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Sego-don Review 9 Kichinosuke and Aikana

I'm sorry for not having posted an entry about Sego-don for a few months. Though Gesshō dies, Kichinocuke survives and is sent into exile to Amami Oshima and changes his name into KIKUCHI Gengo. The purpose of his exile is evading the search of the shogunate so he is not a criminal and receives his stipend in rice in the island. There he meets a girl called Tuma but he keeps closing his mind in the environment that he cannot get used to. And he blames the tattoos on the back of Tuma's hand and tells her that SHIMAZU Nariakira was a good lord. But she opposes him and tells him that it's Nariakira who squeezed the island's people to develop the domain's system so they celebrated his death. 

Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki,left) meets a girl called Tuma (Fumi Nikaidō)

In addition to it, Kichinosuke receives a letter from ŌKUBO Shōsuke that HASHIMOTO Sanai was executed. Kichinosuke sheds tears of indignation and runs into a storm. On the following day, Tuma finds Kichinosuke has a high fever and falls down senseless on the ground. She, her relatives and Yuta, a shrine maiden of the island try to save him and then he recovers his health. After that Kichinosuke blends in with the local people.But TANAKA Yūnosuke, a magistrate of Satsuma domain prompts to trap RYŪ Samin, uncle of Tuma who is in charge of Kichinosuke and his nephew (brother of Tuma) Tomiken. TANAKA then tries to rape Tuma who visits him to make a direct appeal but Kichinosuke saves her.

The wedding ceremony of Kichinosuke and Tuma

Kichinosuke marries Tuma and names her Aikana following the tradition of the island. They have a son called Kikujirō. Then Kichinosuke asks Ōkubo Shōsuke to bring him steel wheels to make the people make sugar easier and he visits Amami Oshima with the wheels at last. But there is another reason why he who changes his name into Ichizō visits his friend. He approaches SHIMAZU Hisamitsu, father of the present lord Mochihisa and gains his confidence despite the criticism from his old friends who are against Hisamitsu. Satsuma domain now has Western style armaments and Kichinosuke is needed to return to Satsuma again. Tuma hopes to go to Satsuma with him but is stopped by Samin who knows that he will return to Satsuma someday. Kichinosuke leaves her a house and fields and departs for Satsuma after all. While Kichinosuke spent time in Amami Oshima, the times changed and both Shimazu Narioki, father of Nariakira who treated his son coldly and II Naosuke who led the Anse Purge passed away. 

Kichinosuke returns to Satsuma and the people of Amami Oshima give him a good send-off


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Sego-don Review 7 The Situation Turns Worse

Though SHIMAZU Nariakira, Atsu hime and SAIGO Kichinosuke plan to make HITOTSUBASHI Yoshinobu become next shogun, but Narioki, father of Nariakira tries to stop it. Many radical samurais of Satsuma domain become angry with Narioki and his concubine O-Yura. ŌKUBO Shosuke calms them down and approaches O-Yura's son Hisamitsu who emphasises the threat of the Western powers. But it causes the radical party's offence at Shosuke. 

Nariakira (Ken Watanabe, right) drinks a toast with Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki) to celebrate the marriage of Atsu hime

Then Atsu hime marries YOKUGAWA Yoshisada. After her departure, Nariakira drinks a toast with Kichinocuke to celebrate her marriage using Satsuma kiriko (faceted glass). Nariakira has a dream of developing his new industry in Satsuma more. On their way to Satsuma, Kichinosuke meets Gesshō, a Buddhist monk who supports royalism for the first time. He influences Kichinosuke's life later. 

Kichinosuke returns to Satsuma and learns the marriage of Shōsuke and is invited to his wedding reception. However, he is told to attend the castle and Nariakira tells him the death of ABE Masahiro, a rōjū who agree with Nariakira's idea of making Yoshinobu assume the position of shogun. It disappoints him. After that Kichinosuke visits Shōsuke and tells him that he asked Nariakira to let him go out of the domain to study. But it irritates him because Kichinosuke appears to assume a superior air for him. Shōsuke has no will of going out of his domain but when he hears that Kichinosuke departed for Edo, he sets on a trip. Kichinosuke finds him on his way at last and runs up to him. Then he says, 
"I forgot to bring you, Shosuke"
The scene appears in the final episode also. 

