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Kōichi, Daichi and the employees of Kohaze-ya cheer for Hiroto Mogi at the New Year Ekiden Race. During the race, Mogi catches up with his rival Naoyuki Kezuka, member of Asia Industries Running Team and overtakes him in his leg. Then he hands over his sash to next runner Takao Hirase. Hirase runs with all his might and is praised by his teammates though he cannot finish in the first place. After the race, Mogi mentions his Rikuoh in the interview.

The employees of Kohaze-ya cheer for Hiroto Mogi with a banner that says "Go for it, Hitoro Mogi and Rikuoh!"

Rikuoh becomes to be well-known and some runners ask Kohaze-ya sponsor them. And Mogi emphasises in the interview with an editor of a sport magazine that Rikuoh is ideal. On the other hand, Hirase retires from his running career and one night he visits the clubhouse of Daiwa Food. Then the ground is illuminated suddenly and his teammates appear to say good-bye to him (*). 

Hirase (Masato Wada) runs his last race

(*) This teammates' surprise also appears in the 7th episode of "No Side Game". In the episode, Ryōta Satomura who leaves the Astros to join the Cyclones visits the clubhouse and meets his teammates.

The images are from the official website of "Rikuoh".


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The Cast of "Kinō Nani Tabeta?"

Shirō Kakei (Hidetoshi Nishijima)

A lawyer who works at Uemachi law firm. He usually leaves his office on time to buy food for dinner. He is a methodical man and a man of economy. On the other hand, he is indecisive and tactless. He met Kenji when he was 40 and became to be familiar with each other.


Kenji Yabuki (Seiyō Uchino)

A hair stylist who lives with Shirō and calls him "Shiro-san". He is friendly to everybody and an expert at handling complaints from customers. Unlike Shirō who tells Kayoko that he is a gay in the episode 2, he tells that he loves men only to those close to him. His ideal man is Ryo Saeba, main character of "City Hunter". He loves eating the meals cooked by Shirō.


Gorō Kakei (Kōtarō Shiga→Ryōsei Tayama)

He is a father of Shirō. He cannot understand that his son is a gay but accepts it. He suffers esophageal cancer and it worries his wife Hisaē and Shirō.


Hisaē Kakei (Meiko Kaji)

She is a mother of Shirō and accepts his son is a gay but cannot understand it perfectly. She is delighted with her son's consideration for her and Gorō but thinks it is so "womanly".


Kayoko Tominaga (Misako Tanaka, cameo apperance)

She is one of the friends of Shirō who shares the information of food or cooking. She gets to know him at Nakamuraya when she wonders whether she should buy a watermelon or not. And she sometimes advises Shirō when he is troubled by something.


Mr. Tominaga (Toshihiro Yashiba)

He is a husband of Kayoko and introduces Daisaku Kohinata who is also a gay to Shirō.


Yoshiē Uemachi (Atsuko Takaizumi)

She manages Uemachi law firm and is a boss of Shirō. She is an expert in insolvency law and her son Osamu is also a lawyer and works at the firm.


Daisaku Kohinata (Kōji Yamamoto)

He is one of the friends of Mr. Tominaga and enjoys tennis with him. Though he is usually impassive, he really loves his love Wataru Inoue who is selfish and becomes emotional when he talks about him. He works at a theatrical agency.   


The images are from the official website of TV Tokyo.

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Kinō Nani Tabeta? (What Did You Eat Yesterday?) 2

In the episode 1, Shirō doesn't tell his co-workers that he is a gay. 

But in the episode 2, he tells Kayoko Tominaga that he loves men only by accident. Kayoko is a housewife whom he gets to know at a supermarket Nakamuraya. Then she becomes to share vegetables or fruits with Shirō. His partner Kenji suspects that he loves Kayoko secretly though it's an unnecessary anxiety.

