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Seiten o Tsuke 5

Afer the death of O-Chiyo, Eiichi devotes himself to his business but he misses her. Then he remarries Kaneko but Tokuji, eldest son of Eiichi doesn't take to her easily. Eiichi asks Kaneko not to spoil him. However, Tokuji's behaviour becomes bad so Eiichi decides that he should transfer the headship of the family not to him but his grandson Keizō.

At that time, the Empire of Japan was established as a modern state. And TOKUGAWA Yoshinobu returns to Tokyo after living in seclusion in Shizuoka. Yoshinobu also misses his wife Mikako who dies of breast cancer. 

TOKUGAWA Yoshinobu (Tsuyoshi Kusanagi) in his later years

Eiichi promotes diplomacy and meets Theodore Roosevelt in New York. After that Russo-Japanese War breaks off and he tries to purchase wartime bonds despite getting influenza and is forced to stay in bed. After the war, Eiichi retires from his work and starts visiting other countries. 

While his diplomatic efforts including making the US society accept Japanese-Americans bears fruit, he loses many of his comrades and his former lord Yoshinobu. In 1922, a big earthquake hit Kantō region. Eiichi tries to build a first-aid station for victims and Japanese government is given solatium and relief supplies from the US. But the Immigration Act of 1924 is passed in the country later.

Then Eiichi plans to save the Chinese people who suffer from flooding but it was prevented by the Manchurian Incident. In 1931, he passed away and his will is followed by Keizō. One day Keizō visits Chiaraijima, hometown of Eiichi and finds young Eiichi engages in farm work.

Eiichi (Ryō Yoshizawa, centre) gives a lecture in the US


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Seiten o Tsuke 4

Tokudayū names himself Eiichi again and works as bureaucrat. However he realises the limitations of working for the govdrnment and then becomes a businessman and tries to establish capitalism in Japan. But a man from Tosa domain  (present Kōchi prefecture) bars his way, His name is IWASAKI Yatarō, eatablisher of the Mitsubishi combine. There is a conflict between them. 

Ulysses Grant  (Frederic Benoliel) and his family enjoy Japanese country dishes

Ulysses Grant, former president of the US visits Japan and Eiichi invites him to his home. O-Chiyo, wife of Eiichi treats him and his wife to country dishes and shows them sumo matches. Grant tells Eiichi that he hopes that Japan will keep herself independent in severe global conditions.

O-Chiyo (Ai Hashimoto) dies of cholera

The Mitsubishi combine is still the only winner in Japanese business community while Eiichi appeals to relieve the poor. He and O-Chiyo put the focus on welfare. Around the same time, Ōkuma Shigenobu resigns from his public post due to the hostility to those from Satsuma (Kagoshima) and Chōshū (Yamaguchi) but he plans to eatablish a ruling party with the support of Iwasaki. And Eiichi’s daughter Utako marry HOZUMI Nobushige, a jurist but soon after O-Chiyo dies of Cholera.   

The images are from the official website of "Seiten o Tsuke".
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Seiten o Tsuke 3

In Paris, TOKUGAWA Akitake and his attendants includes Tokudayū celebrate the New Year (1868). But they learn that TOKUGAWA Yoshinobu, the 15th shogun and elder brother of Akitake enacted Restoration of Imperial Rule. It confuses them but Tokudayū tries to reduce costs during their stay for Akitake who is going to study in France. About that time, he is brought to a stock exchange by a frenchman called Herrard and learns about bond.


Akitake (Rihito Itagaki, left) and Tokudayū (Ryō Yoshizawa) in Paris

Tokudayū decides to return to Japan with many of the attendants of Akitake. Before departing for Japan, he cuts off his topknot. In Japan, a civil war breaks out and his cousins Seiichirō and Heikurō fight against the New Government Army.


Tokudayū (right) meets his father Ichirōemon (Kaoru Kobayashi) and tells him that he will visit Sunpu to meet his former lord Yoshinobu

Tokudayū visits his hometown Chiaraijima and meets his parents Ichirōemon and Ei, his wife O-chiyo and daughter Uta. And then he visits Sunpu domain (present Shizuoka) and meets Yoshinobu who is ordered to confine himself in Sunpu. Then Tokudayū improves the domain's finaicial conditions utilizing the knowledge he acquired in Paris. However, the civil war has not finished yet and Seiichirō has gone to Hakodate to establish a new state in Hokkaidō.


Tokudayū (centre) in Sunpu tries to reform Sunpu domain with the vassals of Yoshinobu and plans to establish a company by gathering money from merchants

The images are from the official website of "Seiten o Tsuke".

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Seiten o Tsuke 2

Eiichi and his cousins Kisaku and Chōshichirō join a radical jōi (expulsion of the foreigners) group and  try to murder some officials of the government who are considered to fawn on the Great Powers. At that time a boy was born between him and his wife O-Chiyo but he dies of the measles. And then he comes across HIRAOKA Enshirō who is a close advisor of HITOTSUBASHI Yoshinobu.

Eiichi (Ryo Yoshizawa, left) and Kisaku (Kengo Kōra) depart for Kyoto

Eiichi and Kisaku decide to become to become samurais though Chōshichirō is imprisoned. The two men who receive pecuniary aid from Ichirōemon, father of eiichi and depart for Kyoto where Yoshinobu takes office. As there is an epidemic of terrorism in Kyoto, Shinsengumi, a kind of security force patrol here and there. Eiichi, who renames his name into Tokudayū becomes to know HIJIKATA Toshizō, vice commander of shinsengumi. Kisaku also renames his name into Seiichirō.