Kichinosuke finds Shōsuke (Eita, right) on his way to Edo

Atsu hime asks her husband Iesada to support Yoshinobu and make him become next shogun but II Naosuke, lord of Hikone domain asks Honju-in, mother of Iesada to support TOKUGAWA Yoshitomo of Kishu domain. And Yoshinobu still hesitates to assume the position but one night Kichinosuke kills a man for the first time to save him. Kichinosuke is also told by Naosuke to tell him the internal conditions of Satsuma domain but he refuses it. He who intends to support Yoshinobu tells him that he is one of the few men who has the right of succeeding Iedsada who is childless. Then Yoshinobu decides to be so and visit Naosuke to remonstrate him.  

But he should be confine himself in his house because of the Ansei Purge by Naosuke. And HASHIMOTO Sanai, one of the comrades of Kichinosuke is executed and Nariakira dies of illness. Kichinosuke is deeply disappointed and making the matter worse, it is decided Gessho whom he brings to Satsuma with difficulty is going to be executed also. He and Kichinosuke then drown themselves to the sea. 

Gesshō (ONOE Kikunosuke, left) and Kichinosuke decide to drown themselves to the sea

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Sego-don Review 5 John Manjirō and Two Marriages

Ito tries to kick up one of her geta (a kind of Japanese footwear) into the air to decide whether she should marry Shigekatsu or not (*). But it hits the head of Kichinosuke in Kōtsuki River. Kichinosuke gives his zori to her who loses one of her geta but it's too big. At last he carries her on his back and visits the Ōkubo family to give the eels he caught. And he makes a pair of zori for Ito. She still hesitates to marry EBIHARA Shigekatsu and Ōkubo Shōsuke loves her secretly. But he learns she loves Kichinosuke later.   

Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki, left) participates in the sumo tournament

At that time, MURATA Shinpachi participates the sumo tournament held at Iso Goten in the presence of SHIMAZU Nariakira. But he is replaced by Kichinosuke because he has stomach trouble. Though Kichinosuke is not registered as a wrestler for the tournament, Nariakira permits it. O-Ichi (later Atsu hime) who is an adopted daughter of Nariakira cheers him up. Kichinosuke has a winning streak and meets Shigekatsu who injures his ankle but Kichinosuke beats him using a direct and fair attack.

Then Nariakira gets up from his seat and wrestle with him. Kichinosuke then beats him so he is imprisoned and sees a strange man and another man tries to kill him. He then saves the strange man and escape from the prison with him. To tell the truth, it's Nariakira who planned his imprisonment and escape with the strange man. Just as planned, Kichinosuke brings the strange man who wears Wertern clothes and speaks English. He is called John Manjirō (*) who was a fisherman and was rescued by an American ship in his teenage days. 

In the prison, Kichinosuke (left) finds a strange man who is called John Manjirō (Gekidan Hitori)

He is from Tosa (Kōⅽhi) and was brought to the US and spent his days there. However he returned to Japan secretly to meet his mother. Manjirō who becomes to open his mind to the Saigō family and Shōsuke tells that in the US man and woman can marry the one whom he or she loves without the arrangement by his or her parents. It suprises Kichinosuke and Shōsuke. Shōsuke tells Kichinosuke to ask Ito not to marry Shigekatsu. But Kichinosuke is ignorant of the feeling of Ito. And he is told by his father Kichibei to marry Ijūin Suga.

Ito (Haru Kuroki, left) tells Kichinosuke that she has had a feeling of liking for him since her childhood

Though Ito loves Kichinosuke secretly, she marries Shigekatsu and Kichinosuke marries Suga in spite of the effort of Shōsuke. At that time, not only in Satsuma but in Japan also, marrying the one whom a man or a woman loves was not common unlike in the US. Ito tells Kichinosuke that she has had a feeling of liking for him since her childhood. Needless to say, the scenes may be fictional and other plans are progressing behind the scenes. 