However he then suspects that Shirō has a friendly feeling forward a female owner of a bakery. Unlike other food, he has a strong preference for bread but it is in vain again. Though Shirō is confused with his partner's delusions, he cooks Bukkake-sōmen (*) according to Kayoko's recipe. After thier dinner, he makes jam using the strawberries given by her and says Kenji that he should not worry anything. Kenji feels satisfied that there is no reason to worry that Shirō loves a woman and relishes his jam.

Shirō (Hidetoshi Nishijima) buys food as cheaply as possible after leaving his office

In the episode 3, Shirō visits his parent's house. though they understand himeself as gay, they don't accept it perfectly. One Sunday Shirō visits Kayoko and cooks coleslaw together using the cabbages she bought at a low price at Nakamuraya. Then her husband comes home with his friends after playing tennis. He introduces a man who is called Daisaku Kohinata and is also a gay to Shirō.

Daisaku is outspoken in his remarks and says that his love Wataru, who visited his flat after quitting his job and behaves as if Daisaku was his servant. Though Daisaku says it's sad, Shirō feels that he boasts of his conquests in reality. Daisaku promises him to dine with him someday but Shirō doesn't tell Kenji about it. Besides he learns that his father Gorō suffers from esophageal cancer. But he doesn't seem to have a heart-to-heart talk with Kenji about it. On the next Sunday, he plans to go to an amusement park with Seiko Imada who consults with him to about her divorce. 

That morning Shirō cooks lunch (bentō) for two and hands one of them to Kenji. He is happy but dissatisfied with Shirō who doesn't tell him everything frankly. Kenji and Seiko watch her former husband, his new wife and her son playing at the park. Seiko loses her self-control when she sees her son at a park but she becomes calm and eat Shirō’s bentō with him. When they separate, she thanks him for having listened to her. Shirō realises the importance of having someone to consult with now after all this time. Then he decides to talk to Kenji about his worriness, especially that of his father's illness.

(*) Topping boiled sōmen, a kind of Japanese noodle that is like vermicelli with ingredients and pouring cold broth onto it.  

Shirō (left) and Kenji (Seiyō Uchino)

The images are from the official website of TV Tokyo.    

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The historical drama series of NHK other than Taiga Drama

"Onna Joshu Naotora" will reach the peak in the next episode in which ONO Tajimanokami Masatsugu meets his end. Besides Taiga Drama, NHK broadcasts some historical drama series.

Doyo Jidai Drama Series
The series is formerly called "Doyo Jidaigeki" (Historical Drama Series on Saturdays). A weekly program and many of the series are set in the Edo Period and most of them are fiictional.

Haru Kuroki as Mio in "Mio (Mi wo) tsukushi ryoricho", a series that describes a woman from Osaka becomes a cook in Edo

BS Jidaigeki
The series that is broadcast on BS Premium. Like Doyo Jidai Drama Series, most of the series are set in the Edo Period but some of them are set in other periods. Some of them are the remakes of the ones once broadcast by commercial stations.
NAKAMURA Baijaku as Denshichi in "Denshichi Torimonocho" (Second from the right)

In both series, 10 or 12-13 episodes are broadcast in one season.

Shogatsu Jidaigeki
A drama broadcast on New Year Holidays. In 2018, "Fuunji tachi - Rangaku kakumei hen" will be broadcast. This describes Dutch sholars (*) and politicians in the mid-Edo Period and is dramatised by Koki Mitani, who wrote "Sanada Maru". And some of the cast of the Taiga Drama series as Masao Kusakari, KATAOKA Ainosuke, Koji Yamamoto and Shinya Niiro appear in.

(*) Those who learn Dutch and medical science at that time. As the Netherlands was the only western country that traded with Japan, they learned Western world through studying Dutch. In this drama, their translation task of "Ontleedkundige tafelen" ("Anatomische Tabellen" in German) is mainly described.

The Images are from the official websites of "Mio tsukushi ryoricho" and "Denshichi Torimonocho".

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