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TOKUGAWA Ieyasu in His Youth

At the setout, I tell you that the broadcast of "Kirin ga Kuru" will be suspended for a short while because the spread of COVID-19 prevented the cast and the crew from shooting. During the time, the famous scenes and short stories about shooting of the series set in he Sengoku period will be broadcast instead. The broadcast schedule of NHK is as below.

"Dokugan-ryū Masamune" 14th June, 2020 PM 8:00~8:45
"Kuni-tori MOnogatari" 21st June, 2020 PM 8:00~8:45
"Toshiie to Matsu" 28th June, 2020 PM 8:00~8:45  (JST)

Seiyō Uchino as Tokugawa Ieyasu in "Sanada Maru"

TOKUGAWA Ieyasu is known as a samurai who established the Edo Bakufu (Tokugawa shogunate) not only in Japan but in foreign countries also. He is one of the remarkable figures in the Sengoku period is acted by various actors in Taiga Drama series. However, he went through a lot of hardships when he was young. His father MATSUDAIRA Hirotada was killed or died of illness when he was a child who was called Takechiyo. Little Takechiyo became a hostage of the ODA clan when he was 3 years old. After that he was taken hostage by IMAGAWA Yoshimoto who ruled Suruga as daimyo. He was educated by TAIGEN Sessai and Yoshimoto found him useful. 

Sadao Abe as Tokugawa Ieyasu in "Onna Joshu Naotora"

In 1555, he celebrated his genpuku (coming of age) and called himself MATSUDAIRA Motoyasu. He was granted to use the portion of ”Yoshimoto". In the same year, he married Sena (Tsukiyama dono*), relative of Yoshimoto. But after the Battle of Okehazama in 1560, he returned to Okazaki Castle in Mikawa, the province where he was born. It is said that he betrayed the Imagawa clan but recent research has shown that he returned to Mikawa to prepare the battle against the army of ODA Nobunaga as an officer of Yoshimoto's army. And it is also said he who was chased by Nobunaga's army tried to commit suicide but the enemies didn't chase and attack him. (It may be true that he tried to kill himself but was stopped by a priest and persuaded to survive)

Shunsuke Kazama as Tokugawa Ieyasu (Matsudaira Motoyasu) in "Kirin ga Kuru"

After that he formed an alliance with ODA Nobunaga and made his son Nobuyasu marry Toku hime who was born between Nobunaga and his concubine. Before it, he changed his name into TOKUGAWA Ieyasu. But there were still lots of difficulties lying ahead. He came into collision with his son Nobuyasu and his clan was troubled with internal strife. Nobuyasu was finally ordered to commit hara-kiri and his mother Tsukiyama-dono was executed in 1579. Moreover, he had more bitter experiences to govern Japan as shogun.

(*) She is said to have been a niece of Yoshimoto. "Tsukiyama dono" means Lady or Madame Tsukiyama. The name comes from Tsukiyama, a place in Okazaki.


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Tori (Kyoun-in)

She was a wife of SANADA Yukitaka (Yukitsuna), mother of Masayuki and grandmother of Matsu (Muramatsu Dono), Nobuyuki and Nobushige (Yukimura). She is the same woman as Shinome in "Furin Kazan".

She was a younger sister of KAWAHARA Takamasa who served Yukitaka. He is said to have married her in the early 1530s. They had five sons include Masayuki. In 1582, ten years after the death of her husband, the Takeda clan collapsed. In the confusion after that, she became a hostage of some daimyos as TAKIGAWA Kazumasa, KISO Yoshimasa and TOKUGAWA Ieyasu. Around 1585, she could return to her family. She died in 1592 or 1593.

In this series, she is described as a woman of strong character. She enjoys her life as hostage as she pleases. She is also an influential woman in the Sanada clan and values family ties to survive. Her idea is handed down to Masayuki, Nobuyuki and Nobushige. Though being severe to Kaoru (Yamate Dono), wife of Masayuki, she is a playful personality.

