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『シャーロック・ホームズの冒険』OP/The Opening Theme of "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"


The opening theme of "Sherlock Holmes" featuring Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes. The 7th of October is a memorial day of mystery in Japan because Edgar Allan Poe, author of "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" , the first mystery in the world died on the day in 1849.


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Miss Sherlock Episode 2

Wato who becomes to live with Sherlock prepares their breakfast with the help of Kimiē Hatano, their house owner. However, Sherlock who plays the cello refuses it flatly and hands Wato a list of what she should or should not do in 221B. Wato is confused but Sherlock tells her she should go out not if she cannot accept it. Then Mariko Maibara, a friend of Kimiē visits Sherlock and tells her that a mustache was drawn on a picture called "Sachiko-zō" (a portrait of Sachiko) paited by Saneatsu Kishida that she lends to an art exhibition. Her deceased husband who collected antiques bought it 20 years ago to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.   

The man who drew a moustache on the picture is unconscious because he was hit by a truck while trying to escape from the pursuers. Sherlock thinks it's not him who plotted it because he had nothing that identifies him. It proves that he had no will of priding himself on what he did to the world. And Sherlock finds a number 53 on his hand and it is the same number that is given to the picture at the exhibition. Mariko visits the exhibition held at Gables Museum with Sherlock and Wato to make a complainant about the security. The picture is going to be restored and Sherlock and Wato learn that an art dealer called Eisuke Yanagisawa offered Maiko to buy it but was refused. At a Japanese style cafe, Sherlock talks about it while eating Wato's anmitsu (*) but doesn't eat what she ordered. Then Wato visits Mariko Irikawa to care for herself psychologically after returning from Syria and talks about the change in her living environment.

Sherlock (Yūko Takeuchi, left) puts her hand over the mouth of Tatsuya Shinoda (Tomoya Nakamura) who tries to complain his boss about following her instructions

After that the body of Eisuke was found under a building. Gentarō Reimon, Tatsuya Shibata and Sherlock inspect of the scene and the eyewitness says there was nobody when Eisuke jumped down. And there is a sleep inducing drug in Eisuke's office in the building. Sherlock declares that it's not a suicide but somebody killed it by making him put to sleep with the drug and puts his body on the top of the building. It is proved by a white paint on his back and Sherlock finds a piece that seems to have been dropped by a murderer there. And a book on Stradivariusis found on Eisuke's desk. Gentarō tells Tatsuya to follow Sherlock's instructions and he himself undergoes a clinical survey.

Around the museum, Tatsuya searches a pierced earring as per Sherlock's instructions. It is the one that a man who drew a mustache on the portrait of Sachiko put on and a custom-made one. The man is identified as Kijima who works as part-timer at a transport company of art articles. Then Sherlock and Wato meet Morioka, the president of  Takakura Resort who asked Eisuke to tell Mariko about buying the picture. But Morioka has an alibi when Eisuke was killed. He is also an art collector and shows them a picture of a dancing girl in the 18th century. After returning to 221B, Wato tells her roommate that it is really romantic that Saneatsu painted the portrait just before his death and he loved her so much. But Sherlock says she is too simple-minded and has no ambience of the presence of a male.

Sherlock finds some pieces of manila copal at the atelier of Michihiko Kuwabata (Kazuya Kojima, right)  

The piece Sherlock found on the top of the building is that of mania copal. And she finds some pieced of manila copal pieces in the atelier of Michihiko Kuwabata, a painter who restores the portrait of Sachiko and paints some pictures for money. He says he lost the chance of having personal exhibition and went to a convenience store to go shopping when Eisuke was killed. Sherlock talks with Wato that Kijima, Michihiko and Eisuke made a deal with each other behind the scenes while having dinner. At that moment, a tall gays man enters their room. He is a connoisseur called Mickey and says that the real job of  appropriationist is restoring arts. It reminds Wato of something.

On the following day, Wato visits the atelier of Michihiko and the portrait of Sachiko he restored is a fake. However, Mickey says it's a real thing. Michihiko is angry and packs it but Sherlock realises something. She and Wato visit Mariko and check the act of sale. Michihiko takes the picture to Morioka and asks him to support his activity because he was once betrayed by Eisuke. After a short while, Sherlock and Wato appear there and Sherlock points out what Takakura really wants is not the picture but its frame. It is made by Stradivarius and the one Takakura's picture was mounted before. But as time went by, the picture and the frame became separated.