I'll write about the plans next time.

(*) A kind of divination or child's play. 
(**) After having returned to Tosa (Kōchi), he called himself NAKAHAMA Manjirō and served the shogunate.

The images are from the official website of "Segodon".

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Sego-don Review 4 Nariakira Becomes a New Lord

Kichinosuke sends SHIMAZU Nariakira the clothes that AKAYAMA Yukie wore in his last moments. Nariakira sees the bloodstained clothes and then decides to make his father Narioki resign his post. Narioki who later grants an audience with TOKUGAWA Ieyoshi, the 12th shogun and is given a famous tin that stores tea leaves. It means that he should resign and enjoy the life after resignation. 
Shimazu Nariakira (Ken Watanabe, right) hands a gun to his father Narioki (Takeshi Kaga)

Then Nariakira visits him and hands a gun to him. In the gun, only one bullet id loaded. Nariakira pulls the trigger first but there is nothing. Narioki receives it from his son but he cannot hold it because of fear. He gives up this "Russian roulette" and Nariakira becomes a new lord of Satsuma domain. It makes Kichinosuke and his friends included OKUBO Shosuke happy. 

Nariakira returns to his domain. His guards try to stop many children from running after his horse but he stops it saying,
"Children are the treasure of the country".
However, Shōsuke has not been permitted to work at Tsurumaru castle yet. And Nariakira still gives the vassals who served Narioki directy important positions. ARIMURA Shunsai is angry with it but Nariakira believes it's the way how a lord should be. 

One day, it is announced that a sumo tournament  will be held in the presence of Nariakira. Kichinosuke then attempts to win it and ask Nariakira to pardon those who are still exiled or confined to their houses O-Yura Sōdō, a dispute over supporting Nariakira. Needlass to say, ten bales (straw bags) of rice given to the winner also attracts him as his family is poor and do side job to make living.

Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki, right) tries to ask Nariakira at the tournament to make Jiemon, father of Ōkubo Shōsuke (Eita, left) who is exiled return to Satsuma

IWAYAMA Ito has a friendly feeling towards Kichinosuke but she is told to marry EBIHARA Shigekatsu by her father. He has no opinion of his daughter visits the house of Shōsuke and talks with Kichinosuke. She hesitates to judge whether she should marry him or refuge it.

Kichinosuke is strongly attracted by his new lord. But things don't go the way he wants because Nariakira has an opinion of his own. Anyway, he decides to participate the tournament and there he meets a lady who cheers for him. 

The images are from the official website of "Segodon".

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Sego-don Review 3 Fuki and Hanjirō

Kokichi who grows up changes his name into Kichinosuke and becomes an assistant of a secretary who is in charge of agricultural administration. He tries to save a girl called Fuki who is forced to sell herself into prostitution to clear off her father's debt. Kichinosuke pays the debt with his stipend and the bribe his boss received. But his father Kichibei scolds him because the family is also have financial difficulties. 

Kichinosuke asks ZUSHO Hirosato who holds the strings of the domain purse. But he is not keen on such a problem. Kichinosuke who cannot pass the injustice by the officials of the domain. So he attempts to collect tax using kemitori, a kind of the methods of collecting tax to reduce the burden of the farmers.

Kichinosuke (Ryōhei Suzuki) gives his lunch to Fuki (Rinka Kakihara) and her younger brother both of whom are hungry

However, Kichinosuke finds an unregistered rice field in the forest. The farmers cultivate it and sell rice to support themselves. Kichinosuke who is eager to save the poor feels like he is completely tricked. At last Fuki is sold by the duns and tells Kichinosuke who visits her that she is glad to see a true samurai but he blames himself that he cannot save even a girl and calls him yassenbo (useless fellow). 

After that, he and Kichibei borrow money of living from a village headman. On the way to home, he sees a boy who takes some sweet potatoes away and fights against the men who chase him with a stick. His swordsmanship is like that of an adult. Later Kichinosuke and Kumakichi bring some straw bags of rice bought with the money to Ishi, relative of Kumakichi. 

