words "Kuroi Ishi" in Japanese subtitle mean black stones.
(**) Maybe Yuta compares the pain to the responsibility of being wife and mother.
(***) A group of the samurais of Satsuma domain established by Kichinosuke, Shōsuke and other samurais whose purpose is reforming the Tokugawa shogunate but many of them became radical later.
(****) O-Yura seems to be a woman of moods but she loves Narioki intently.
(*****) It was him who beheaded Naosuke but was wounded by his vassal and could not move any more.

The images are from the official website of "Segodon".

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ラグビー好きのアメフト考 続き(ジャッジと負傷)




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O-Kuma is a fictional figure and a wife of Takichi.

They are farmers who live in Kuzukasa Village of Kai at first. She has seven children between Takichi though two of them die early. When YAMAMOTO Kansuke serves TAKEDA Harunobu, they become his servants and live with him. But in actual, they are practically the members of his family (*). She works as housekeeper and makes her daughters with the housework but takes a nap when she is alone. When Kansuke adopts Ritsu, she disputes with her but later makes it up with her.

On the day of the Fourth Battle at Kawanakajima, she finds the Malici that Ritsu is given from Kansuke is not in the altar. Then Ritsu finds it is on the verandah somehow and then she realises what happened to Kansuke.

(*) In the episode 13, she secretly feeds her youngest son Yokichi while Kansuke dines. She is scolded by Takichi but Kansuke realises their children cannot eat anything until he finishes his dinner. So he tells them to dine together and they are delighted with his words.

The image shows Aoi Asada as O-Kuma
(From the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan")

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SANADA Nobutsuna

SANADA Nobutsuna was a heir of Sanada Yukitaka and an uncle of Sanada Nobuyuki and Nobushige (Yukimura).

Like his father, he served the Takeda clan and participated in the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima and invaded Suruga and Kōzuke. He seemed to have succeeded Yukitaka informally at the end of the 1560s. He usually participated in battles not only with Yukitaka but his younger brother Masateru.

He was famous for his bravery and intensely fought against the allied forces of ODA Nobunaga and TOKUGAWA Ieyasu at the Battle of Nagashino in 1575. But he was counterattacked by the musket troop and died at the age of 39 and Masateru died in the battle also. After that, their younger brother Masayuki, who was called MUTŌ Kihei was ordered to succeed the Sanada clan by Takeda Katsuyori (*).

He had four children and one of them is Sei-in-in, wife of Sanada Nobuyuki and later becomes his concubine. 

In this series, he is described as a courageous young man who instructs his younger brothers in swordsmanship. He accompanies his mother Shinome who visits TOKIDA Takanaga to persuade him to take the side of Yukitaka.

The images shows Fumito Moriwaki as Sanada Nobutsuna
(From the DVD series of "Furin Kazan")

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