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Rugby in Japan 23

The internationals of the sevens resumed their training. On the other hand, Kenki Fukuoka who was expected to play in next year's Olympic Games announced his retirement from the national teams of the sevens and union. He gives priority to study medicine but also said that he would continue playing for Panasonic Wild Knights. And Kōtarō Matsushima will depart for France soon to join ASM Clermont Auvergne.

NTT Communications Shining Arks made a partnership with Lyon OU. It enables the Shining Arks to make youth level players of Lyon sign with and join the team on demand. And South African international Makazole Mapinpi will play for the NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes based in Osaka.

Six months until the start of next Top League. It is considered as the last league before the start of new domestic league in 2022.

The match of Panasonic Wild Knights (blue) vs Toshiba Brave Lupus (red) in last Top League 
(From the official website of Japan Rugby top League)

And the JRFU reported the economic effect of last World Cup and how they made efforts to realise it. 

“THE ECONOMIC IMPACT of Rugby World Cup 2019™” & “Rugby World Cup 2019™ Review of outcomes” Released to the Public 
(From the official website of the JRFU)

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The Sengoku period 2

It is considered that the origin of the Sengoku period was a coup d'ētat in 1493 called "Meiō no Seihen". In the year, HOSOKAWA Masamoto, a daimyo who ruled several provinces and took on an important role behind the scene. He opposed HINO Tomiko, wife of ASHIKAGA Yoshimasa who was the 8th shogun of the Muromachi Bakufu (Ashikaga shogunate) and recommended her nephew ASHIKAGA Yoshitane as next shogun. However, Masamoto recommended ASHIKAGA Yoshizumi, cousin of the 9th shogun Yoshihisa who was a son between Yoshimasa and Tomiko. But he died during suppressing the rebellion of the ROKKAKU clan. Finally Tomiko, Yoshitane and his father Yoshimi came into collision with Masamoto and ISE Sadamune who served the Bakufu as steward of the office of administration. The collision caused military uprising not only in Kinki region, the region near Kyoto but the whole country also.

Shōsuke Tanihara as IMAGAWA Yoshimoto in "Fūrin Kazan". Yoshimoto ruled Suruga and Tōtomi, present Shizuoka and Mikawa, easter part of present Aichi. The Imagawa clan was a branch family of the Ashikaga clan.

But it didn't bring an end to the Bakufu. Though the collision of Tomiko and Masamoto split the line of the succession of shogun into two like that of the Imperial line in the 14th century, the shogunate survived the troubled times. The shoguns tried to mediate between the warring provinces but were often exploited by some daimyos. Until the middle of the Muromachi period, daimyos were called "shugo daimyo" but became  "Sengoku daimyo" later. They uniquely ruled the provinces they conquered ignoring the regulation of the Bakufu. Some of them donated money to the Imperial Court and were granted official titles in return and the authority of the Emperor was restored under such circumstances. 

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Ichijō-dani Ruled by the Asakura Clan

"Bura Tamori" is an NHK programme in which Tamori, a TV personality and a female announcer of the station walk around a city or tourist spot in Japan. They usually tour the site with historians, geographers, geologists or museum curators. "Bura" means strolling or walking around in this case. In the episode broadcast on the 20th of June, they (Tamori and Risa Hayashida) tour Ichijō-dani in Fukui prefecture. The area was formerly ruled by the Asakura clan and AKECHI Mitsuhide is said to have lived there. It's the rebroadcast of the one put on the air in February 2019 because going on location was prohibited until mid-June to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But the clan was destroyed by ODA Nobunaga whom Mitsuhide became to serve later. Many people lived there were forced to move to Fukui, current capital of the prefecture.   

The remains of the residence where the Asakura clan people lived
(Wikimedia Commons)

In "Kirin ga Kuru", Mitsuhide who lives Ichijō-dani teaches children Four Books and Five Classics at Shōnenji Temple. But I doubt it because the children especially those of samurais were educated at Zen temples at that time and Shōnenji is a Jishu sect temple. Anyway, Ichijō-dani had the advantage of the land especially that of Kuzuryū River and Sea of Japan and created prosperity in the 16th century but was burned by Nobunaga's army. After that the area was brought under cultivation. However, many goods and tools including tea things were buried deep in the ground thanks to the cultivation and the state of the preservation was rather good when the remains were excavated. And now many of them are designated as cultural prosperity.  

