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"What Did You Eat Yesterday?"

”What Did You Eat Yestereday?" (Kinō Nani Tabeta?) is a comic book series by Fumi Yoshinaga who is famous for her works that describes the lives of gay people. In the comic, a gay couple one of whom is Shirō Kakei, a lawyer and the other is Kenji Yabuki who works at a beauty saloon as stylist.

Kenji is effeminate in his manner and loves cute and/or colourful things. He uses gay male speech. But Shirō is an ordinary man at first glance and he doesn't come out his coworkers that he is a gay. Though Kenji is not his type, he is occasionally saved by his cheerfulness and careful consideration.

Anyway, cooking is most important in the series. Even though they have words with each other, food gives an opportunity for them to reconcile. Shirō usually cooks dinner using the ingredients he buys on his way to home but Kenji sometimes cooks especially when Shiro has a cold in the volume 4. As the story progresses, they get to know Kayoko Tominaga, a housewife and another gay couple Daisaku Kohinata and Wataru "Gilbert" Inoue. 
This series was dramatised by TV Tokyo in 2019 and a special version was broadcast on the New Year's Day of 2020. The DVDS appear in the market in Japan. This year a film adaption will be produced. 

A few weeks ago, I ordered one of the English translations to check the difference between Japanese version and that in English.

Hidetoshi Nishijima as Shirō Kakei (left) and Seiyō Uchino as Kenji Yabuki in TV Tokyo's series

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Rugby in Japan 26

On the 9th of January, Tōin Gakuen High School won High School Rugby Championship by beating Kyoto Seishō High School at Hanazono Stadium, Osaka. Two days later, Tenri University beat Waseda University at National Stadium in Tokyo and won their first University Rugby Championship. It is the first championship of a university team in Western Japan in 36 years after the consecutive wins of Dōshisha University in 1980s.

On the other hand, Japan Rugby Top League matches were put off because of the spread of the infection caused by COVID-19. Osamu Ōta, chairman of the league announced that league is scheduled to start in February.

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Rugby in Japan 25 and the All Blacks extended their condolences to Argentina

In Japan, University Championship is ongoing. High School Championship will start from the end of December but without an audience because of stopping spreading COVID-19. And Japan Rugby Top League will start on the 16th of January, 2021. 

And All black Beauden Barret came to Japan at last. After two weeks' self-quarantine, he will join the training of Suntory Sungoliath. 

Though being not related to Japanese rugby, the All Blacks' performed the HAKA that mourns Diego Maradona before the test against Argentina (Los Pumas). It's impressive.

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During the race in Gyōda, Kōichi helps a runner who cannot move and is outstripped by other runners. But Daichi makes up for lost time. However, the employees of Kohaze-ya protest Kōichi and they decide not to work overtime. Thanks to it, Kōichi is afraid that he will be late for delivering tabi by the appointed date. Then he meets Jōji Misono, president of Felix that sells outdoor goods and plans to by Kohaze-ya. They enjoy fishing near Mt. Fuji wearing the products of Felix and Kōichi learns Misono's failure in business when he ran a company in the US in the past. 

Jōji Misono (Shūzō Matsuoka, right) tells his bitter experience to Kōichi (Kōji Yakusho)

After that, the employees become conciliatory but Akemi Masaoka still opposes selling Kohaze-ya. So Kōichi plans not to sell his company but affiliate with Misono because some of the subsidiaries of Felix have already retired or their business style have exactly changed. Kōichi tries to protect the reputation of Kohaze-ya. On the other hand, Artlantis Japan sponsors Hiroto Mogi again. Then Junji Sayama of the company often visits the clubhouse of Daiwa Foods Running Team and tells Mogi how his rival Naoyuki Kezuka train himself persistently.  

Akemi Masaoka (Sawako Agawa, second from the left) protests selling Kohaze-ya and never works overtime.

The images are from the official website of "Rikuoh".

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The machine of "shiruku rei" breaks down and it's impossible to make new Rikuoh. Kohaze-ya needs to be financed to renew the machine but it seems to be so hard. Takahiko Murano leaves the company. And Tarō Sakamoto visits Kōichi Miyazawa and advises him to sell Kohaze-ya. He who works at Mabashi branch of Saitama Chuo Bank sees a bankruptcy of a small local company with his eyes. Needless to say, Kōichi never agrees with him. But it's true that his company reaches to a dead-end so he tells Hiroto Mogi that he can no longer sponsor him. 

Kōichi (Kōji Yakusho) visits Hiroto Mogi (Ryōma Takeuchi) and tells him that he won't be able to sponsor him any more

Though being in such a condition, Kohaze-ya still keeps making tabi. And one day Kōhei Ebata informs Kōichi that an ekiden race for the citizens of Gyōda will be held. He says it's a chance of promoting Rikuoh and he, Kōichi and the employees of Kohaze-ya decide to join the race wearing the shoes. However on that day, Kōichi finds that Toshimitsu Yasuda hurts his foot and it's hard for him to run. Then Sakamoto appears there.  

Kōichi (far right) decide to join an ekiden race in Gyōda

The images are from the official website of "Rikuoh".

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Kōichi, Daichi, Tarō Sakamoto and the employees of Kohaze-ya celebrate Hiroto Mogi's victory over Naoyuki Kezuka. However, the papers on the following day say that Kezuka could not do his best because of his bad condition and devote very little space to praise Mogi's run. And in the sport magazine whose editor interviewed with Mogi, there is no mention of Rikuoh. It seems that the press doesn't want to praise Mogi but hope that Kezuka will be back in good form. Moreover, Asia Industries advertise in the magazine. Mogi gets angry with it.

