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Mrs. Hudson's curry again

Mrs. Hudson's curry with summer vegetable is served at Hotel Mielparque Yokohama as a part of an exhibition of the puppets of "Sherlock Holmes". Eat curry and participate in stamp rally.

Hotel Mielparque Yokohama (In Japanese)



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The Adventure of Henry Baskerville and a Dog

Based on "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and "The Adventure of the Dancing Men"

One day Henry Baskerville of Dealer House visits 221B and requests Holmes to search a "Monster Dog" he saw near a fossil digging spot in the school on the previous Sunday. But Holmes refuses it for he is busy with decoding strange stick figures found in the school. Then Watson begins investigating the dog for he has a strong sense of rivalry wheh he hears that Baskerville he had a date with Mary Morstan when he saw the monster. Baskerville dislikes dogs since his childhood and is ashamed that he left Mary behind him. Watson goes to the spot with Mary and sees a curious pupil called Jack Stapleton. He is one of the childhood friends of Mary and has an interest in the fossil includes that of Piltdown Man. However his investigation doesn't go well and Mary gives the cold shoulder to Watson. Besides she denies Baskerville's love to her consistently when she is asked about it by Watson.

On the other hand, Holmes devotes himself to decode the strange message ignoring Agatha Wright who calls herself his assistant. He advises Watson to go there with Sherman who understands dog's language. Next Sunday, Baskerville visits there with Mary again to clear himself of a disgrace that he left her alone when he saw the moster. On the way he sings "The other day, I met a bear" to encourage himself but he runs away as before when he sees the monster again. Sherman tries to communicate with the monster but it doesn't understand what she says. Sherman says "It cannot be a dog."

Baskerville 2
The Monster Dog appears.

Holmes starts his investigation of the Monster Dog and finds something looks like its footprint that is really curious. During the search, Stapleton appears and greets Holmes but those who happen to be present screw up their faces with bad smell. The sources of the smell is a unwashed sock of Baskerville hidden in Mary's bag by someone. Baskerville loses his face completely and leaves there. After that Watson tells Holmes that he and Sherman saw a figure in the spot before the monster's appearance and Holmes says it was him. On the other hand, Agatha deciphers all the codes though most of which is revealed by Holmes. Baynes turns up there and says that the message using stick figures is a challnges to Holmes whom "he respects". The message is made by him based on the ciphers of the gangsters in Chicago whom his grandfather concerned himself in. The message says as below.


He leaves there saying "You should have deciphered them, Sherlock Holmes" with loud laughter. He takes it out on Agatha for he is beaten at his own game.

Since then Agatha has never visited 221B and it makes Watson worry but Holmes precedes unmasking the Monster Dog and tells Watson to have a date with Mary around the spot. Watson, who also sings "The other day, I met a bear" and goes there with Mary and sees the "Monster Banana" who throws bananas at him. It is Stapleton who plans to harass him by disguising himeself as banana he dislikes. However Holmes appears the spot and Stapleton escapes. Holmes tells Mary that she knows everything and she tells them that Stapleton always harasses the boys approches to her and it is one of the reasons why she denied her association with Henry at the spot. Mary admires the braveness of Watson for he never leaves her alone, unlike Baskerville. At that moment they hear someone scream.

It is Stapleton who slips on banana skin on his way and falls into a bottomless swamp. While Holmes consider the best way to save him, Watson lends him a hand heedless of danger and it moves him deeply. And they toast with milk in 221B but Holmes is not there. He posts such a message outsidethe Milverton's room where Agatha is in and invites her out.


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シャーロック・ホームズ/Sherlock Holmes


In this puppetry, sherlock Holmes is a fifteen-year-old pupil who studies and lives in the room 221B of Baker House. This is not a momery of Holmes but a detective drama series set in a boarding school. Holmes is requested to solve affairs or troubles by pupils, sometimes teachers. As Holmes acts in concert with Dr. Watson and Inspector Lestrade in the canon, he is always with Watson and Lestrade, member of life-guidance committee that is in charge of making pupils keep discipline in the school. The school record of Holmes is poor especially in literature, philosophy and astronomy and he usually sleeps in class. In addition, he pries into the troubles in the school. Many teachers dislikes him but school nurse Irene Adler recognises his ability and housemother Mrs. Hudson. who calls him by his first name Sherlock is very kind to him and Watson.

Sherlock Holmes
シャーロック・ホームズ/Sherlock Holmes

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