A boy called NAKAMURA Hanjirō (Rukito Nakamura) fights against the men who chase him

On the next morning, Kichinosuke finds the boy called NAKAMURA Hanjirō and his family leave the domain secretly but it is prohibited. He persuades them and make them return home. He asks AKAYAMA Yukiē to make them recover their fields formerly possessed by the dead father of Hanjirō. That's why he took potatoes away from the field though the men who chased him said that he stole them. 

Kichinosuke is still young and immature. Though he and his friend ŌKUBO Shōsuke hope that SHIMAZU Nariakira will become their lord, there are still challenges to realise it. Hirosato kills himself to cover up the wrongdoing committed by SHIMAZU Narioki, lord of Satuma domain. 

Besides Narioki orders to arrest those who are involved in O-Yura Sōdō, a disturbance caused by a suspicion that O-Yura, concubine pf Narioki killed the children of Nariakira through curses.  Because of this, Yukiē is ordered to commit hara-kiri and Ōkubo Jiemon, father of Shōsuke is exiled. The state of the domain is unstable. 
The images are from the official website of "Segodon".

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Sego-don Review 2 Kokichi and Nariakira

Though Kichinosuke decides to protect those who are smaller or weaker than him, he is slashed by ODA Eisaku of Hirano Gochū. It's the revenge for his Gochū's win in Myōenji Mairi and he is wounded in the right shoulder. Later Eisaku visits the Saigō family with his father and he tells his son to commit hara-kiri because slashing people in Gochu is prohibited. And Eisaku slashes a boy whose status is lower than his. But Kichibei, father of Kokichi makes an abject apology to the father and son and tells them it takes two to make a quarrel. Kokichi is vexed when he sees Eisaku smiles with an air of triumph.

Kokichi (Ao Watanabe) holds a stick and tries to fight against Eisaku but is wounded in the right shoulder

Kokichi cannot handle sword any more. It disappoints him that he has no chance of serving the lord directly to protect him by his swordsmanship. Though he decided to support the weak, the wound handicaps him now. One day he climbs up the hill and sees SHIMAZU Nariakira enjoys hunting with Hisamitsu. Then Kokichi appears in front of Nariakira. He is surprised with him and says it's so dangerous.

Kokichi who is disappointed with the wound tells him that he doesn't want to live any longer and wants to know what "Cangoxina" means before his death. Nariakira tells him that the period of the samurais with the swords will end soon and a real samurai is the man who listens to what the weak say and works for the people. He then says if he should become  stronger in the future, he will meet him again and leaves there. Needless to say, there is no record that Narikira was in Satsuma at that time as he was in Edo in reality. But his words encourage Kokichi and he and his frieds learn what "Cangoxina" means from AKAYAMA Yukie later. Then they climb Mt Shiroyama and sink "Cangoxina" into a stone.

Kokichi weeps and asks Nariakira to tell him what the letters "Cangoxina" means on the paper

When I watched the episode 1, I thought the scene in which Kokichi sinks the letters into a stone will be an advance hint for the final episode. Kokichi who hopes to protect the weak is handicapped and thinks it's unreasonable that his father makes an abject apology because of his family's status is lower than that of Eisaku. Anyway he has to abandon his dream of serving the lord directly. This may be the first Taiga Drama series that describes the wounds of Kokichi. And a physician who examines Kokichi is an ancestor of Yōsuke Yamashita, a jazz pianist and he plays the role in the series.

But he meets Nariakira accidentally and it decides his future. "The weak", "the people", and "the children are assets to the nation" in Nariakira's words inspires him and working for the weak and the people and educating children become his policies later. And the end of the period of samurai with the swords gives him who cannot handle any sword a supportive push forward. And in the episode 2,  he makes efforts to save a girl called Fuki.

