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Furin Kazan Episode 18 Sei ka shi ka (Live or Die)

Harunobu suppresses Suwa and returns to Kai but his sister Nene is ill in bed at Tsutsujigasaki. She suffers from heart trouble and entreats her brother not to make Toraomaru rule Suwa. She is afraid that her son will receive a bad influence from him. And Oi Fujin tells him that he will be killed by Yu-u hime in his sleep if she becomes his concubine.  


Harunobu (ICHIKAWA Kamejiro. left) sees his sister Nene (Sachiko Sakurai, centre)is ill in bed

Yu-u hime arrives in Kai and stays at the house of ITAGAKI Nobukata but she hopes to stay at Tokoji Temple where her father committed hara-kiri. Her maid Shima admonishes her to behave as a daughter of the Suwas. Harunobu says that he will make her his concubine at council but is opposed by Nobushige and his vassals. Only Kansuke says that she doesn’t dislike him and proposes an idea of making their son rule Suwa.


Harunobu (back facing) hopes to make Yu-u hime become his concubine and is opposed but Kansuke (Seiyo Uchino, centre).

But Yu-u hime still insists that she does not want to become his concubine. Kansuke asks her how she will keep on living then. Dealing with a woman is much harder for him than devising a stratagem. Harunobu hands him a tanzaku (strip of paper) on which his waka (poem) is written and orders him to give it to her. As it is of poor quality, she relaxes into a smile.


Kansuke is ordered to give Harunobu's poem to Yu-u hime

Nobukata who is appointed to Gundai (province representative) of Suwa advises Kansuke that she should abandon the hostility to the Takedas. And he also tells him to make Denbei connected with him if there is something. Within about six months, Harunobu and Sanjo Fujin lose their child and Nene dies after that. Besides it goes on raining in Kai. 

Kansuke who is at home hears that AMARI Torayasu visits Yu-u hime. Torayasu asks her for what she survives and her dead father will be sorry if he sees his daughter tries to gain the favour of Harunobu. Yu-u hime takes a dagger he puts in front of her and is going to commit suicide. Torayasu says it is aptly that such high-minded woman attracts his lord. 


Amari Torayasu (Raita Ryu, left) tells Yu-u hime (Miyuki Shibamoto)to committ suicide with his dagger

Torayasu worries about the future of young Harunobu so he intends to make her commit suicide and if she refuses it, he plans to kill her under pain being executed. But Yu-u hime shares his feelings and says she will not kill herself. Torayasu and his attendants leave there. At that time Kansuke appears there and persuades her to abandon her hotility and she realizes it means bearing a child of Harunobu.


Yu-u hime (centre) bows to Sanjo Fujin (Chizurru Ikewaki, second from the left)

Then Sanjo Fujin with her maid s appear there. Yu-u hime tells her it is her fate but she sees her husband’s poem in the room and speaks to her emphatically,

“You must be so miserable because you lost your home province.”

Though Hagino is pleased with her words, she doesn’t seem to be happy. And Yu-u hime sympathises with her and decides to live together with Harunobu.

The images are from the video of "Furin Kazan" 


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ラグビー代表と平尾氏 7






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To those who read the posts on Taiga Drama in English 7

Today I write about the reason why I simplified the introduction of "Onna Joshu Naotora".

Firstly, it is due to the press on my daily life. Secondly, I also manage two blogs other than this and I have not finished posting the articles on "Sanada Maru" as yet. From these kinds of reasons, I simplify the posts on the episodes temporary. I’d like to write about the outline at least but the details will be summarised and posted later. And the episodes of "Furin Kazan" will be simplified for the time being.

To tell the truth, the series "Onna Joshu Naotora" is criticised for its peculiarity and not popular as "Sanada Maru". I will write about it after the broadcast of the final episode.

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風林火山徒然-20 (+大河の残忍な描写はどこまで許されるか)






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OYAMADA Dewanokami Nobuari was a vassal of TAKEDA Harunobu (Shingen). He was born between his father Ecchunokami Nobuari and a woman from the Takedas and a father of Yasaburo Nobuari and Nobushige.