  Sherlock tells Wato (Shihori Kanjiya, left) about her reasoning

Takakura happened to see the frame at the exhibition and made Kijima draw a mustache on the portrait of Sachiko to make it restore by Michihiko. Then he allows Michihiko hold a personal exhibition in exchange for obtaining the frame for his picture of a dancing girl. But Sherlock tells Michihiko that Takakura never supports him and says,
"I think you should have an eye for people".
At last the picture of Sachiko and the frame are returned to Mariko. When sherlock plays "Suite No. 1 in G major, BWV 1007" on the cello, kimiē tells her that Mariko decided to lend the picture for the exhibition again. This time it is not the stuff but Mariko herself who protects the picture from danger. Wato visits Mariko Ishikawa again and tells her about it.

(*) It is mitsumame topped with bean jam. Mitsumame is a kind of Japanese dessert that is an assortment of agar jelly, beans, mochi, dumplings and sliced fruits. It is usually eaten with black syrup.

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The Cast of "Miss Sherlock"

Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes)
(The six images are from the official website of Hulu Japan)

Yūko Takeuchi as Sherlock

A detective who lives in 221B who consults her clients and solves a criminal case. Though being brilliant and active, she is rather eccentric and occasionally behaves rudely. And she hardly opens her mind to everyone. Her real name is Sara Shelly Futaba and was born in Britain. She loves chocolate so much.

Wato Tachibana (Dr. John H. Watson)

Shihori Kanjiya as Wato Tachibana

A surgeon who joined the team of doctors to Syria but returns Japan because of bombing. Then she thinks she couldn't do anything in Syria and decides to resign as a doctor. She becomes to live together with Sherlock by accident. She has a strong sense of justice and always show her feelings so Sherlock tells her that she is too simple. She is often called "Wato-san" by Kimiē.

Kimiē Hatano (Mrs. Hudson)

Ran Itō(*) as Kimiē Hatano

An elderly woman who owns 221B. She is a widow and her husband worked at a trading company. As she was saved by the parents of Sherlock before, she always support her and knows what she has experienced. 

Kento Futaba (Mycroft Holmes)

Yukiyoshi Ozawa as Kento Futaba

A member of Analysing Intelligence Team of the Cabinet. According to Sherlock, he is a real genius and has strong connections in the political and business world. He always says "I have only twenty minutes" and worries about his sister who closes her mind to everyone.

Gentarō Reimon (Inspector Lestrade)

Kenichi Takitō as Gentarō Reimon

A police inspector of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He is shrewd but cunning and uses Sherlock's reasoning to promote himself. He is stylish and instructs Tatsuya Shibata who works under him well. He also has a plenty of knowledge about IT tools.

Tatsuya Shinoda 

Tomoya Nakamura as Tatsuya Shibata

An original character. He is a police sergeant and works under Gentarō Reimon. He is a serious man and dislikes that Sherlock intrude on their investigation but works diligently as right-hand man of his boss.  

The series is produced by Hulu Japan and HBO Asia.

There is a Japanese novel that is based on the series of Sherlock Holmes in which female characters appear. The characters are Shirley Holmes, Joan Watson and Gloria Lestrade.

(*) Itō is a wife of Yutaka Mizutani, an actor who plays the role of Ukyō Sugishita in "Aibou"(Aibō, Tokyo Detective Duo) .
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Miss Sherlock Episode 1

Dr. Wato Tachibana reads the letters from Takayuki Mizuno, her former teacher when she was a medical student. She meets him at the airport but he falls down on the floor with the sound of an explosion. He dies and his internal organs are destroyed. After that Wato and Akiko, wife of Takayuki arrives at a police station but Takayuki's body is being examined by a woman who is called "Sherlock". She says that Takayuki was killed by a capsuled fluid bomb operated by remote control. 

Sherlock then points out that Wato returned from Syria where she volunteered as a member of the team of doctors. She gathers it from the sutures tied up to her suitcase and her watch that tells the local time of Syria. She then smells her and says it is that of the firepower of RDX and aluminium that caused the explosion. Wato is given a name card of Gentarō Reimon who is a police inspector of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. That night she sees it in a room of a hotel but she is unaware of the plug socket is about to be off. 

Sherlock (Yūko Takeuchi) examined the dead body of Takayuki Mizuno

After that a young man called Ryūichi Kurimoto is killed by the same method. At the same time, Wato visits Sherlock in a house 221B owned by Kimiē Hatano. She is so surprised with Sherlock who lives there behaves in a very strange fashion. Kimiē tells her that she has a real name but those who are close to her began calling her so after a certain time. Sherlock hears from Gentarō and goes to the murder scene of Ryūichi with Wato. It seems that Ryuichi visited a dance club that is called "Drug Box" and he received a drug that is a bomb in fact by a juggler called Kūya Kirisaki.