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Sego-don Review 1 Kokichi and Ito

In the episode 1, IWAYAMA Ito hopes to study and practice swordsmanship but she cannot because she is a girl. Then she intends to join the boys of Shimo-Kajiyamachi Gōchū includes SAIGŌ Kokichi, later Kichinosuke and Takamori. As in Sego-don Epidode 1, gōchū is a unit of educating the boys of samurai families in Satsuma domain so she disguises herself as a boy and joins them who go to Iso Goten, a villa of the Shimazu clan to get sweets secretly. It's the suggestion of ARIMURA Shunsai, later KAIEDA Takeji but they are found and chased by the guards. They includes Ito who runs so fast escape to the top of the hill.

Ito (Konomi Watanabe) who disguises herself as a boy

There they find Tengu who is SHIMAZU Nariakira in reality. Nariakira examines a cannon there so the boys try to escape but only Shinpachi cannot move and is caught by "Tengu".  Nariakira tells Kokichi if he really wants to be a brave man, he should not leave small Shinpachi. Then he gives them some pieces of castella wrapped by the paper on which "Cangoxina" is written. He sees the letters and remembers the words of Nariakira later. After that Myōenji Mairi is held and Kokichi's gōchū wins the race thanks to Ito who also joins it. 

Ito feels sad because it is revealed that she is a girl

However, it is revealed that she is a daughter of the Iwayama family. Kokichi tries to protect her, but she leaves there saying,
"You will not understand how I feel because you are not a girl!" 
Kokichi tries to understand how Ito feels by disguising himself as a girl and what he experiences is quite strange to him. But his father Kichibei appears and scolds him. Kichibei learns that his son wants to serve the lord directly but admonishes him it's impossible to do so for a low class samurai like him or his son. Kokichi decides to overcome his handicap.

Kokichi practices swordsmanship hard to serve the lord directly in the future

The images are from the official website and Instagram of "Segodon"

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Sego-don Omnibus 10

Chapter 4 Tenmei (Heaven's Will) (3)

Takamori return to Kagoshima and establishes a school called Shigakkō or the former samurais who have nowhere to go. However some former samurais rebel against the government in some regions of Western Japan. So ŌKUBO Toshimichi who is naimukyō (Secretary of the Interior), prime minister today  intervenes in establishing Shigakkō because it is regarded as training institution of rebel army. And the wearing swords in public is prohibited and the pupils and staff of Shigakkō oppose it. But KIRINO Toshiaki gives up wearing swords first not to make the government intervene in Shigakkō any more. Then ICHIKI Sōsuke, son of Koto and nephew of Takamori and Kikujirō return from the US. Kikujirō thinks his father will rise up but he dose not. It disappoints him. But later he says to Ryūjiro,
"My father was like Mt. Sakurajima".

NAKAHARA Nao-o (Kōkichi Tanoue) is a spy sent by the government

Takamori searches for uncaltivatd land and travels with Kikujirō. When he soaks in a hot spring, he learns that an unbelievable thing happened in Shigakkō. Nao-o Nakahara who is a spy of the government is tortured and some staff and pupils attacked the government's armoury. Takamori returns and scolds them.
"What you did is a rebellion against the government".
Then Toshiaki shows him a letter that Nao-o had and it says,
"Bōzu o shisatsu seyo" (*)
He says to Takamori that there is no place for them in Japan established by Toshimichi. Takamori advises them to go to Tokyo and make a direct appeal to the government. Kikujirō who hears the words understands what kind of person his father is. Takamori calligraphs "Kei-ten, Ai-jin" (Respecting Heaven, Loving People) before his departure.

Takamori (Ryōhei Suzuki) scold KIRINO Toshiaki (Takurō Ōno) but Toshiaki tells him that Nao-o is a spy who plans to kill him

In February 1877, Takamori and his comrades depart for Tokyo. The party has 13.000 at all. But Toshimichi asks SANJŌ Sanetomi and IWAKURA Tomomi to obtain the Imperial sanction to suppress them. Then Takamori's party is regarded as rebel army and they are attacked in Kawashiri. So they are forced to resist the Government army and have a fierce battle against it in Tabaruzaka. During the battle, SHINOHARA Kunimoto is shoto and dies. And Kohei also dies while his platoon retreats. Jūdō (former Shingo) who is an army officer attempts to return to Kagoshima to fight with his brother but is opposed by his wife Kiyo. Ōyama Tsunayoshi is imprisoned in Tokyo because he is thought to take part in the rebellion and it's decides that he will be executed. Toshimichi who visits him says that he should not keep Takamori alive. Tsunayoshi tells him that he and ARIMA Shinshichi who died in the Teradaya Incident will wait for him in the next world.