His father was a local ruler of Tsuru County in Kai and became to serve the Takedas. He took ovder the Oyamadas in 1541 due to the deaths of his father and elder brother.  He distinguished himself in the invasion into Shinano and in 1547, wife of KASAHARA Kiyoshige, lord of Shiga Castle became his concubine after her husband was killed by the Takeda Army.

He participated in the Battled of Uedahara on the following year and in the Siege of Toishi in 1550. But during the Siege, the Takeda Army was forced to retreat because of the fierce attack of MURAKAMI Yoshikiyo and he was injured. He died in 1552.

In this series, he is described as a man who is a cool, resourceful and has clear eyes. Though being one of senior vassals of the Takedas, he has a point of view differs from that of others and becomes to have rivalry with Kansuke. As he rules the region near Suruga, he has a connection with the Imagawas. After the fall of Shiga Castle, Miru hime, wife of the lord of the castle KASAHARA Kiyoshige and she gives birth to a son though he is Kiyoshige's child in reality. Finally she kills him and then kills herself.

The image shows Seiichi Tanabe as Oyamada Nobuari
(From the DVD series of "Furin Kazan")

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リコー 17-13 NTTコム
神戸製鋼 39-16 NTTドコモ
トヨタ自動車 11-14 ヤマハ発動機
キャノン 5-32 サントリー
近鉄 13-12 豊田自動織機
東芝 20-0 NEC
クボタ 21-45 パナソニック
コカ・コーラ 22-38 宗像サニックス


ラグビーの醍醐味を存分に楽しめそう!ラグビートップリーグ 第2節のみどころ


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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 33 Kiraware Masatsugu no issho (The End of Masatsugu Who Was Unpopular All His Life)

The introduction of the episodes of "Onna Joshu Naotora" becomes simplified from now on. I will post the reason in a few days.

Somebody shoots arrows to SAKAI Tadatsugu, vassal of TOKUGAWA Ieyasu and his soldiers. Then NAKANO Naoyuki finds one of Yasumochi's soldiers and shoots him who has a strange arrow that does not injure anyone. It seems someone schemed it and KONDO Yasumochi who guides them says it's ONO Tajimanokami Masatsugu who attacked them. But in reality it is Yasumochi himself who ordered his soldiers to make a surprise attack. After that, Naotora insists the innocence of Masatsugu who takes his sister-in-law Natsu and those who remained in Ii-no-ya but the Tokugawa's Army think that he escaped and naotora is imprisoned.

Kondo Yasumochi (Jun Hashimoto, left) tells Naotora (Ko Shibasaki, second form the right) that it is Masatsugu who attacked the Tokugawa Army

Masatsugu arrives at Kawana where the Iis take refuge and wiles away the time with Natsu for a while. Then he returns to  Ii-no-ya and thinks about something. As the Tokugawa Army departed for Kakegawa Castle whose lord ASAHINA Yasutomo shelters IMAGAWA Ujizane and Yasumochi stations in Ii-no-ya Castle. Masatsugu tells him that it is him who attacked the Tokugawa Army and is imprisoned instead of Naotora. Ryuunmaru who visits Ryotanji Temple is told by Nankei to take Masatsugu out from there but he refuses it and says that he wants to attain his object. And if both he and Naotora escape there, their family members and the Ii-no-ya people will be in danger.

Nankei (Kaoru Kobayashi, far right) and Naotora (second from the right) wait for masatsugu with Kondo Yasumochi (centre)

It has been decided that he will be executed. He is dragged to execution where Yasumochi and his soldiers wait for him. Nankei who says requiem for him and Naotora are also there. Naotora hears about his execution from Nankei. Two soldiers are about to kill him on the cross but at that time Naotora takes a spear from another soldier and stabs his heart with it. He spits blood and die.

