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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 50 Ishi o Tsugu Mono (Naomasa Carries out the Intention of the Deceased)

After the Honnoji Incident, AKECHI Mitsuhide is defeated by HASHIBA Hideyoshi. TOKUGAWA Ieyasu knows it on his way to support Hideyoshi. Then he plans to invade the territory of Nobunaga and opposes the Hojo clan. O-Towa thinks to take Jinen to a hidden village but Manchiyo appears and tells her to hand over the boy to him. And O-Dai no kata, who also appears there (*) orders her to do so. But O-Towa and Ketsuzan resuse their request and tell them he is a son of Nobunaga. Besides they show a tea cup given by Nobunaga before and says it's in return to look after him. After that he becomes a monk and O-Towa still lives Ii-no-ya to take care of unfortunate people though many of her relatives left there. But she becomes to have a fit of coughing occasionally.

O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki) looks after Jinen

O-Towa visits Kondo Yasumochi and tells him to continue to have a relationship with him but becomes ill and is forced to be laid up with it. Nankei tells her that her cold gets worse and she tells him that she hopes to survive and see that Japan is united under the flag of Ieyasu and the Ii clan will unite under their flag again. One night she who cannot sleep hears the sound of a flute sound and goes to the well of Ryugu-kozo. There she finds young Naochika (Kamenojo) and Masatsugu (Tsurumaru). And young Ryuunmaru (**) appears there. They offer her who is also a girl now to join them. But she says she still has something to do more and then stopped by a man in yellow clothes (Ryugo-kozo?).  

O-Towa meets Naochika ans Masatsugu in their childhood by the well of Ryugu-kozo

Next morning Koten brings sake to the well and finds O-Towa dead. Koten knows that she suffers tuberculosis. There is a flute by the side of her and it is the one Manchiyo searched in the headquarter of Ieyasu. In her funeral, Nankei doesn't chant sutra for her because the order goes wrong. Her coffin is brought to a hidden village. Then Nankei gives Manchiyo a white stone of go to him and tells him never forget the spirit of the Iis. Then Manchiyo negotiates with the Hojo clan well and celebrates his genpuku at last. He calls himself Naomasa and many samurais concerned with the Iis rally round him. Takase gets married  and Naomasa distinguishes himself in the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute. The Ii clan becomes one of great daimyos under the Tokugawa shogunate (***).

Ii Naomasa (Masaki Suda) at the Battle of Komaki and Nagakute

The series finished last Sunday and I will write about "Sego-don", Taiga Drama series in 2018 in addition to other series includes "Furin Kazan" next year. Anyway this series seems to be far from what Taiga Drama series should be.

I will upload about what I felt or thought about the series later - maybe after Christmas.

(*) She appears there suddenly and it is not clear how she comes there.
(**) Needless to say, O-Towa gets to knows Ryuunmaru as an adult man and it's impossible for her to recognise him in his childhood. In the episode, the ship he goes aboard as interpreter wrecks and it kills him when O-Towa meets Kamenojo and Tsurumaru.
(***) Ii Naomasa was wounded in the Battle of Sekigahara and died of it in 1602.


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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 49 Honnoji ga Hen (How to Allow Ieyasu to Escape Safely)

AKECHI Mitsuhide thinks that ODA Nobunaga plans to kill TOKUGAWA Ieyasu. So he attempts to set off a riot against Nobunaga. Then Manchiyo asks O-Towa to make him escape to Mikawa in safety. Ieyasu with his vassals who leave Azuchi Castle are scheduled to visit Honnnoji Temple where Nobunaga is going to demonstrate a tea ceremony on the second of June, 1582. O-Towa, OKUYAMA Rokuzaemon and NAKANO Naoyuki visit Sakai and asks MAKAMURAYA Yodayu to equip a ship for Ieyasu and his party and then she meets Ryuunmaru again. He is an interpreter between Japanese and Portuguese. He says it needs to equip a western ship to allow Ieyasu escape secretly.