Takamori dissolves his army in Hyōno, Miyazaki

Kikujirō leaves from the front line to amputate his wounded right leg. And Takamori's army flee to Hyōno, Miyazaki. He then dissolves his army. Ito visits him secretly and speaks honestly that she wishes if her husband were an ordinary man. Kikujirō who is a mayor of Kyoto in 1904 is asked by Ryūjirō how Takamori felt at the point of death. 
"He who was a big person with passion. He hugged the samurais who couldn't keep up with the changes and swallowed and took them", says Kichijirō.
Takamori and his followers return to Shiroyama and Takamori finds a stone on which he inscribed "Cangoxina" in his childhood. But Shiroyama is surrounded by the Government army.

Takamori (far right) talks about his army's surrender with Toshiaki (far left), Murata Shinpachi (second from the left) and KATSURA Hisatake (Jun Itoda, second from the right)

Kikujirō returns home with Ito, Jūdō and Kumakichi. Koto tells Jūdō to stop the war but there is nothing for it. On the previous night of the attack by the Government army, MURATA Shinpachi plays "La Marseillaise" on the concertina and all of the army dance to it. On the following morning, the final battle breaks out. In Tokyo, Toshimichi makes a speech at a national industrial fair but he becomes to feel restless and approaches the empty shelves for the exhibits from Kagoshima and removes the sign of "Kagoshima Prefecture" at last. At the headquarter of the army in Kagoshima, Jūdō bows his head to YAMAGATA Aritomo and leaves there. 

Saigō Kikujirō (Yūki Fujimoto, left) return home with the help of Kumakichi (Muga Tsukaji)

The battle continues and Toshiaki is shot by KAWAJI Toshiyoshi who joins the Government army and dies. Shinpachi kills himself. And Takamori is shot through the stomach. Toshimichi returns home and is asked about Takamori by his wife Masu. He drops his hat and bag and weeps over the death of his friend. Kikujirō as a mayor of Kyoto says,
"My father respected Heaven and loves people. He loved people with all his might and that's why he was loved by many people so much".
In 1888, Takamori is pardoned and his the ceremony of unveiling his statue is held at Ueno Park. Many guests admire it but Ito says,
"This is not my husband. He is not a man like this. No!"
The voice of Kikujirō overlaps.
"I think you will understand why my mother says like this".

Ito (Haru Kuroki) sees the statue and says this is not her husband

At the end of the omnibus, young Takamori who is casually dressed and hunts an animal with his dog appears.

(*) It means "Kill Saigō" or "Watch Saigō" but Toshiaki takes it as the former.
(**) Personally, I think Ito's dissatisfaction is caused by the clothes of the statue because it should be full-dress uniform. Please see The Historical Background of Sego-don 19.

The images are from the official website of "Segodon".

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Sego-don Omnibus 9

Chapter 4 Tenmei (Heaven's Will) (2)

Takamori strains himself by overwork. And ŌKUBO Toshimichi returns to Japan earlier than other members of the Iwakura Mission but the politicians from Tosa and Hizen tries to shun him as the mission could not revise any treaty. He visits Takamori who hasn't recovered yet and gives him a clock as a souvenir. He tells him about the Western countries and says he keenly feels how they are advanced. Takamori agrees with him but Toshimichi emphasizes that only those who have visited Western countries can know how he feels. He also says that's why the politicians from Tosa and Hizen look down on him. Takamori have a high opinion of them and it needs to argue what they should do for Japan more but Toshimichi insists that it needs to unite the country by force. Takamori tells him that if he thinks so, he should return to Kagoshima then he will govern Japan with the current members of the government.

