ベイカー寮221B/Baker House 221B

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Stamford is a pupil of Archer House and takes Watson to 221B in "The First Adventure". He is a typical model pupil and studies well but considers Holmes as troublemaker. He edits a wall newspaper of the school also. His name is after the one of a man who introduces Watson to Holmes in "A Study in Scarlet", needless to say.

スタンフォード(冒険ファンブックより)/Stamford from Boken Fan Book
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まだらの紐の冒険 2/The Adventure of the Speckled Band 2



四つんばいで走るロイロット先生/Grimesby Roylott gets down the all fours and runs.

Needless to say, "The Adventure of the Speckled Band" is based on the story in the canon of the same title. And Holmes refers to crocus as in it though it's not him but Watson who straightens a poker bent by Grimesby Roylott. In Roylott's room, Holmes, Watson and Helen Stoner find dunbell, scissors and tweezers for grooming himself and some books on animals and Holmes reasons that he loves someone and tries to become animals she loves completely and that is the reason why he gets down on all fours and run.

At the end of the episode, Deputy Head Moriarty who is in charge of life guidance instead of Roylott appears and terrifies "Speckled Band". It seems to suggest the discord between him and Holmes in last three episodes of the first series.

「まだらの紐」の黄色いまだらはクロッカスの形です。/A speckle of "Speckled Band" is yellow and shaped like crocus.

画像はいずれも冒険ファンブックより/Both images are from Boken Fan Book
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まだらの紐の冒険/The Adventure of the Speckled Band





シャーマンとロイロット先生(冒険ファンブックより)/Sherman and Grimesby Roylott from Boken Fan Book

One night Mrs. Hudson rushes into 221B and says that she saw "Speckled Band". On the next day, she, Holmes and Watson tell Sherman about it and she says it's swamp adder, a kind of venomous snakes. Then Grimesby Roylott appears and tells her to quiet down her animals. She says that he becomes to keep dining in her ears recently.

After that, Helen Stoner, trainee teacher of chemistry visits 221B and tells about strange behaviour of Roylott and is scared of it. Holmes and Watson suggest her that they are with her in laboratory that night. After her leave, Roylott enters the dorm and asks what she talked to them but Holmes fudges his question and makes Watson straighten a poker he bents to threaten them.

That night Holmes, Waton and Stoner hear a strange voice of Roylott and witness him get down on all fours and run. And they find his room is awfully damaged. That is why Roylott, who secretly loves Sherman tries to become animal she loves completely. He goes back to the room and admits Holmes' reasoning and says that he is unworthy to be called a teacher for he loves a pupil.

Then they hear the voice of Sherman who is caught by swamp adder and cannot escape. The next moment, Roylott rushes at the snake and frees her. A few days later, he resigns school and leaves some books on animals for Sherman. And Deputy Head Moriarty becomes to take charge in life guidance committee.

「まだらの紐」沼毒蛇/"Speckled Band", swamp adder

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Barnicot is a tall male pupil of Cooper House who looks like a hippo and has a talent of art. In "The Adventure of the One Hundred Tadpoles", he has his picture stolen by Wilson Kemp and requests Holmes to take back it. His name is after Dr. Barnicot in "The Adventure of the Six Napoleons"and his plaster work is broken by someone in "The First Adventure" based on it and "A Study in Scarlet".

左からホームズ、バーニコット、ワトソン(メモリアルブックより)/From left to right, Holmes, Barnicot and Watson (From Memorial Book)

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The Game is on.

The link below is to an article of "NIjyuuisseiki Tantei" (A Detective in the 21st century) by Natsumi and how to play "Cluedo Sherlock" is mentioned in it in Japanese. Fans of the programme can enjoy the game by customising the rules and reproducing the world of the drama. If pieces are modeled on the characters, it will impress fans more.

ぼくたちのかんがえたさいきょうの『CLUEDO SHERLOCK』
(The best way of playing "CLUEDO SHERLOCK" we devised)

And chessmen modeled on the characters in the canon is introduced on a page of Amazon Japan. Holmes and Moriarty for the kings, Mrs. Hudson and Irene Adler for the queens and one of the knights seems to be the hound of the Baskervilles. Anyway Irene Adler is really proper for the position of the queen.
From Amazon Japan


And a quiz book featuring the NHK puppetry "Sherlock Holmes" is published from Shufu to seikatsu sha. Though the book is for children or teenagesr, adults can enjoy it also.
http://www.shufu.co.jp/books/detail/978-4-391-14614-1 (In Japanese)
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ベイカー寮221B/Baker House 221B


ベイカー寮の221B(冒険ファンブック)/221B of Baker House from Boken Fan Book

Today I write about Baker House 221B that is the title of this blog. This dorm shared by Holmes and Watson is substantially trapezoid and has a loft as bedroom for them. A red sofa is in the centre and there are some desks one of which is for Holmes' experimentation in the left hand direction. A part of the windows is a bay window near which Holmes often considers something and books are piled up here and there. The dorm is not only the place where they live but a laboratory for Holmes and an office where he interviews those who request him to solve their affairs also.

