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Kamakura dono no Jūsan nin 7

Kamē's house for a secret rendezvous with Yoritomo is burnt. It is Yoshitsunē who burnt the house but Maki No Munēchika, elder brother of Riku, wife of HǑJǑ Tokimasa. Yoritomo makes Yoshitsunē confine to Ǒkura Gosho, Yoritomo's residence and office. Munēchika is banished and it makes Tokimasa and Riku angry and they leave Kamakura and return to Izu. On the other hand, Minamoto no Yukiiē who killed Yoritomo's brother Gien in a battle goes to Shinano where is ruled by Kiso no Yoshinaka, cousin of Yoritomo. Yoritomo is afraid that Yoshinaka who also has a power will drive out the Taira Clan instead of him.

The vassals are against the idea of Yoritomo

There is rumour that Fujiwara no Hidehira who rules Norther Japan go south to fight with Yoritomo. So he commands  Mongaku to curse Hidehira. And many gokenin (vassals of Yoritomo) don't agree with their lord who plans to dispatch troops to Shinano. Then Yotiromo and decides to send messengers includes Yoshitoki to Yoshinaka instead and allies him. And his son Yoshitaka is sent to  Kamakura as hostage to confirm the relationship. Behind the scenes, the Hiki Clan attempts to make their nieces marry Yoshitsunē and Noriyori and Kamē who is an educated woman in fact tells Masako how a wife of Kamakura dono should be.

Yoshinaka (Munataka Aoki), ruler of Shinano

Yoshitoki who secretly loves Yaē often takes food to her. Though she is perplexed at first, she gets to accept him as her husband. And Yoshinaka who gains control as far as Hokuriku region and beat the Taira Clan in the Battle of Kurikara and goes to Kyoto. However, his behaviour and dress code fail in propriety and is considered to be reckless by the court nobles. In addition, he is rumoured to make peace with the Taira Clan secretly and it disadvantages him.

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Kamakura dono no Jūsan nin 6

After hunting down the Sataké clan, Yoritomo makes some samurais take office representative posts and employs KAHIWARA no Kagetoki who formerly serve Ōba no Kagechika and let him pass during the Battle of Mt. Oshibashi. Though Yoshitoki is not appointed to any position, he is granted a territory called Ema. In February 1181, TAIRA no Kiyomori who lived in splendour passes away leaving a will that his clan should kill Yoritomo who was saved by Kiyomori in his childhood.

Samurais in Bandō (Kantō region)  who become to be called "gokenin" bow to Yoritomo (Yō Ōizumi, back).

And Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa commands Munémori, heir of Kiyomori to kill Yoritomo but it confuses the clan that lost a charismatic head. On the other hand, Yoritomo’s half-brothers gather at Okura Gosho, office and residence of Yoritomo to help their brother. And Yoritomo plans to pardon ITŌ Sukéchika and his son Sukékiyo but they are killed by Zenji who formerly served Sukéchika. The assassin is told by Kagetoki to serve him.

Mi-i (Ema Miyazawa, right) and Zenjō (Shinya Niiro) get married.

Masako's younger sisteer Mi-i and Zenjō, a Buddhist monk and one of younger brothers of Yoritomo get married. Meanwhile Masako misses her life in Izu because she is a wife of Yoritomo who is "Kamakura dono" (Lord Kamakura) now and is troubled with the succession race over Yoritomo's heir. Later Masako gives birth to a boy. Meanwhile Yoritomo meets his lover Kamé secretly and it worries Yoshitoki.

Yoritomo and Kamé (Noriko Eguchi) in their house for secret rendezvous

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Kamakura dono no Jūsan nin 5

Yoritomo plans to build his redsidence in Kamakura where he lives and manages public affairs. On the other hand, Masako, Mi-i and Riku intend to go to Kamakura to join Yoritomo but he tells them to postpone it because he is so tired. But in fact, he wants to meet Kamé who was a fisherman's wife and becomes his lover now. After that, Masako who wears formal clothes borrowed from a wife of KAJIWARA no Kagetoki and reaches Ōkura Gosho, her husband's new residence. And ITŌ Sukechika who takes the side of the Taira clan and his daughter Yaé are told to stay in the residence of MIURA no Yoshizumi, father of Yoshimura. But Yaé asks Masako to serve Yoritomo as kitchen maid. 