ŌKUBO Toshimichi (Eita, left) visits Takamori (Ryōhei Suzuki) and talks about the western countries

A few days later, Takamori returns to the administration but there is another problem in the government. Korea regards Japan as an outrageous country and breaks off relations with her. Takamori attempts to go to Korea to negotiate with her government but Toshimichi says Japan should leave it as it is. However Takamori cannot ignore the Japanese who live there and he opposes the view of Toshimichi. ETŌ Shinpei asks SANJŌ Sanetomi to dismiss Toshimichi and IWAKURA Tomomi both of whom are against them and Tomomi tells Taklamori to go to Korea at last. But Sanetomi becomes ill suddenly so Tomomi replaces him as Dajō Daijin and cancels Takamori's visit to Korea though Sanetomi once permitted Takamori to visit there. But there is a plot behind the scene.

IWAKURA Tomomi (SHŌFUKUTEI Tsurube, fourth from the right) replaces SANJŌ Sanetomi because of his sudden illness

In reality, Toshimichi asked Tomomi to cancel Takamori's visit. Takamori who learns it tells his old friend why he tried to stop him in such a roundabout way. But Toshimichi says to Kichinosuke, 
"You always say that you believe the people but I think it's too optimistic".
Besides he says that he doesn't care about being called a coward and tells Takamori that he can feel bitter about him. Takamori says he cannot do such a thing. He also says it's his defeat and bows his head to O-Yū and leaves there. Toshimichi sheds tears. 

Unlike Takamori, Toshimicchi is severe

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Sego-don Omnibus 8

Chapter 4 Tenmei (Heaven's Will) (1)

In 1904, SAIGŌ Kikujirō becomes a mayor of Kyoto City. He tells KAWAMURA Ryūjirō, a deputy mayor about his father. In 1868, he goes to Kagoshima with his mother-in-law Ito. He sees his father work at the farm and goes hunting in Kagoshima. At the same time ŌKUBO Toshimichi visits Kagoshima with IWAKURA Tomomi and talks with Takamori about Haihan Chiken, abolition of the domain system. Takamori suggests an idea of the Imperial Guards to him and goes to Tokyo accompanied by Kumakichi.

Takamori (Ryōhei Suzuki) in the rice field

The new government becomes complicated because of the confrontation between the politicians from Satuma and Chōshū and those from other domains as Tosa or Hizen. Takamori says if it cost money, the politicians should decrease their salary. He admires the spirit of simplicity and frugality and brings riceballs as lunch though others enjoy gorgeous meal. One night Toshimichi visits him in his tenement house and tells him that other politicians say it's hard to deal with him in this respect. Takamori then asks him why he tries to behave extravagantly in everything. Toshimichi says to him that Japan should not be made light of by the Western Powers.

Takamori shares his riceballs with Ōkubo Toshimichi (Eita, right)

Toshimichi obtains the Imperial rescript of Haihan Chiken but it makes the politicians from Tosa and Hizen angry. But Takamori mediates between them. In Kagoshima, Hisamitsu sets off fireworks. And Takamori plans the Imperial visit to Western Japan includes Kagoshima. At Tsurumaru Castle, Hisamitsu in full dress tells him that establishing a new counrty is still at a developmental stage and worries about the scandals of some politicians. Hisamitsu tells him to follow through the plan and if he cannot do it, he should return to Satsuma. He also says it is the coming generation who bears the responsibility for the new country.

SHIMAZU Hisamitsu (Munetaka Aoki, right ) in full dress with KAIEDA Takeji (Mitsuomi Takahashi) at Tsurumaru Castle

It is decided that the Iwakura Mission will travel the US and Europe to revise the treaties and to watch the government, industries and infrastructures of each country. As Toshimichi and KIDO Takayoshi join the mission, Takamori, SANJŌ Sanetomi and the politicians from Tosa and Hizen lead the government. They reform many things while the mission go abroad and Takamori receives a letter from Tochimichi that says Japan should learn more things from Western countries.

The photo of Toshimichi enclosed in his letter

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