The image shows Mitsuko Kusabue as Tori.
(From the DVD series of "Sanada Maru")

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Ko (Sei-in in)

She was a daughter of SANADA Nobutsuna, heir of Yukitaka and the eldest brother of Masayuki. She was a wife and became to a concubine of Sanada Nobuyuki and a mother of Nobuyoshi.

She married Nobuyuki after her father was killed in the Battle of Nagashino. It is thought that Masayuki, new heir of the Sanada clan took leaving offspring of Nobutsuna into account. Later she became a concubine by the marriage of Nobuyuki and Ina (Komatsu hime) to strengthen the relationship between the Sanadas and the Tokugawas. She died in 1619.

In this series, she is of a delicate health but becomes to be healthy later (*). After the marriage of Nobuyuki and Ina, she serves her former husband and understands Ina. She gives birth to Nobuyoshi one month earlier than the birth of Nobumasa, son of Nobuyuki and Ina.

(*) The change of her appearance attracted the viewers of "Sanada Maru".

The image shows Satomi Nagano as Ko
(From the DVD series of "Sanada Maru")

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Hatsu & Go


She was born in 1570 as a daughter of AZAI Nagamasa and Ichi. She was a younger sister of Chacha and an elder sister of Go. As Nagamasa was killed by her uncle ODA Nobunaga and she and her sisters were brought up by Nobunaga, then SHIBATA katsuie, second husband of their mother Ichi. After Katsuie committed suicide with Ichi at the Battle of Shizugatake.

They went to live with HASHIBA (Later TOYOTOMI) Hideyoshi. Though Chacha became a concubine of Hideyoshi, she married KYOGOKU Takatsugu in 1587. At the Battle of Sekigahara, Takatsugu took the side of TOKUGAWA Ieyasu. After his death, she became a nun and called herself Jokoin. She made an effort for the reconciliation after the winter campaign of the Siege of Osaka. Later she was baptised a Catholic.

In this series, she tries to mediate between the Toyotomis and Ieyasu but was ignored by Acha no Tsubone and Okurakyo no Tsubone. And she tells SANADA Nobushige (Yukimura) to encourage Chacha.

The image shows Shoko Haida as Hatsu



She was the youngest of the Azai sisters. Like Chacha and Hatsu, she was brought up by her uncle Oda Nobunaga and Shibata Katsuie after her father death. She is thought to have been born in 1573. She married SAJI Kazunari but was divorced and then remarried Toyotomi Hidekatsu, adopted son of Hideyoshi but he died of a disease soon.

After that she became a wife of Tokugawa Hidetada, heir of Ieyasu and had five children. Their eldest son Iemitsu became the third shogun and their eldest daughter Sen was a wife of Toyotomi Hideyori. Their youngest daughter Matsu, later Kazuko married the Emperor Gomizunoo, and so Go is related to the Imperial Family by blood.

In this series, she is described as a strong-willed woman and often frightens her husband Hidetada. However she worries about Sen and Chacha during the Siege of Osaka.

The image shows Seiko Niizuma as Go

The images are from the official website (Hatsu) and the DVD series of "Sanada Maru" (Go).
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Chobei is a fictional figure. He is a village headman of Kudoyama.

In this series, he suspects SANADA Masayuki, Nobushige and their family members and vassals when they are exiled to Kudoyama. But he and the villagers become friendly with them and are taught how to make Sanada himo, a kind of braid and its proceeds supports the finance of the village. He cooperates with them when they escape from there.

The image shows Ryo Kinomoto as Chobei
(From the DVD series of "Sanada Maru")
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Children of SANADA Nobushige


For the details of him, please click SANADA Daisuke.


She was the third daughter of SANADA Nobushige. In the summer campaign of the Siege of Osaka, she escaped from Osaka Castle and captured by KATAKURA Shigenaga, vassal of DATE Masamune. Then she was adopted by the Takigawas or the Oyamadas and married Shigenaga.