Masako (Eiko koiké, centre) on an open planquin reaches Kamakura 

Masako is unwilling but at last she allows it. Then Yoritomo departs for Kisegawa to join the army of Nobuyoshi but Yoshitsuné visits Kamakura immediately after it. He also departs for Kisegawa soon with his vassals. And in the battle, Tokimasa is told by his old friens Yoshizumi that he should be a bond between Yoritomo and samurais in the Kantō region. The Taira clan army who pitches a camp near Fuji River escape all together because they mistake the flapping of wings of water fowls for their enemy's attack. And Yoshitsuné appears there at last and meets his elder brother Yoritomo for the first time.

Yoshitsuné (Masaki Suda) appears in Kisegawa to meet Yoritomo 

Yoritomo tries to pursue the Taira clan but Tokimasa advises him to return to Kantō. Tokimasa says that othere samurais shouls protect their tetrritories and families. After returning to Kamakura, Masako meets MAKI no Munéchika, brother of Riku, Yoshitsuné, Noryiyori who is also a stepbrother of Yoritomo. soon after Yoritomo attacks SATAKÉ no Yoshimasa who doesn't corporate with him and Yoshitsuné unfolds bold ideas but in vain because Kazusa no Hirotsuné makes yoshisué, son of Yoshimasa betray his father.

Yoshitsuné (far left) unfolds his ideas and tells about it to other samurais
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Kamakura dono no Jūsan nin 4

TAIRA no Kiyomori plans to kill Yoritomo who raised an army against himself. He knows that it's Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa who urged Yoritomo to subjugate him. Meanwhile Yoshitoki visits KAZUSA no Hirotsuné, one of the influential samurais in the Kantō region to ask him to take the side of Yoritomo. Hirotsuné is unwilling to back Yoritomo up but is persuaded by CHIBA Tsunetané who is one of the samurais in Kantō also to support him. And Yoshitoki also asks KAHIWARA no Kagetoki, who served ŌBA no Kagechika but saved the life of Yoritomo at Mt. Ishibashi.

Yoshitoki  (Shun Oguri, left) meets Kazusa no Hirotsuné (Kōichi Satō)

Hirotsuné puts off his answer. Yoritomo cannot wait his answer any more but Yoshitoki succeeds in winning him over to Yoritomo's side. At first, Hirotsuné plans to kill him if he has no capacity for commanding but he realises that he can lead samurai as commander and decides to serve him. At the same time, Masako knows that her husband is alive and meets ANO no Zenjō, a monk and one of the half-brothers of Yoritomo who visits Izu-san Gongen (Izu-san Shrine) where she, her sister Mi-i and Riku, wife of Tokimasa stay. And they escape from the shrine as they feel in danger.

Yoritomo (Yō Ōizumi) marches to Kamakura with his army

Yoritomo’s soldiers go on increasing. And TAKEDA Nobuyoshi, who rules Kai (Yamanashi) Province takes the side of Yoritomo also. But there is a reason that his province will be attcked first if the army of the Taira Clan marches toward the east. And at last Yoritomo and his army reach Kamakura and he plans to build a gosho, a residence and an office for him. His power confuses the samurais who are close to the Taira Clan and Kagetoki gives up his master Kagechika and in Ōshū (Tohoku region), Minamoto no Yoshitsuné, who is a half-brother of Yoritomo as ANO no Zenjō departs for Kamakura with his vassals. He stayed in the residence of FUJIWARA no Hidehira who rules Ōshū.

Yoshitsuné (Masaki suda, second from the right) says good-bye to Hidehira (Min Tanaka, second from the left)

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Kamakura dono no Jūsan nin 3

Yoritomo raises an army on the 17th August, 1180. He plans to attack YAMAKI no Kanetaka, vice governor of Izu sent by Taira no Kiyomori, head of the Taira Clan and his aide。He also plans to establish his base in Kamakura. But the number of his soldiers is so small so  he carries a weight of responsibilities. Aboive all, he is told by Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa to subjugate the Taira clan in his dream. At the same time, his wife Masako, elder sister of Yoshitoki sees Yae, former lover of Yoritomo in the neighbourhood and waves her hand to her triumphantly.

