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SAIGŌ Kichinosuke (Takamori)

SAIGŌ Kichinosuke was a samurai of Satsuma Domain, army officer and politician. He was born in 1828 as the eldest son of Saigō Kichibe-é and Masa. His childhood name was Kokichi.

Ao Watanabe as Saigō Kokichi

Though he was a low-level samurai, SHIMAZU Nariakira, lord of the domain picked out him. He inculated him with western ideas but he lost his position after the death of Nariakira. Then he was transported to Amami Oshima (Amami islands). After returning to Satsuma, he could not agree with Shimazu Hisamitsu who succeeded Nariakira and was transported to Okinoerabujima Island.

But KOMATSU Tatewaki, superior vassal of the domain and his friend ŌKUBO Toshimichi asked Hisamitsu to make him return and he became an army officier after returning to Satsuma again. In the 1860s, he succeeded in the alliance of Satsuma and Chōshu and at last he and his comrade-in-arms abolished Tokugawa shogunate and realised the Meiji restoration.

In 1871, he became a councilor and managed the new-born government but opposed Toshimichi. Then he returned to Satsuma and educated young men. Around that time, his juniors and pupils and who are dissatisfied with the policy of the government started a riot and had him as the head of the group. The riot developed into the Seinan war (Satsuma Rebellion) and he led it but was defeated and committed suicide.

In this series, he is described as a warm-hearted and straight man who gives his stipend to a poor family. After Nariakira, whom he thought "Tengu" in his childhood becomes the lord of Satsuma, he is strongly influenced by his way of thinking. pushed forward to the Meiji restoration despite going through of a lot of hardships.

The image shows Ryōhei Suzuki as Saigō Kichinosuke 
(From the official website of "Segodon")

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Fūrin Kazan 37 Haha no Yuigon (Mother's Will)

Ōi Fujin tells Kansuke to watch Harunobu from now on. She also says that he will be suffered for his father if the Takeda clan is ruined. Harunobu learns that IMAGAWA Yoshimoto decided to make his daughter Aya marry Yoshinobu. Kansuke tells Harunobu that it should be informed to the Hōjō clan that poses a threat to Harunobu. Though OYAMADA Nobuari should inform HŌJŌ Ujiyasu about the marriage, his sudden death makes Kansuke visit him in Odawara Castle.  

Hōjō Ujiyasu (Makoto Matsui, right), his son Shinkurō (Taichi Saotome, centre) and Shimizu Yoshimasa (Tadashi Yokouchi) attack Uesugi Norimasa

Ujiyasu attacks UESUGI Norimasa, Kanto kanrei. He tells his heir Shinkurō (later Hōjō Ujimasa) why the Uesugi clan is destroyed. He says that the clan employed vassals from many provinces and awarded the fiefs beyond their positions. It loosened the tension between Norimasa and his vassals. Besides he had his own way. Ujiyasu explains to his son the importance of morality quoting his father's words.

Uesugi Norimasa (ICHIKAWA Sadanji) doesn't know what he should do

Then NAGANO Narimasa visits Hirai Castle in Kōzuke and advises Narimasa to escape though he and his son Tatsuwakamaru decide to stay there. Then Norimasa departs for Echigo leaving Tatsuwakamaru and his vassal Mekata Shinsuke. Hazuki informs SANADA Yukitaka about this. Yukitaka feels a debt of gratitude towards Narimasa but he should oppose him as vassal of Harunobu now. Soon after Ujiyasu returns to Odawara and Kansuke persuades him concerning the alliance of Kai, Suruga and Sagami because it will work well when Harunobu or Ujiyasu fights against NAGAO Kagetora.

Tatgsuwakamaru (Taiga, left) and Mekata Shinsuke (Minoru Tanaka, right) remain in Kōzuke

At Tsutsujigasaki, Sanjō Fujin talks with Oi Fujin about the marriage. Oi Fujin wishes the Kai people live in peace and she feels at ease now. And she tells Sanjō Fujin that a wife of daimyō studies many things from the troubles in her life.

Sanjō Fujin (Chizuru Ikewaki, left) talks about the marriage with Ōi Fujin (Jun Fubuki)

In Echigo, Kagetora greets Norimasa in his residence. Inviting somebody who is of high ranking in his residence, not his castle was etiquette at that time. Norimasa asks him to send reinforcements to Kozuke, however, he hears the sad news that Tatsuwakamaru died.
"It was thoughtless of you to have left him in Kōzuke, sir," Kagetora says solemnly.

Tatsuwakamaru (Taiga)holds a sword

After Norimasa left Kozuke, Mekada Shinsuke tied Tatsuwakamaru up and brought him to Sagami as hostage.He hoped to serve the Hojos. But Ujiyasu had Tatsuwakamaru hold a sword and he has another to have a fight. Although Tatsuwakamaru is killed by Ujiyasu, he scarred his opponent's forehead. Ujiyasu told Shinkuro that he was a real samurai and ordered his vassals to behead Shinsuke and his followers. Kansuke who stayed in Odawara witnessed it.

And Ujimasa (right) has another one. Yoshimasa (centre) and Kansuke (Seiyo Uchino) watch it.

The affair makes Norimasa grieved for Tatsuwakamaru.

The marriage of Yoshinobu is near. It becomes unnecessary for Sanjō Fujin to make her daughter Ume marry the heir of other daimyo. She feels temporarily relieved but OBU Toramasa, moriyaku of Yoshinobu looks bloomy because it needs to make her marry Hōjō Shinkurō to form alliance with Ujiyasu. In fact, Harunobu and Kansuke talk about it when Ume should marry Shikurō however he tells Kansuke not to talk about it to Ōi fujin whose days are numbered.