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The Sengoku period 1

What is Sengoku period? In general, it means the second half of the Muromachi period (1336 or 1338 - 1573) and at that time, many daimyos had private battles to occupy their enemies' territories. It is said that some powerful daimyos deterred shoguns from voting on issue and sometimes made them from Kyoto where the Muromachi Bakufu was established. And many samurais tried to succeed in their lives by distinguishing themselves in many battles. On the other hand, weak daimyos were forced to fall. 

Masato Sakai as SANADA Nobushige (Yukimura) in "Sanada Maru". He fights against the army of TOKUGAWA Ieyasu in the Siege of Osaka (1614 and 1615) and some say the war brought the Sengoku period to an end in a real sense.

In such troublesome time, many people were said to hope the coming of peace as described in this year's Taiga Drama series "Kirin ga Kuru". However, Kōki Mitani, a famous playwright in Japan once said that there were no concept of peace and no idea that somebody will unify Japan someday and "Sanada Maru", the series he writes is based on such idea. I agree with him on this point. Needless to say, there are various views on the period but I think many people in the period managed to survive from day to day and maybe they could not afford to think about "Kirin" (Qilin). To be honest, I don't accept the concept of this year's one. 

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Rugby in Japan 22

In Japan, the influence of COVID-19 becomes to die down but the tests against Wales and England were cancelled. Maybe they will be played next autumn but there is a possibility of playing without spectators. The seasons of professional baseball and J.League will start next month but the games or matches will be played without an audience.

Some Top League players and coaches leave their teams. Both former All Black Dan Carter and former Wallaby Matt Giteau will leave Japan as their contract terminated. On the other hand, former Springbok Johan Ackermann will coach NTT Docomo Red Hurricanes next season. And Hitoshi Ōno, former Japanese international who played in three World Cups announced his retirement. It becomes news and marks the end of an era.

Super Rugby is also suspended but in New Zealand, the league matches played by domestic teams only will start again. And Japan's Sun Wolves that are scheduled to be dissolved in late May now have a possibility of playing against Australian teams in July. 

The current icon image of the Twitter account of Japan Rugby Top League
(From the account page of the league)

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Rugby in Japan 21

Like other countries, no sport matches are played in Japan now. So some rugby players upload their exercises movie on the SNS website and a TV series "No Side Game" is being rebroadcast now. The series that describes so-called company amateurism finally boosted the popularity of rugby in last year's World Cup.

Hayato Kimishima (Yō Ōizumi), GM of Tokiwa Motors Astros and players
(From the official website of TBS)

A new domestic league that supersedes current Japan Rugby Top League is scheduled to start next year or in 2022. However, it may be a bit hard to realise it under such situation. Some company are forced to prefer their business to rugby. Though the things doesn't go well as they were planned, it's decided that the participating teams will be 25. I will keep writing about the league in the future.  

In my past post on Japanese rugby titled "Rugby in Japan 20", I write as below.

But then the officials postponed them until the end of March because Joel Everson who plays for HINO Red Dolphins was arrested of the illegal possession of cocaine. They intend to disseminate the details of compliance but are opposed by the players who lost their opportunity of playing. If no players are arrested, it will be impossible to hold any match this month.

The decision of the JRFU was opposed by the association of the Top League players opposes it because they lost a chance of playing by it. They insisted that the Red Dolphins should be banned but there was no problem with other clubs.

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The Characters of "Kirin ga Kuru" 6

TOKI Yorinori(Toshinori Omi)

A shugo-daimyo of Mino Province. He liked falconry and painting hawks. He once expelled his elder brother from the position of shugo-daimyo and gained power with the help of SAITŌ Dōsan. However Dōsan then prompted to expel him to seize real power. In the series, he treats SAITŌ Yoshitatsu (Takamasa), heir of Dōsan as if he were his own son and that caused the confrontation between him and Dōsan. In reality, some say that Yoshitatsu was his real son.