Hiroto Mogi (Ryōma Takeuchi, centre) and his teammates read the magazine but their expectations are betrayed.

To make the matter worse, Tachibana Raschel, a company who provides the texture for the upper of Rikuoh asks Kohaze-ya to cancel transactions. It is clear that Atlantis Japan exerts pressure on the company because Kōichi and Daichi meet Obara and Sayama of Atlantis Japan when they accept the cancellation. Though they make cynical remarks to them, Kōichi tells Obara that he has an eye for the material for their shoes and the words move the president of Tachibana Raschel. Anyway, the plan of making Rikuoh hits a snag.  

Kohaze-ya cannot decide whether they should keep making Rikuoh or not.

The images are from the official website of "Rikuoh". 

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Thanks to the big hit of "Ashigaru Taishō", Kohaze-ya gets good business results however Fukuko Nishii collapses from the heart attack during the work and Haruyuki Iiyama is assaulted by a thug. Because of their hospitalisations, Hiroshi Ōhashi of Saitama Chuo Bank hesitates to finance the company. And Kenji Obara of Atlantis Japan who is greedy to sponsor Hiroto Mogi, who recovers from the injury. Obara and Sayama try to make "R-II", their main product for him and tells him that Kohaze-ya is in a difficult financial condition. But Takahiko Murano who still visits the clubhouse of Daiwa Food Running Team denies their words.

Daichi (Kento Yamazaki) repairs the machine of "shiruku rei"

While Iiyama stays in hospital, a machine of "shiruku rei" develops trouble. Daichi tries to repair it and asks Iiyama to show him the design. Iiyama refuses it at first as it's so important for him but finally makes Motoko deliver the design to Kohaze-ya. At last Daichi repairs the machine and makes "shiruku rei" again and he, Kōichi and Murano give many pairs of Rikuoh to Mogi. The New Year starts and Kōichi, Daichi and the employees of Kohaze-ya go to Gunma to cheer Mogi in the New Yeat Ekiden Race but they are disappointed to see him who wears R-II. However, he takes them off and wears Rikuoh the next moment.

Kōichi (Kōji Yakusho), Daichi (second from the right) and the employees of Kohaze-ya visit Gunma to cheer mogi in the New Year Ekiden Race

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After many complications, Iiyama and Daichi succeed in making "shiruku rei" whose solidity satisfies the quality standard of Rikuoh. Then Kōichi dines with the employees at Soramame and thanks them for their efforts. Then he tries to make Rikuoh for Mogi, however, he is asked to retire from running because of his injury. And Takahiko Murai, a shoe fitter of Atlantis Japan quits his job because he disagrees with Obara about whether the company should sponsor Mogi or not.

Murano (ICHIKAWA Udanji, far right) disagrees with Kenji Obara (Pierre Taki, left) and quits his job

On the other hand, Kōichi faces financial difficulty. The more he devotes himself to develop Rikuoh, the less Kohaze-ya make a profit from making tabi. And Hiroshi Ōhashi of Saitama Chuo Bank tells him unless the company's situation changes for better, he should prepare for the worst. Kōichi becomes confused but he gets an idea from his children's conversation and plans making new-type jika-tabi, a kind of footwear worn by workmen or farmers using "shiruku rei". It is named "Ashigaru Taishō"(*) and is a big hit.

Iiyama (Akira Terao), Kōichi (Kōji Yakusho) and Daichi (Kento Yamazaki, from left to right) develop new Rikuoh for Mogi 

(*) The words mean a commander who leads a troop of ashigaru (foot soldier) but it also mean that a workman who wear the tabi can work with alacrity.

The images are from the official website of "Rikuoh".

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The Characters of "Rikuoh" 6

Atlantis Japan

Kenji Obara (Pierre Taki)

The sales manager of Atlantis Japan, Japanese branch of a fictional sport company of the US. He places too much importance on profit and such way of thinking on his part causes the friction between him and Takahiko Murano.


Junji Sayama (Kazutoyo Koyabu)

A man who works under Obara at Atlantis and behaves as his minion. He often visits the clubhouse of Daiwa Foods Running Team.


Takahiko Murano (ICHIKAWA Udanji)

A shoe fitter who works at Atlantis Japan who is respected by many runners and has pride in his business. Because of being in disagreement with Obara, he resigns from his post and joins Kōichi's project of Rikuoh.

The images are from the official website of "Rikuoh".

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The Characters of "Rikuoh" 5

Daiwa Foods Running Team

Hiroto Mogi (Ryōma Takeuchi)

A rising young runner who competed with Naoyuki Kezuka at Hakone Ekiden. After getting injured during the race in Toyohashi, he changes his running style. And then Kōichi Miyazawa offers to sponsor him because Atlantis stops sponsoring him owing to the injury.


Akihiro Kido (Takuma Oto-o)

A hot-blooded man who coaches the runners and tries to protect them from the pressure of Atlantis.


Takao Hirase (Masato Wada*)

An experienced runner who is relied on by young teammates but decides to retire because he feels that he reaches the limit of his strength. Later he becomes a coach.


Other Runners

Hayato Tachihara (Kentarō Uno)


Naoyuki Kase (Kō Maehara)


Hisao Naitō (Masato Hanazawa)


Kawai (Toshihiko Satō)


Mizuki (Takanari Ishii)


Hashii (Yūga Andō)


Asia Industries Running Team

Naoyuki Kezuka (Gaku Sano)

Like Mogi, he is an uprising young runner also and has a strong sense of rivalry with Mogi. He is constantly sponsored by Atlantis. 


Yoshida (Ryōsuke Yamamoto)

A runner of the team


(*) Wada was a runner when he was a student of Nihon University and took part in Hakone Ekiden.

The images are from the official website of "Rikuoh".

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