Harunobu (ICHIKAWA Kamejirō) finds Ōi Fujin dead

One night Ōi Fujin has a nightmare that Harunobu behaves in a domineering manner like her husband Nobutora. Then she goes to a room where Fudō Myō-ō (Acala) is enshrined and tells the god that she saw many dirty things in her life but she has not seen his mind yet. After that, she collapses and dies. The next morning, Harunobu finds his mother is dead and the beads of her juzu (Buddhist rosary) whose string snapped lay scattered about the room.

The images are from the video of "Fūrin Kazan".

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稚児(ちご)小稚児(こちご)  6歳-10歳
      長稚児(おせちご) 11歳-15歳



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Miru hime

Though being a fictional figure, she is based on a real person.

Miru hime in her childhood (Rio Kanno)

In this series, TAKEDA Nobutora attacks Unnokuchi Castle defended by her father HIRAGA Genshin (*). He wins a victory thanks to some advice from Kansuke who has not served the Takeda clan yet. But after that, Harunobu, son of Nobutora who once retreated returns to the castle and her parents, Genshin and his wife are killed in the surprise attack.

Later she marries KASAHARA Kiyoshige, lord of Shiga Castle in Shinano but the Takeda Army besieges it and Kiyoshige surrenders at last. She becomes a concubine of OYAMADA Nobuari, vassal of Harunobu. Then she gives birth to a son called Fujiōmaru but in reality his father is Kiyoshige, not Nobuari.

Miru hime (Yōko Maki)

Nobuari has an inkling of the fact but he tries to love her and Fujiōmaru. Soon after he dies of illness and it relieves Nobuari of a burden. But she feels unpleasant because she thinks he is happy about the death of her son.

She intends to avenge not only Fujiomaru but Kiyoshige and Genshin, both killed by the Takeda Army also and kills Nobuari while he is asleep. And then she kills herself.

(*)HIRAGA Gennai, one of the characters of "Fū-unjitachi Rangaku Reboryūshi Hen" is said to have called himself as a descendant of Genshin.

The images are from the video of "Furin Kazan".

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『炎立つ』第一部 北の埋み火 第一回「黄金の王国」






















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ヤマハ発動機 28-10 トヨタ自動車
サントリー 12-8 パナソニック
NTTドコモ 21-13 近鉄
コカ・コーラ 5-32 宗像サニックス
NEC 20-44 リコー
東芝 17-41 神戸製鋼
豊田自動織機 10-31 クボタ
NTTコム 38-32 キャノン

優勝 サントリーサンゴリアス


第55回日本選手権大会決勝(1/13)記者会見レポート(サントリーサンゴリアス 12-8 パナソニック ワイルドナイツ)

サントリーサンゴリアスが連覇!トップリーグ 17/18 シーズンレビュー





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Sego-don Epidode 2

Shimazu Nariakira is going to submit a petition about the defense of Satsuma to the bakufu, shōgun's government but Narioki is afraid that the secrets of hid domain will be found out. He blames his son as the agent of shogun and O-Yura needles him about it. However, Nariakira tells Yukié that he will depart for Edo on the following day. The bakufu doubts the smuggling and the relationship with the Ryukyu Kingdom (*) of Satsuma. Nariakira plans to drive him from power and hopes to come back again as new lord.

Zusho Hirosato (Raita Ryū), superior vassal of the Shimazu clan 

The farmers in Satsuma groan under the heavy land taxes and the officials who collects taxes are usually dishonest and take bribes. Kichinosuke tries to do something about Jomen-ho, the law of taxation and asks ZUSHO Hirosato, superior vassal of Narioki not to apply the law in a lean year because it worries farmers. But Hirosato says if it turns all right in the end, he doesn't mind their suffering. Kichinosuke still tells him that he wants to protect farmers and told by him to do tsubokari, checking the crop of all rice fields and calculate the tax. He brings Ito to the village with the permission of Yukie but she hesitates to walk with him (**).

Kichinosuke (Ryohei Suzuki, centre) finds a hidden rice field in the village

But Kichinocuke sees a hidden rice field there. They cultivate and sell rice secretly to support themselves. It's a kind of small resistance against dishonest officials. That night he visits Yukié and asks him to mediate between him and Nariakra. Then he writes a letter that describes the situation of farmers. Shōsuke stops Kichinosuke but the words of Nariakira he heard in his childhood still backs him up.

Kichinosuke (left) asks Akayama Yukié (Ikki Sawamura, right) to make him meet Nariakira

Fuki was supposed to work at Ito's house but is canceled and she is going to be sold. Kichinosuke hears about it from Ito and runs to her shanty but she has already made up her mind.
"I was happy for having met a true samurai"(***), says she. She praises Sakurajima as she leaves the village. And Yukié tries to prevent Nariakira from leaving after taking a short rest on his way. Nariakira knows Yukié is waiting for somebody. At last he  says,
"Sir, I would like to show you a lad whom I know but he seems to be busy about farmers now."
Nariakira understands his feeling and rides a horse again.

Shimazu Nariakira (Ken Watanabe, left) knows Yukie (right) is waiting for someone

After Fuki left, Kichinosuke says to himself with vexation.
"I am not a true samurai but yassenbo who could not so much as save a girl!"

(*) Ryukyu Kingdom was independent and paid tribute to Qing at that time but was ruled by Satsuma Domain in reality and taxes were collected.
(**) It was unusual that a man and woman walked side by side in Satsuma under Tokugawa shogunate.
(***) Tami, mother of Fuki says the same thing in the episode.

The images are from the official website and the video of "Sego-don".

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