Wato visits Akiko Mizuno. She puts a hand on her stomach and tells her that her late husband Takayuki used to say that Wato would become a good doctor because she cannot leave the weak alone. However she feels she cannot do anything and decides to resign as a doctor. Then they go out and Wato sees Akiko who is childless treats a little girl as if she were her real daughter. At that time Wato receives an email from Sherlock and meets her and her brother Kento Futaba who is a member of Intelligence Analysis Team of the Cabinet . There is a point in common between Sherlock and Kento. 

Sherlock smells Dr. Wato Tachibana (Shihori Kanjiya) and says it's that of the firepower of aluminium and RDX

They visit a company that raises funds by crowdfunding and gives samples to those who invested a large amount of money. But the sample was changed by someone into a bomb that is called "Devil's Foot". Both Sherlock and Wato find the name of Kūya in the list of the investors. And they are informed that a woman who lives with Kūya reported that he went out of their room in the state of dementia after swallowing "Devil's Foot".

Kūya gets a gun hidden for him on the way to the rehabilitation facilities for drug addicts. He enters the facilities and shoots Yosuke Makishima in the leg. Yōsuke is also a drug addict. At that time Sherlock, Wato, Gentarō and policemen arrive there and bear back the people there shouting that Kūya swallows a bomb. 

Kūya saw a net news that a little girl was killed by a drug addict 10 years ago before going out. The staff of the facilities received a letter that says the emotional care of drug addicts is nothing but a pity party. Shelock sees a stamp on the envelope and asks Gentarō to examine the name of the girl who was killed 10 years ago. And Wato tells her though Akiko is childless, she treats a little girl as if she were her real daughter.

Wato (far left) is introduced to Kento Futaba (Yukiyoshi Ozawa) by Sherlock

Sherlock visits Akiko with Wato and tells her that it's her who killed her husband. Akiko who was a single mother and lived with her daughter but she was killed by Yōsuke who became intoxicated. He escaped immediately and it made her move to Tokyo and then she married Takayuki. Akiko invested in the company in the name of Kūya Kirisaki and changes the sample into "Devil's Foot". However her husband suspected that she is up to no good and pressed her to tell him the details. Then she killed her husband, Ryuichi and made Kūya attack Yōsuke. 

The stamp on the envelope is one of a sheet of commemorative stamps released two years ago. She used one of them to send her letter to the facilities and others were used to send letters to Wato in Syria by Takayuki. The fingerprints on the stamp has already identified her. She tells Sherlock that noxious insects should be exterminated by someone but Sherlock declares it's not her duty. Akiko puts her hand on her stomach but she touches her pendant under her clothes in reality. It's a kind of mourning jewelry and her dead daughter's hair is in it. Akiko approaches the table and takes her smartphone to kill herself by exploding "Devil's Foot" in her body.

Sherlock runs up to her immediately and asks her to say who planned such a thing. She realises that someone pulls the wires behind the scene. Gentarō and Kento come there and Wato is asked what she plans to do from now on. She says she will think about it when she returns the hotel but they learn that Hotel New Kamata in Ōta-ku is burnt down. It's the hotel Wato stays at. Because of this, Wato becomes to live with Sherlock but she says to her new roommate that she will surely make her regret sharing a room with her.

The images are from the official website of "Miss Sherlock" of Hulu Japan.

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ホームズの誕生日/Happy Birthday, Sherlock Holmes



The 6th of January is Epiphany and it is said to be the birthday of Sherlock Holmes also. Then I upload the image of him and Dr. Watson drawn by Sidney Paget. Happy Birthday, Mr. Holmes!
(The image is from Wikimedia Commons)

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My Impressions on "Miss Sherlock"

I give my impressions on "Miss Sherlock" as I watched all of the episodes. In it, the affair in the first episode based on "A Study in Scarlet" is solved in the final episode based on "The Final Problem". Unlike the other adaptions of "Sherlock Holmes", incidents don't occur in the darkness of London but in current Tokyo.

The series seems to be the mixture of Japanese detective dramas and the eccentricity of Sherlock Holmes. Besides some characters and the development of the story remind me of those in "Aibou (aibō)" (*), a popular detective drama series in Japan.  

Wato Tachibana who is based on John Hamish Watson returns from Syria where she visited as volunteer doctor and encounters a murder at Tokyo International airport. After that she becomes to live with Miss Sherlock because of the fire of the hotel she stays. Personally, I think it's too good to be true.

Anyway Wato helps Sherlock to crack a criminal case while being confused by her strange behaviours. Then she resigns as doctor and works as temporary staff of a library and waitress of a Japanese restaurant but what she does after that is not described. As some people around her are suspicious, she is not a storyteller like Watson in the original works but can be called a kind of victim.