Sukechika (Kazuyuki Asano,left) meets Kagechika (Jun Kunimura) and tells about Yoritomo's rebellion

Yoritomo tells Yoshitoki that he is the only man whom he can trust, This is his measure to win somebody over to his side and then he tries to conciliate other samurais in Kanto region to support himself. And the day arrived at last. On the 17th of August, ITŌ Sukechika, father of Yaē and a samurai who takes the side of the Taira clan visits Ōba no Kagechika who is clost to Taira no Kiyomor. Sukechika tells Kagechika that Yoritomo is going to raise an army. It is Yaē who told Sukechika about it but she is informed of it by Yoshitoki.

Yoshitoki (Shun Oguri, left) attacks Kanetaka with his father Tokimasa (BANDŌ Yajūrō)

Yoshitoki is scolded by his elder brother Munetoki for he discloed Yoritomo's army to Yaē. However she learns that Kanetaka is at home by her husband EMA no Jirō. She decides to inform it to Yoritomo and shoots an arrow with white cloth. The cloth is  a kind of secret code between Yaē and Yoritomo so he attacks the residence of Kanetaka but the rain prevents him from marching to Kamakura and he establishes a camp in Mt. Ishibashi. The tide turns against him and Munetoki, who is told to bring a statue of Buddha in the residence of the Hōjōs. When he starts to Izu, he tells Yoshitoki that the Hōjōs should govern the samurais in Kanto region and it needs to use the power of Yoritomo. These are his last words to Yoshitoki.

Munetoki (KATAOKA Ainosuke, right) tells his younger brother that the Hōjōs shouls rule Kanto region

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Kamakura dono no Jūsan nin 2

While staying in Izu as prisoner, Yoritomo is placed under the observation of ITŌ no Sukechika, a samurai who rules Izu. But a boy called Sentsuru-maru was born between Yoritomo and Yaē, daughter of Sukechika. He is afraid of bringing Taira no Kiyomori who rules most parts of Japan and holds absolute power anger on him. So he attempts to arrest Yoritomo. Then he is sheltered by HŌJŌ no Tokimasa and he marries his daughter Masako. After that he meets MINAMOTO no Yukiiē who secretly hands him a message of taking up arms against Kiyomori and the Taira Clan by Prince Mochihito.

Yoritomo (Yō Ōizumi) receives a message of Prince Mochihito

But Yoritomo defers taking up arms because he doen't know MINAMOTO no Yorimasa who advises Prince Mochihito to attack the Taira Clan. as faired, both Prince Mochihito and Yorimasa are defeated. But at that time Yoritomo often dreams of Cloistered Emperor Goshirakawa who appeals to him to subjugate the Taira Clan. Then Yoshitoki steals into the government office of Izu and calculates the number of soldiers by checking wooden plates and is convinced that Yoritomo can call up 300 soldiers at least.

Prince Mochihito (Subaru Kimura) confronts his enemies after taking to flight

And a mysterious monk visits Yoritomo and shows him a skull. His name is Mongaku and insists the skull is that of MINAMOYO no Yoshitomo, father of Yoritomo who was assasinated after the Battle if Heiji. Then Yoritomo receives a secret message that is said to be from Emperor Goshirakawa. He declares that he will take up arms and subjugate the Taira Clan. 

Mongaku (ICHIKAWA Ennosuke IX) shows Yoshitomo's skull to Yoritomo
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Kamakura dono no Jūsan nin 1

Subsequentially to "seiten o Tsuke", I plan to write about "Kamakura dono no Jūsan nin", this year's Taiga Drama sries.

Though an English subtitle "The 13 Lords of the Shogun" is given to it, I use Japanese title in preference to English one.

The series is set in early Kamakura era, from late 12th century to early 13th century. At that time, samurais grow in strength and the Taira clan actually governed Japan. And Minamoto no Yoritomo, a member of the Minamoto clan and lost his father Yoshitomo and brothers in the Heiji rebellion in 1160.

After the war, Yoritomo was saved his life and was exiled to Izu Province.

Later he planned to take revenge on Taira no Kiyomori, head of the Taira clan but he had no soldiers. And at that time, many of samurais served Kiyomori and it was so hard for him to take up arms. At this moment, he becomes to know HŌJŌ no Masako, daughter of HŌJŌ no Tokimasa, one of the landholders in Izu and it influences the life of Yoshitoki, younger brother of Masako.


Shun Oguri as HŌJŌ no Yoshitoki
(From the official website of "Kamakura dono no Jūsan nin")
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Seiten o Tsuke 5

Afer the death of O-Chiyo, Eiichi devotes himself to his business but he misses her. Then he remarries Kaneko but Tokuji, eldest son of Eiichi doesn't take to her easily. Eiichi asks Kaneko not to spoil him. However, Tokuji's behaviour becomes bad so Eiichi decides that he should transfer the headship of the family not to him but his grandson Keizō.