Okuyama Rokuzaemon (Miou Tanaka), O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki), Nakamuraya Yodayu (Hirotaro Honda) and Seto Hokyu (Tsuyoshi Muro) see a map (From left to right)

Then Ryuunmaru makes O-Towa in clerical garment entertain a Portuguese merchant in exchange of using his ship (*). Then he sends him to sleep and leaves there with O-Towa. But Mitsuhide is ordered to support HASHIBA Hideyoshi who attacks the Mori clan in Chugoku region.  Because of it, Mitsuhide cannnot get in touch with Ieyasu and then Ieyasu decides to visit Nobunaga. But O-Towa, who stills tries to stop him borrows money from SETO Hokyu to play a trick. Ryuunmaru, Hokyu and some other men disguise themselves as travelers and meet Ieyasu on his way to Kyoto. They tell him that there was a riot but ANAYAMA Nobutada, who also serves Nobunaga regards their behaviours unnatural.

O-Towa meets Ryuunmaru (Yuya Yagira. right) again

Ieyasu and his party tell them that they go to Kyoto under the pretext of revenge on Mitsuhide for Nobunaga, but he is accompanied by very few vassals. Ieyasu realises that it is impossible to do it at once and he about to committ suicide there (**). Then SAKAKIBARA Yasumasa advises him to return to Mikawa first and prepare for it. Then they hide themselves in a hovel and HONDA Masanobu and Ono Manpuku appear to offer them meal. On the following day, he murders Nobutada who seems to know the trick. After their return to Mikawa, he doesn't fight against Mitsuhide and sees which way the wind blows. 

Tokugawa Ieyasu (Sadao Abe, centre) decides to commit suicide

(*) Though Ryuunmaru tried to elabprate a plan to borrow the ship, I think it is impossible from various aspects.
(**) I have a feeling that something is put of place in the scene. In so-called Shinkun Igagoe, Ieyasu's return to Mikawa via Iga province (northwestern part of current Mie), he and his vassals were chased by the troop of Akechi Mitsuhide who was hostile to Ieyasu. Then he was cornered and decided to commit suicide but was stopped by his vassals. But in this episode, he is not chased by anybody. So committing suicide in such a situation doesn't make sense. Some viewers point out the worsening of historical facts in the series on the internet.  

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Onna Joshu Naotora 48 Nobunaga, Hamamatsu Kitaitte yo (Nobunaga's Visit to Hamamatsu)

TOKUGAWA Ieyasu is informed that ODA Nobunaga will visit him on his way from Kai to Azuchi. Ieyasu then maintain roads, dams up a stream, and shows him sumo matches during his stay. Though the entertainment costs money, he is so satisfied with it and plans to invite him and his vassals to Azuchi castle to return a courtesy. But it means the defense of his territory become to be vulnerable. And IMAGAWA Ujizane also visits Ieyasu to meet Nobunaga to thank him the destruction of the Takeda clan but he has another reason.

Oda Nobunaga (ICHIKAWA Ebizo) in Western style clothes visits Hamamatsu Castle
After Nobunaga departed from Hamamatsu, a little boy is found near the well of Ryugu-kozo. O-Towa shelters him in Ryotanji Temple and finds he is a son of samurai and is called  Jinen (*). However he disappears on the following day. O-Towa and Ketsuzan see a strange man near the well and chase him. It is Ujizane who pulls the wires from behind. Jinen is a son of AKECHI Mitsuhide and Ujizane allies himself with him to bring down Nobunaga. He tells O-Towa that Nobunaga's visited Hamamatu in preparation for the attack on Ieyasu.

Sakakibara Yasumasa (Toshinori Omi, centre) worries about the defense of Ieyasu's territory

Ujizane thinks that O-Towa thinks to avenge her relatives at the Battle of Okehazama and Sena. But she decides to tell Ieyasu about it and plans to make internal trouble in the Odas (**). Then Ieyasu can govern Japan instead. Ieyasu agrees with her and says he would like to make the whole country peaceful (***). And O-Towa and the priests in Ryotanji take care of Jinen. O-Towa remembers that both Naochika and Toramatsu (Manchiyo) were sheltered in the temples in their childhood.