Both Sherlock and Wato are in danger in the final episode and Sherlock reveals a string puller at last. Besides Sherlock declares that Wato is her friend though she has insisted that she is not her friend many times. She changes indeed and her words reminds me of those of Holmes in "Sherlock Holmes", a puppetry written by Kōki Mitani. In it, he finally admits that he is a child (**) though he once told Watson that he was not a child any more.

I hope you will enjoy it if you get the opportunity and I'll leave the last scene to your imagination.


(*) Ran Itō, who acts Kimié Hatano based on Mrs.Hudson is a wife of Yutaka Mizutani who plays the role of Ukyō Sugishita in "Aibou".
(**) Holmes is a 15-year-old boy in the puppetry.

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ミス・シャーロック/Miss Sherlock

久々に、このブログのタイトルに沿った記事を投稿します。現在Huluで放送されている『ミス・シャーロック/Miss Sherlock』のご紹介です。パペットホームズに次ぐ、日本製のホームズのパスティーシュです。


(Hulu ミス・シャーロック)


Miss Sherlock
ミス・シャーロック(竹内結子、向かって左)と橘和都(貫地谷しほり)/Yūko Takeuchi as Miss Sherlock (left) and Shiori Kanjiya as Wato Tachibana
(HBO Asia official website)

This is the entry that relates to this blog's title. I introduce a TV series "Miss Sherlock" that describes the investigation and personal lives of Sherry Sara Futaba (Miss Sherlock), an investigative consultant and Wato Tachibana, a doctor who visited Syria as a member of Medecins Sans Frontiers and returns to Japan. For details, please see the page of HBO Asia below because the series is produced by Hulu and HBO Asia. I am considering whether I should subscribe Hulu or not.

(HBO Asia Miss Sherlock)

Another pastiche of "Sherlock Holmes" made in Japan, a puppetry "Sherlock Holmes" (sorry, they need to be revised) was written by Kōki Mitani was broadcast in Japan from 2014 to 2015. The series is set in a boarding school of the Victorian era and this blog's title is after one of the houses of the school. And a light novel that describes Holmes, Watson and Lestrade as British women was published a few years ago. The names of the main characters are Shirley Holmes, Joe Watson and Gloria Lestrade.

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古畑中学生 3/Furuhata Chugakusei 3







A memory of Ninzaburo Furuhata, inspector of Tokyo Metropolitan Police

A strange pupil called Ninzaburo Furuhata transfers to a junior high school in a village of Yamanashi and he becomes to make friends with Otokichi Mukojima. As he solves some troubles in the school, he is recommended to open a detective office in a tumbledowan house. At first, he doesn't expect any request but three people as Gamagori who is a headman's assistant of the vilage, Manabe who is a classmate of Furuhata, a priest (osho) of a Buddhist Temple.request him to solve their troubles. And Nonoyma who teaches science at his junir high school to whom Furuhata opens his mind proposes him an idea of treasury hunting though the teasury is not found.

Furuhata and Mukojima steal into the school when Manabe requests them to search his trumpet left in the school at nighttime. After finding it, Furuhata and Mukojima make a noise on purpose outside the room of deputy headmaster and are scolded by Deputy Headmaster Moriwaki. After that he asks Furuhata what is right and wrong and tells him that he should not label those who is against him as bad people.

After a while, Furuhata finds that he and Mukojima are obliged to be away from their office alomost every day. Besides it, the height of the soil piled up near fields increases day by day. And Asuka, granddaughter of osho is chased by a man on her way from one of osho's parishioners. Furuhata and Mukojima chases him and find the smudges on the cuffs of his jacket and shirt. They are similar to those of Gamagori who stained his clothes when he visited their office whose remodeling was just finished.

That night Furuhata falls in a holre in his office. Then Nonoyama who hears the sound enters but he and Gamagori, and osho arranged meeting there beforehead to murder the boys in reality. It's them who stole the treasury and plan to hide in the hole that is digged by themselves and that's why the soil near field increases. But many patrol cars arrive there and Moriwaki who knows everything approaches the house. Before being taken to the police, Nonoyama appreciates Furuhata's ability of decryption but Moriwaki says that it's him who decrypted it first but he dared to leave it untouched. He tells him not to look only at the surface but read a person's mind.

Asuka is adpted by another relartive because of the arrest of osho. And Furuhata himself also leaves the village due to a trouble of his mother who works in a nightclub. Before leaving the house, he gives "The Hound of the Baskervilles" read by him many times to Mukojima.

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