In this series, she is the only daughter of Nobushge and Haru. She is born in Kudoyama and named Ume after Nobushige's first concubine. She stays in Osaka Castle with Haru, her younger brother Daihachi, TAKANASHI Naiki, HOTTA Sakubei and Kiri. But when the castle is in danger, she escaped there with Haru and Daihachi and sheltered by Date Masamune.

The image shows Nanako Ode as Ume


He was the second son of Nobushige and Haru. He is said to have died after having left Osaka Castle but was alive and departed for Sendai ruled by Date Masamune. Then he served the Dates and changed his family name into Katakura. He was succeeded by his son Tatsunobu and his descendant Yukiyoshi changed the family name into Sanada again. His line remains until now as the Sendai Sanada family.

In this series, he is still an infant. Like his mother and sister, he escaped from Osaka and sheltered by Masamune.

The image shows Shoma Aida as Daihachi


She was born between Nobushige and his concubine Ume, younger sister of Hotta Sakubei. She didn't live in Kudoyama and married ISHIAI Juzo, a son of shoya (*) who ran honjin, inn for daimyo in Chiisagata, Shinano.

In this series, she is the only daughter of Nobushige and Ume and brought up by her uncle Sakubei after her mother's death. She doesn't take to her father Nobushige easily but loves Sakubei as father. She once visits Nobuyuki in Edo and marries Juzo later.

The image shows Yuri Tsunematsu as Sue


(*)Shoya means farm owner or headman of village. 

The images are from the DVD series of "Sanada Maru".

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She was a daughter of TOYOTOMI Hidetsugu and a concubine of SANADA Nobushige. Though her father Hidetsugu, his concubines and children were executed in 1595, she could evade it and became a concubine of Nobushige. Her real name is unknown but it is true that she was officially called Ryuseiin.

She gave birth to his daughter O-Den in 1604. During the Siege of Osaka, she and her daughter lived with Zuiryuin (Nisshuni, mother of Hidetsugu). Later O-Den married IWAKI Nobutaka, lord of Kameda domain in Dewa, current Akita and Yamagata. She dedicated the armour with the six coins, family crest of the Sanadas to local temple Myokeiji.

In this series, she is described as a woman who eludes the pursuit of TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi's soldiers and escapes to Luzon (the Philippines) by the good offices of a merchant called NAYA Sukezaemon. She once visits Nobushige and his family, Kiri and her father Naiki in Kudoyama and brings them a flat braid. As they have trouble making a living there, they make braids imitating it and villagers sell them.

The image shows Yukino Kishii as Taka
(From the DVD series of "Sanada Maru")

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Izumo no O-Kuni

She is said have been a daughter of a smith in Izumo and became a shrine maiden of Izumo Shrine. Later she toured the whole country to solicit contributions for the shrine.

Around 1600, she distinguished herself as a man and performed kabuki odori. It gained popularity in Kyoto. According to some references, she visited Nyoin Gosho (*) and Fushimi Castle and performed her dance. At first her dance was that of young girls but became to be the one whose subject was the love of kabukimono (**) and prostitute and was popular in red-light districts. Such performance was sometimes accompanied by prostitution.

Therefore, kabuki odori was regarded undesirable and gradually controlled by the Tokugawa shogunate. After that it changed to the one performed by young men. But it was prohibited also and became to be performed by adult men only.

In this series, she has her dance company and tour many provinces accepting the invitations of daimyos. One day they are invited by TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi and perform in the presence of him. Then SANADA Nobushige finds his missing sister Matsu among the dancers and asks her for taking her home with Masayuki who visits Osaka. She sccepts it because she is the worst dancer in the company. and in the Siege of Osaka in 1615, her successor who is called O-Kuni also visits soldiers.

(*) The palace of the Empress Dowager who became a nun.
(**) The young guys whose costumes, hair-styles, and performances are eccentric and lived in idleness in the early 17th cenury. The word "kabuki" comes from this.