Ono Masatsugu (Issei Takahashi) is dragged to execution

The images are from the official website of "Onna Joshu Naotora"

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第33回の『おんな城主 直虎』の感想でも書きましたが、この大河は、視聴者のための物というよりは、制作陣の私物のように見えてしまう部分があります。これは『花燃ゆ』でも似たようなものでしたし、『江』にもそれらしき部分はありましたーただし『江』は、主人公が主人公ということもあり、歴史上の人物は結構登場していて、そういった部分では楽しめるところはありました。







花燃ゆ-35「長い目で見てほしい」 続き


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Furin Kazan Episode 17 Hime no namida (Yu-u hime's hostility)

Yu-u hime asks Kansuke why he saved her and he answers that she has a charm of Malici he believes in. Then she decides to live as ordianry woman and leaves there in traveling outfit with her maids. In Kai, Harunobu says that his attack on Suwa is not his real purpose and orders OBU Toramasa to become a moriyaku (tutor) of his son Taro. Toramasa accepts it but is told that Harunobu hopes to make Yu-u hime as his concubine by his brother Genshiro.


Yu-u hime (Miyuki Shibamoto, centre) leaves Suwa with her maids Shima (Akemi Omori, left) and Maki (Maiko Otani, right)

Then they see Hagino, maid of Sanjo Fujin approaches them with Taro. She asks them about every details of the concubine they talk about but ITAGAKI Nobukata forbids it severely. And Nene has not accepted food since the death pf her husband. It makes Sanjo Fujin worries it  but she says to her,

"My husband Yorishige was killed by your husband."


Sanjo Fujin (Chizuru Ikewaki. right) visits Nene (Sachiko Sakurai) who never eats anything

Sanjo Fujin tells Harunobu about it and it is rumoured that he will have a concubine but he denies it. However, it’s true and it troubles both Nobukata and AMARI Torayssu and they consider how they should deal with Yu-u hime. At that time, soldiers search her and her maids who disappears. Yu-u hime's appetite for life reminds Kansuke of Mitsu. However, Denbei comes there and tells Kansuke that Harunobu wants to see her and he urges his horse to them.


Kansuke (Seiyo Uchino) on horseback finds Yu-u hime and her maids are surrounded by ronins.

He sees them surrounded by ronins employed by the Takedas to kill her. He cuts them down and tells her to return to Suwa. Though Yu-u hime is at a loss and weeps, he glosses over the situation but Shima blames him because he once allowed them to escape. Yu-u hime asks Kansuke why he wears eyepatch that is cut down when he fought against ronins. He asks he tries to cover his ugly face but she says,

“Your face is not ugly but your heart is foul”.

Then they return to Suwa.


Hisa (Asami Mizukawa, left) tells Heizo not to approach her

At that time, Takato Yoritsugu starts a rebellion against Harunobu to occupy the whole of Suwa. But Harunobu fight against him with young Toraomaru as his head. He takes him to the battle with him though opposed by Nene who says that he follows the same pattern of Nobutota. Harunobu says that Toraomaru will understand his feeling soon. The presence of Toraomaru attracts Suwa people including Yazaki Jugoro and Heizo.

Hisa, daughter of Jugoro slips out of Aruga castle and rerurns to her home but is assaulted by some soldiers who look for valuable goods there. She happens to meet her father and Heizo and tells Heizo not to approach her because she was insulted but he hugs her. She also tells him and her father that it it the scheme of Harunobu and they decide to leave Suwa. After that, Yoritsugu puts up a poor fight and Renpoken is killed in the battle. After his escape, Harunobu occupies the whole of Suwa and make those who are against him surrender.

Harunobu (ICHIKAWA Kamejiro, centre) walks along the corridor with Toraomaru followed by Kasuga Gengoro (kotaro Tanaka, second from the left) and Obu Genshiro (Yasuyuki  Maekawa, second from the right)

Kansuke visits Yu-u hime who takes refuge to avoid the war with her maids, He tells her that she will depart for Kai on the following day. But she keeps sitting there without taking any notice of him. Besides, she throws the charm of Malici to him saying that she doesn’t want to have the god he believes in. Then she grumbles the situation is hell on earth.

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