O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki, left) decides to shelter a boy who is found neat the well of Ryugu-kozo

(*) He is thought to be one of the sons of Mitsuhide and died after the Honnoji Incident.
(**) Clearly, it is impossoble for O-Towa who is a farmer to tell Ieyasu about the plan of assassinating Nobunaga directly.
(***) However he fought against the army of ISHIDA Mitsunari in 1600 and destroyed the Toyotomi clan in 1615.

The images are from the official website of "Onna Joshu Naotora".

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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 47 Kessen wa Takatenjin (The Second Siege of Takatenjin)

Thanks to Manchiyo's advice the he should be honest, TOKUGAWA Ieyasu reflects on himself seriously. And he asks them to continue helping him from from now on. Then his army and the reinforcements dispatched by ODA Nobunaga surround Takatenjin Castle of the Takeda clan on a large scale. Though Ieyasu plans to make the enemy surrender bloodlessly, Nobunaga doesn't allow it. And both OKUYMAMA Rokuzaemon and NAKANO Naoyuki supply logs for the forts near the castle.

Tokugawa Ieyasu (Sadao Abe) asks his vassals to continue helping him

O-Towa considers to establish the world without any war. Nobunaga is all powerful now but  ANKOKUJI Ekei, a diplomat monk of the Mori clan says he will fail soon. And in the woods, Rokuzaemon and Naoyuki finds some labourers are the spies of TAKEDA Katsuyori and take them to Ieyasu. It increases the grant of Manchiyo to 20.000 koku then he thinks to make them serve him. He has no intention of returning to Ii-no-ya. And the soldiers in Takatenjin castle attempt to surrender but finally they fight against the soldiers of Ieyasu.

O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki) visits Manchiyo (Masaki Suda, right) who participates in the siege

O-Towa realises that Ieyasu tries to win the enemy to his side and remembers that she had the similar opinion. Then she finds Naoyuki near the well of Ryugu-kozo and he tells her that he will not serve Manchiyo and guard Ii-no-ya but at last he accepts his offer. After that, Katsuyori is beaten by Nobunaga and Ieyasu and his head is displayed and his former territory is divided among the vasssls of Nobunaga and former vassals of Katsuyori. Then Ieyasu can get Suruga. It is his earnest wish.

Both Okuyama Rokuzaemon (Miou Tanaka, right) and Nakano Naoyuki (Yuma Yamoto) become the vassals of the Tokugawa clan

I think the conflict between the alliance of Nobunaga and Ieyasu and Katsuyori should be described more.

The images are from the official website of "Onna Joshu Naotora".

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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 46 Akujo ni Tsuite (The Grief of Ieyasu)

O-Towa goes to Okazaki Castle to meet Sena but she sees the vassals of TOKUGAWA Ieyasu capture his son Nobuyasu there. Both Manchiyo and Manpuku are there also. Ieyasu tries to gain time to prolong the time of Nobuyasu's execution by changing the castles where he is confined. Meanwhile he plans to ally him with HOJO Ujimasa mediated by IMAGAWA Ujimasa (*). But Sena who disappears with ISHIKAWA Kazumasa leaving a letter from TAKEDA Katsuyori to confess her betrayal to Ieyasu. And they meet O-Towa, Manchiyo and Manpuku when they stop by Ii-no-ya.

O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki, right) tries to make Sena (Nanao) change her mind

Manchiyo tells them Ieyasu's plan at Ryotanji Temple and says that Sena is accused and chased by some soldiers. O-Towa tries to shelter her and Kazumasa. However she prepares herself for the worst despite the objection of O-Towa. She departs from the temple and parts with Kazumasa. Then she is captured by the soldiers and beheaded near Lake Sanaru (**). After that Ujizane visits Hamamatsu Castle to inform the alliance but he sees a bucket holding Sena's head and feels sad. SAKAI Tadatsugu tells ODA Nobunaga that it is Sena who communicated with Katsuyori secretly but at last Nobuyasu is executed on the 15th of September, 1579.