The image shows Sylvia Grab as Izumo no O-Kuni
(From the DVD series of Sanada Maru)

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TOKUGAWA Hidetada was a second shogun of Tokugawa shogunate, heir of Tokugawa Ieyasu and father of Tokugawa Iemitsu, Tadanaga and Sen. He was born in Hamamatsu, Totomi and married O hime, adopted daughter of TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi. But he was forced to divorce her and remarried Go, daughter of AZAI Nagamasa, adopted daughter of Hideyoshi and the youngest sister of Yodo Dono (Chacha).

He became a shogun in 1605. It made Yodo Dono who thought her son Hideyori would succeed Ieyasu angry and then the relationship between the Tokugawas and the Toyotomis became unstable. It caused the Siege of Osaka at last. After the war, his father Ieyasu died and he laid the foundation of the shogunate.

Moreover, he tried to control the Imperial court and temples and shrines. He prohibited priest wear purple garb, the one for highest-ranking priest without the permission of shogun and opposed against the Emperor Gomizunoo in this respect. However, he made his daughter Masako marry him and their daughter Princess Okiko became the Empress Meisho later.

The Battle of Sekigahara was supposed to be his first battle. But on the way he suffered from bad weather and the schemes of SANADA Masayuki, lord of Ueda Castle and couldn't participate in the battle. It made his father Ieyasu angry. Then he learned from it and hurried to Osaka when the winter campaign of the siege of Osaka occurred. But it incurred the displeasure of Ieyasu again. He told his son that a shogun should not behave hastily.

He died in 1632 and was buried at the Taitoku-in Mausoleum.

In this series, he is described as a rather rash man who is advised ironically by HONDA Masanobu, one of senior vassals of Ieyasu. He usually feels small in his father's presence and has sympathy for SANADA Nobuyuki in this respect.

The images shows Gen Hoshino as Tokugawa Hidetada
(From the official website of "Sanada Maru")

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She was a daughter of TAKANASHI Naiki and became a concubine of SANADA Nobushige. They had a daughter later.

Kiri (Masami Nagasawa) in her younger days

In this series, she is described as one of his friends and acts with him as long as he lives. She is a cheerful, talkative and tends to interrupt people while they are talking. She becomes to serve the Sanadas as maid and knows that Ume becomes a concubine of Nobushige. Though she is her friend also but when she feels jealous with her.

After the death of Ume in the Battle of Ueda in 1585, she accompanies Nobushige who visits Osaka with UESUGI Kagekatsu. Then he becomes one of the guards (Umamawari-yaku) of TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi and tells her to return to Ueda and serve the Sanadas again. But she serves Nei, wife of Hideyoshi and is taken into the confidence of Toyotomi Hidenaga, nephew of Hideyoshi. It makes Nobushige feel uneasy.

Kiri becomes a maid of Nei, wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi

However Hidenaga is made to commit suicide because of his scandal. And Nobushige marries Haru, daughter of OTANI Gyobu Yoshitsugu. But their relationship doesn't change so much. After the death of Hideyoshi, Nei decides to become a nun and discharges many of her maids. Then she serves the Hosokawas though the outbreak of the battles that result in the Battle of Sekigahara make her, Kaoru and Haru be sheltered in the residence of Yoshitsugu.

After the Battle of Sekigahara, she and Haru accompany SANADA Masayuki, Nobushige and Naiki and live in Kudoyama. Though they are exiled, she enjoys the life there that reminds her of the life in Ueda. And she encourages Nobushige who does't know what he should do after being invited to participate in a war (the Siege of Osaka) against the Tokugawas.

Kiri serves Chacha after the outbreak of the Siege of Osaka

Then she accompanies Nobushige and his family and serves Chacha (Yodo Dono) in Osaka Castle. On the night before the final battle, Nobushige hugs her for the first time but she says to him,
"It's too late".

On the following day, she is told to send Sen to the headquarter of TOKUGAWA Ieyasu and sees Nobushige fight against the army of the Tokugawas. After making Sen meet her grandfather Ieyasu and her father Hidetada, she disappears.

The images are from the DVD series of "Sanada Maru"

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