INABA Yoshimichi (Takehito Murata)

He was one of the major vassals of Dōsan but he later took side of Yoshitatsu (Takamasa) when he opposed Dōsan. Then he became to serve ODA Nobunaga and TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi and his granddaughter Fuku became a nurse of TOKUGAWA Iemitsu, the third shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate. In the series, he is bitter about the forcibility of Dōsan and incites Yoshitatsu to feel antipathy against his father.


HIRATE Masahide (Shōzō Uesugi*)

He was a vassal of ODA Nobuhide and mori-yaku (tutor) for his son Nobunaga. He is said to have unable to manage him who behaved eccentrically but arranged the marriage for him and Kichō. In the series, he is involved in the internal conflict of the Oda family and  commits suicide. But there are other reasons why he did so. 


(*) I think he is more suitable for the roles of TAKATŌ Yoritsugu in "Fūrin Kazan" and EDA Zenbei in "Gunshi Kanbei", both of whom are imprudent and like working out a plot that usually ends in failure.

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Rugby in Japan 20

Because of the spread of COVID-19, the JRFU decided postponing holding the matches of Japan Rugby Top League until the 13th of March. But then the officials postponed them until the end of March because Joel Everson who plays for HINO Red Dolphins was arrested of the illegal possession of cocaine. They intend to disseminate the details of compliance but are opposed by the players who lost their opportunity of playing. If no players are arrested, it will be impossible to hold any match this month.

The message from the Sunwolves saying 
They returned from Australia on the 18th of March.
(From the official website of the Sunwolves)

Not only the top League, Super Rugby and Six Nations Championship are forced to postpone their matches also. Many rugby fans miss the game and may be eager to watch the matches as soon as possible. And the national team staff of the sevens who are going to play in the Olympic Games unavoidably change the training schedule.

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Rugby in Japan 19

The season of Japan Rugby Top League started in January. As expected, many people who became to be interested in rugby visit the stadiums to see the matches. Especially the teams that have some internationals such as Toshiba Brave Lupus, Kobe Cobelco Steelers, Suntory Sungoliath, Toyota Verblitz and Panasonic Wild Knights attract many fans including so-called "niwaka", bandwagon fans. Not only such powerful teams, some teams as Hino Red Dolphins, Munakata Sanix Blues and Honda Heat play well this season. 

The plan of the new league that is scheduled to start in 2021 was announced. The details are as below.

Framework of Entry Conditions to New League Launching in autumn 2021
(The official website of the JRFU)

Though the plan of fully professional league didn't realise, the new league seems to aim to improve profitability.

Keisuke Moriya scored a try for the Sun Wolves in Fukuoka
(From the official website of the Sun Wolves)

The season of Super Rugby also started. This is the last season for the Sun Wolves in the SR but many internationals preferred playing in the Top League rather than the SR. However  some players from the Top League teams and some young players join the team and luckily they beat the Rebels in Fukuoka on the 1st of February. They will meet the Chiefs at Prince Chichibu Stadium next Saturday. 

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Rugby in Japan 18

The plan of a new professional league proposed by Katsuyuki Kiyomoya is required to correct. Some owner companies of the Top League teams are said to be against the fully professional league. The others as Suntory Sungoliath or Kobe Steel agree with it but they say it needs to be argued more. Only Panasonic wild Knights complete agree with the plan. Saburō Kawabuchi, who established J League (professional soccer league) and helped establishing B League (professional basketball league) says that Kiyomiya needs to ask the owners' opinions and should not emphasise his plan only. 

The owners who are against his plan say that the Brave Blossoms could reach the quarterfinals by playing in the league only but it's not right. In addition to playing in the Top League, some of the players played in the Super Rugby and trained hard under the leadership of Jamie Joseph. Moreover, the last World Cup was held in Japan and it must have been a big advantage.

The High School Championship is being held in Osaka now. The image shows the match of Hōtoku Gakuen and Yamagata Chuō HS. Hōtoku Gakuen widened the lead and won.

Hōtoku Gakuen (red and black) vs Yamagata Chuō HS (dark blue)
  (From the official website of Kansai Rugby Football Union)

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