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The Adventure of the Dog's Language Interpreter 2

In the episode based on "The Greek Interpreter", Sherman tells Holmes that she walked for ten minutes but in reality she and Wilson Kemp who plans to sell the specimen walked for five minutes and turned back. In this respect, the episode is based on "The Adventure of the Engineer's Thumb" also. And the reason why Kemp carries Sherman on his back is not to make her identify their location.

In the canon, Wilson Kemp appears in "The Greek Interpreter" only but in the puppetry he appears in several episodes as villain's part. And Mycroft Holmes and Diogenes Club in Dealer House make their debut. In the series, the Holmes brothers don't get along.

Though Mycroft says that nobody can communicate with dog, Toby realises Sherlock's words. During the search without Sherman, he tells Toby that he will give him bone of the chicken if it goes well. However at the end of the episode, he tells Sherlock that he prefers bone of the cow for that of the chicken is easy to stick his throat, interpreted by Sherman.

Mycroft Holmes

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The Adventure of the Dog's Language Interpreter

One night somebody steals into Sherman's shed and kidnaps her. She is made to wear a hood that shapes of the head of bear as blindfold and goes a good distance with him. After that, she is carried on his back and told to take off her hood. Then he tells her to interpret the language of an old female dog called Sophie. The kidnapper is a Dealer House pupil called Wilson Kemp who stole a specimen of a bone of Neanderthal man from a laboratory of the school but it was taken by Sophie a few days before. So he tries to obtain the information about it and takes Sherman who understands dog's language. But Sophie says that she is too old to remember it.

Sherman requests Holmes to free Sophie from there. Holmes infers that the dog is kept in underground warehouse of Dealer House from Sherman's words and visits there with Watson, his brother Mycroft, and Toby, a dog kept by Sherman but they find it is quite empty. At last they find Kemp but Mycroft, who is a chairman of pupil's council and loves him as if he is his real brother says there is nobody who communicates with dog. Besides he acts like it did not happen and hits Watson who takes exception to him. But Holmes and Watson learn that Toby understands what Holmes says at Sherman's shed, new home for Sophie.

Sophie takes the bone stolen by Kemp (From Memorial Book)

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The Adventure of the Missing Boyfriend 2

"The Adventure of the Missing Boyfriend" is based on "A Case of Identify". Mary Sutherland loves a male pupil called Hosmer Angel but he is Windibank, one of her childhood friends in fact. He modifies his appearance by wearing a wig and high-heeled shoes. Besides, he speaks in a subdued voice and tells Mary to take off her glasses for she looks more attractive without them to cover his true nature. Though Holmes, who does not understand the feeling of girls says that he does not think that she looks more attractive frankly.

In the episode, Langdale Pike makes his first appearance and sells some smutty photoes of women and Watson shows a typical reaction of pubertal boy to them while Holmes keeps calm.

ウィンディバンク(冒険ファンブックより)/Windibank from Boken Fan Book

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