Sena sees the soldiers and knows that she will be executed near Lake Sanaru

O-Towa sighs over the ruthlessness of the troublous period near the well of Ryugu-kozo. Nankei who hears it tells her to improve it by yourself and later she visits Hamamatsu Castle to meet Ieyasu but cannot. He becomes to distrust his vassals and says that he will decide everything by himself. But Manchiyo tells him that he should find out the cause of "defeat" and correct it. And he hands Sena's rouge case to him ans says Sena is always with him (***). It is the one Sena gave to O-Towa at Ryotanji.

Imagawa Ujizane (ONOE Matsuya, left) grieves over the death of Sena when he sees the bucket

(*) The alliance is established due to Otate no ran, the riot over the succession to the Uesugi clan but it is not described in this series.
(**) In reality, she is said to have been assassinated.
(***) It seems strange that Manchiyo advises Ieyasu in this way.

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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 45 Mao no Ikenie (The Sacrifice to Nobunaga*)

The page who planned to assassinate TOKUGAWA Ieyasu is related to a vassal of Nobuyasu. So his vassals are ordered to live in their fiefs, not to live in the castletown around Okazaki Castle as punishment. Then Nobuyasu decides to achieve a military exploit to clear his name though SAKAI Tadatsugu is not keen to permit him. In Hamamatsu, one of the concubines of Ieyasu gives birth to a son and Manchiyo is sent to Okazaki Castle to tell it to Nobuyasu and Sena.  Sena feels unsafe because Nobuyasu has not had his heir yet. She searches a concubine for him and sends a letter to O-Towa about it. At the same time SETO Hokyu informs her about Ieyasu's new son. However, Toku hime, wife of Nobuyasu writes about the behaviour of Sena to her father ODA Nobunaga.

Tokugawa Nobuyasu (Kinari Hirano, left) talks about the treatment of him and his vassals with his father Ieyasu (Sadao Abe)

Then AKECHI Mitsuhide, one of Nobunaga's vassals is sent to Okazaki Castle and recommends Nobuyasu to receive the official rank from the emperor to give consequence to himself. But he refuses it politely because he feels something suspicious from his words. After that Tadatsugu visits Nobunaga in newly constructed Azuchi Castle but is pressured by Nobunaga and Mitsuhide by showing the evidence that Nobuyasu communicates with the Takeda clan secretly. And his concubine is a daughter of former vassal of TAKEDA Katsuyori. Ieyasu worries about it but his mother O-Dai no kata who visits him tells him to kill Nobuyasu.

Oda Nobunaga (ICHIKAWA Ebizo) becomes to be hostile to Nobuyasu, his son-in-law

One day Nankei and O-towa who wears nun's hood visit Sena to pray for safe childbirth. She wonders that O-Towa has returned to secular life wearing the hood is convenient for her when she goes to somewhere. At that time, somebody make a noise outside. They see Ieyasu accompanied by Manchiyo and Manpuku there. And SAKAKIBARA Yasumasa is there also and declares that Nobuyasu will be executed because of commnucating with the Takedas. HIRAIWA Chikayoshi, moriyaku (tutor) of Nobuyasu asks Yasumasa to sacrifice himself for Nobuyasu but in vain. And IMAGAWA Ujimasu receives a secret letter from MATSUSHITA Jokei. The letter on a fan is invisible writing but can be revealed by applying heat. It's the request for cooperation from the Tokugawas. 

O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki, left) meets Sena (Nanao) for the first time in a while

(*) It seems that she is an oppotunist.
(**) In reality, so-called aburidashi, revealing invisible words or pictures by applying heat is said to have become common under Tokugawa shogunate.