At that time, the Empire of Japan was established as a modern state. And TOKUGAWA Yoshinobu returns to Tokyo after living in seclusion in Shizuoka. Yoshinobu also misses his wife Mikako who dies of breast cancer. 

TOKUGAWA Yoshinobu (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) in his later years

Eiichi promotes diplomacy and meets Theodore Roosevelt in New York. After that Russo-Japanese War breaks off and he tries to purchase wartime bonds despite getting influenza and is forced to stay in bed. After the war, Eiichi retires from his work and starts visiting other countries. 

While his diplomatic efforts including making the US society accept Japanese-Americans bears fruit, he loses many of his comrades and his former lord Yoshinobu. In 1922, a big earthquake hit Kantō region. Eiichi tries to build a first-aid station for victims and Japanese government is given solatium and relief supplies from the US. But the Immigration Act of 1924 is passed in the country later.

Then Eiichi plans to save the Chinese people who suffer from flooding but it was prevented by the Manchurian Incident. In 1931, he passed away and his will is followed by Keizō. One day Keizō visits Chiaraijima, hometown of Eiichi and finds young Eiichi engages in farm work.

Eiichi (Ryō Yoshizawa, centre) gives a lecture in the US

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Seiten o Tsuke 4

Tokudayū names himself Eiichi again and works as bureaucrat. However he realises the limitations of working for the govdrnment and then becomes a businessman and tries to establish capitalism in Japan. But a man from Tosa domain  (present Kōchi prefecture) bars his way, His name is IWASAKI Yatarō, eatablisher of the Mitsubishi combine. There is a conflict between them. 

Ulysses Grant  (Frederic Benoliel) and his family enjoy Japanese country dishes

Ulysses Grant, former president of the US visits Japan and Eiichi invites him to his home. O-Chiyo, wife of Eiichi treats him and his wife to country dishes and shows them sumo matches. Grant tells Eiichi that he hopes that Japan will keep herself independent in severe global conditions.

O-Chiyo (Ai Hashimoto) dies of cholera

The Mitsubishi combine is still the only winner in Japanese business community while Eiichi appeals to relieve the poor. He and O-Chiyo put the focus on welfare. Around the same time, Ōkuma Shigenobu resigns from his public post due to the hostility to those from Satsuma (Kagoshima) and Chōshū (Yamaguchi) but he plans to eatablish a ruling party with the support of Iwasaki. And Eiichi’s daughter Utako marry HOZUMI Nobushige, a jurist but soon after O-Chiyo dies of Cholera.   

The images are from the official website of "Seiten o Tsuke".
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Seiten o Tsuke 3

In Paris, TOKUGAWA Akitake and his attendants includes Tokudayū celebrate the New Year (1868). But they learn that TOKUGAWA Yoshinobu, the 15th shogun and elder brother of Akitake enacted Restoration of Imperial Rule. It confuses them but Tokudayū tries to reduce costs during their stay for Akitake who is going to study in France. About that time, he is brought to a stock exchange by a frenchman called Herrard and learns about bond.


Akitake (Rihito Itagaki, left) and Tokudayū (Ryō Yoshizawa) in Paris

Tokudayū decides to return to Japan with many of the attendants of Akitake. Before departing for Japan, he cuts off his topknot. In Japan, a civil war breaks out and his cousins Seiichirō and Heikurō fight against the New Government Army.


Tokudayū (right) meets his father Ichirōemon (Kaoru Kobayashi) and tells him that he will visit Sunpu to meet his former lord Yoshinobu

Tokudayū visits his hometown Chiaraijima and meets his parents Ichirōemon and Ei, his wife O-chiyo and daughter Uta. And then he visits Sunpu domain (present Shizuoka) and meets Yoshinobu who is ordered to confine himself in Sunpu. Then Tokudayū improves the domain's finaicial conditions utilizing the knowledge he acquired in Paris. However, the civil war has not finished yet and Seiichirō has gone to Hakodate to establish a new state in Hokkaidō.


Tokudayū (centre) in Sunpu tries to reform Sunpu domain with the vassals of Yoshinobu and plans to establish a company by gathering money from merchants

The images are from the official website of "Seiten o Tsuke".

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