Tokudayū meets Yoshinobu

Tokudayū distinguishs himself and he and Seiichirō are orderd to gather superior personnel in Kanto region for Yoshinobu. However Enshirō is killed by a rōnin from Mito domain while they're away. Yoshinobu, who is one of the sons of TOKUGAWA Nariaki, former lord of Mito is overwhelmed by grief. Tokudayū also feels sorrow at it but later he copes with important work and applies for accompanying TOKUGAWA Akitake, younger brother of Yoshinobu who plans to visit Paris to study.

Attendants of Akitake includes Tokudayū (centre) are surprised with Western civilisation

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Seiten o Tsuke 1

In the middle of the 19th century, SHIBUSAWA Eiichi was born in Chiaraijima, Musashi (present Saitama Prefecture). He is the eldest son of Ichirobei, a wealthy farmer who grows indigo plants and his wife Ei. He is educated by ODAKA Junchū, one of his cousins. He also learns swordsmanship but Kisaku, another cousin of him is superior to him in using wooden sword. But Eiichi has a talent  for business that is cultivated while he helps his father with working in the fields and peddling.


Eiichi (Ryō Yoshizawa)

At that time, Western countries approached Japan and asked the Government to trade with them. On this occasion, Eiichi and Kisaku who learn Mitogaku and are inspired by so-called "Sonnō-jōi" theory. They and Chōshichirō, one of the brothers of Junchū have relationships with like-minded people. Especially Chōshichirō is eager to join such people to give a hard blow to the Governmen and goes to Edo to study.


Eiichi (left) and his father Ichirobei (Kaoru Kobayashi)

Eiichi also thiinks that the Governement should change itself because he has doubts with the system of the Tokugawa shogunate. Though his father is wealthy, his social position is farmer and it is thought to be much lower than that of samurai. 

The images are from the official website of "Seiten o Tsuke".

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"Seiten o Tsuke" is being shot now

"Seiten o Tsuke", a Taiga Drama series that is going to be broadcast from next February is being shot now. In the movie on the page below, SHIBUSAWA Eiichi and his cousin Kisaku meets HITOTSUBASHI Yoshinobu, later TOKUGAWA Toshinobu and his vassal HIRAOKA Enshirō.

(NHK ONLINE, in Japanese)

And the cast "Kamakura-dono no Jusan-nin", the series that is scheduled to be broadcast in 2022 was announced also. I'll write about it some other day.

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I'll Stop Posting the Entries on "Kirin ga Kuru" and the Characters of the Series 11

This may be the last entry on "Kirin ga Kuru" in 2020. The broadcast of the series will be restarted on the 30th of August but I decided that I wouldn't watch it any more, however, I will keep on recording the series. But I'm not sure whether I will watch the videos or not. Like "Idaten", the series is disappointing for me also.

Ironically, thanks to the decision, I become to be interested in "Seiten o Tsuke", the series that will be broadcast in 2021 though I didn't expect it at first. Needless to say, I cannot tell the series attracts me or not unless I watch it in actuality - it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive. But now I expect the next year's series.

And the below are the cast of  "Kirin ga Kuru" that I haven't introduced yet.

KINOSHITA Tōkichirō or HASHIBA Hideyoshi (Kuranosuke Sasaki)

A son of a farmer of Owari. At first he plans to serve IMAGAWA Yoshimoto but then ODA Nobunaga. He beat Mitsuhide at the Battle of Yamazaki after the Honnoji Incident.


SAKUMA Nobumori (Nobuaki Kaneko*)

One of the vassals of Nobunaga


SHIBATA Katsuie (Masanobu Andō)

One of the vassals of Nobunaga


MŌRI Shinsuke (Tsubasa Imai)

One of the vassals of Nobunaga and beheads IMAGAWA Yoshimoto at the Battle of Okehazama.


Hōjin (Bengal)

A fictional figure. He is the man who tells Koma how to make a pill.


Genshin-ni (Kyoko Maya)

A grandmother of MATSUDAIRA Motoyasu (TOKUGAWA Ieyasu) and mother of O-Dai.


YAMAZAKI Yoshiie (Takaaki Enoki**)

One of the vassals of ASAKURA Yoshikage and kajin (waka poet).


(*) Kaneko appears in "Gunshi Kanbei" and acts KUSHIHASHI Sakyonosuke (Masakore), brother of Kanbei's wife Teru.
(**) Enoki appears in some Taiga Drama series and in "Taiheiki", he acts HINO Toshimoto, an aristocrat. The series is written by Shunsaku Ikehata who writes "Kirin ga Kuru"also but and I like it much better than this year's one.

The images are from the official website of "Kirin ga Kuru".

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Seiten o Tsuke

The first cast of "Seiten o Tsukē", the Taiga Drama series that will be broadcast in 2021 was announced. It seems to be delayed because of the spread of COVID-19. The below is the cast  (in Japanese) on the official website of NHK.


Ryō Yoshizawa who features "Seiten o Tsuke" from NHK ONLINE

Ryō Yoshizawa plays the main character SHIBUSAWA Eiichi and his father Ichirōemon will be acted by Kaoru Kobayashi who plays the role of Nankei in "Onna Joshu Naotora". And Emi Wakui who appeares on some series as "Komyō ga Tsuji" and "Taira no Kiyomori" will act Ei, mother of Eiichi. 

On the other hand, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi who was formerly a member of SMAP and narrates "Bura Tamori" will act TOKUGAWA Yoshinobu. Kusanagi was cast as ENOMOTO Takeaki in "Shinsengumi!" in 2004 and it was his first appearance in Taiga Drama series.

However, I look forward to "Kamakura dono no 13 nin" that is to be broadcast in 2022 and read a book on its main character Hōjō Yoshitoki.
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