ホームズとワトソンの後ろに見える出窓(消えたボーイフレンドの冒険)/A bay window behind Holmes and Watson in "The Adventure of the Missing Boyfriend"

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失礼な似顔絵の冒険2/The Adventure of a Teacher's Portrait 2




ミルヴァートン先生の部屋のドアの錠を外すホームズ(メモリアルブック)/Holmes unlocks the door of Miverton's room, from Memorial Book.

"The Adventure of a Teacher's Portrait" is based on "Charles Augustus Milverton". In it, Milverton is a history teacher who is thought to be severe but feels for pupils in fact and has a strong belief as teacher. Agatha Wright is a female pupil and takes a class from him personally. She becomes to behave as an assitant for Holmes in "The Adventure of Henry Baskerville 1" and "2" and as his wife who calls him "Dear" in "The Adventure of the Headmaster with Serious Trouble" later.

Watson tells Holmes that he can be a thief for he unlocks the door of Milverton's room with wire and tells Watson how to open drawers effectively. And Holmes peeps Milverton from a gap of the curtain. Such scenes reminds me of "Charles Augustus Milverton" of the Granada TV Series. The episode has various thought-provoking scenes as well as other episodes of the series.

「引き出しを開ける時は下から」(メモリアルブック)/"Open the bottom drawer first."(From Memorial Book)

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失礼な似顔絵の冒険/The Adventure of a Teacher's Portrait




「先生、返して下さいよお…」「席につきたまえ、ベッポ」(メモリアルブック)"Please return it to me, sir""Go back to your seat, Beppo"(From Memorial Book)

Beppo requests Holmes to take back a portrait that is taken by "Mr. Unpopular", Charles Augustus Milverton who teaches history while he drew it in the class. Holmes and Watson learn that Milverton is going to meet Deputy Headmaster Moriarty that night and decide to steal into his room in his absence. However a female pupil of Baker House called Agatha Wright appears just after it and finds them. She tells them that Milverton discusses the reform of school buildings with Moriarty and she takes a private tuition from him for she is so nervous and hard to communicate with other pupils. Besides she says that he is not so severe as other pupils think. Holmes asks her to help him find a portrait drawn by Beppo. Though she accepts it but claims him to kiss her instead.

At that time Milverton goes back to the room and finds Holmes and Watson with Agatha there. Holmes asks him to return the portrait to Beppo but He refuses and says that it needs to distinguish right from wrong. Then they hear the voice of pupils outside the door and Milverton tells them to hide themselves behind the curtain but Holmes peeps Milverton hit by two pupils without resistance from the gap of the curtain. After they go out, Milverton tells Agatha to bring Grimesby Roylott who is in charge of life guidance to his room and then he takes a portrait out of the drawer. He appreciates it but tears it in the next moment for he never wants to change his image as severe teacher. As they leave the room, Lestrade chases them but they escape.

On the following day, Lestrade tells Holmes and Watson about the affair but Holmes refuses. It's the first time he admits his defeat. Then Mrs. Hudson comes in with breakfast for the one though it is for neither of them but for Agatha, who decides to dine in 221B for she likes Holmes and Watson and knows that they are not warned thanks to her with an air of condescension. Holmes feels irritated with her words and tries to throw a chair but Watson stops it saying "Restrain yourself, Holmes. You should not throw it ."

アガサ・ライト(メモリアルブック)/Agatha Wright from Memorial Book

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ハドソン夫人のチキンカレー/Mrs. Hudson's chicken curry


Mrs. Hudson's chicken curry and rice is provided in Mielparque Yokohama, a hotel near Yokohama Doll House where puppets are displayed and one of the spots of the stamp rally. Her curry reminds me of "The Naval Treaty".

ご本人の許可を得て転載/This tweet is reproduced by courtesy of the user.

メルパルク横浜公式サイトより/From the website of Mielparque Yokohama (in Japanese)

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イザドラ・クライン/Isadora Klein



Isadora Klein is a female pupil of Archer House and a fourth grader though she is eighteen years old. She is a juvenile gang leader in the school and followed by some male pupils. In "The Adventure of the Blue polar Bear", a stuffed "blue polar bear" made by her causes a trouble and involve some pupils in it. But why and for whom she made the bear?

She is loved by Headmaster Ormstein and receives many love letters from him but she hands them to Mycroft Holmes, chairman of pupil's council. It causes another trouble in the school and it develops into the resignation of Headmaster Ormstein.

イザドラ・クライン(メモリアルブックより)/Isadora Klein from Memorial Book

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