The images are from the official website of "Onna Joshu Naotora"

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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 44 Ii-no-ya no Bara (The Rose of Ii-no-ya*)

Both Manchiyo and Manpuku accompany TOKUGAWA Ieyasu but they cannot fight against their enemies because of being pages. One night Manchiyo finds a suspicious figure and takes measures to identify him. Then he pretends to be asleep in the bedroom of Ieyasu and a vassal makes a tisane for him instead of Manchiyo. Immediately after, Manchiyo springs to his feet and urges him to taste it. He hesitates because it's poisoned and he is a spy of the TAKEDA Shingen. He subdues him despite being wounded in his shoulder. He receives a grant of 10.000 koku (**) for his contribution. But some people slander him because he achieved his exploit in Ieyasu's bedroom.

Manchiyo (Masaki Suda) subdues a spy of the Takeda clan

In Ii-no-ya, Natsu who becomes a nun brings Manpuku's letter to Yuchinni and O-Towa in Ryotanji Temple. Yuchinni suffers from heart disease and O-Towa blames herself that she has annoyed her mother since her childhood. And she asks her relatives and acquaintances to visit her casually if possible and plants a wild rose in the garden of the temple. One day Shino visits them and talks about that Manchiyo received a grant of 10.000 koku. It's news to both O-Towa and KONDO Yasumochi. And Yuchinni who realises time of her death sends a letter to Manchiyo. After that he and Manpuku visit Ii-no-ya.

O-Towa (Ko shibasaki. right) tells her mother Yuchinni (Naomi Zaizen) that she always annoys her

By the well of Ryugu-kozo, O-Towa opposes Manchiyo who says that he could take back Ii-no-ya. But she does not accept it and says what he does is senseless. He gets angry and tells her that she always shirk her duty as former ruler. O-Towa becomes obstinate and declares that she never allows him to take over the Ii clan. Then she returns to the temple and talks about her old days. Soon after Yuchinni dies leaving the letters to whom she knows behind. In Hamamatsu Castle, Manchiyo becomes a vassal and shows his scar caused some vassals that he promoted himself by this, not pederasty. At the same time, there is a shadow over Sena and her son Nobuyasu.

O-Towa and Manchiyo oppose each other

(*) It may be a parody of "Berusaiyu no Bara" (The Rose of Versailles) and someone points out that some words are the plagiarism of those in the original work.
(**) Manchiyo is treated very well by Ieyasu.

However, there are lots of impossible things in the episode.

The images are from the official website of "Onna Joshu Naotora".

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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 43 Onsho no Kanata ni (Medicines and Plants)

Manchiyo and Manpuku become pages though their colleagues ignore them. And Nobu is so busy with dealing with the vassals who rush into the castle for their rewards. Manchiyo gives them pieces of paper and asks them to write their names on them. Besides he recommends TOKUGAWA Ieyasu to try his medicine who concerns about his health and then organises the data of the exploits of his vassals. But his behavior makes other pages except Manpuku think that there is a “special” relationship between Ieyasu and him.

Manchiyo (Masaki Suda, right) and Manpuku are harassed by their colleagues

O-Towa is told by Jinbei that logging woods for the battle caused a landslide. She asks KONDO Yasumochi to plant trees to prevent landslide and says if he realises it, he will leave his name to posterity. MATSUSHITA Jokei tells Manchiyo about it when he visits Hamamatsu Castle and then he explains how to plant trees with a diagram (*). Instead he receives medicines from Ii-no-ya and a cake of soap from SETO Hokyu. Though being harassed by his colleagues, he declares that he wins Ieyasu's favour and brings the medicine to him. He accepts it saying that he believes the Ii clan. And then he is dispatched to Okazaki Castle with the soap.

O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki) plants young pines with the villagers

Though the vassals in Okazaki Castle didn’t distinguished themselves in the battle, they served as mediator between the Tokugawa clan and the Oda clan. Nobuyasu, heir of Ieyasu and lord of the castle says that he doesn’t mind if they are not well rewarded and Sena is delighted with the soap imported from Europe. And O-Towa, OKUYAMA Rokuzaemon, NAKANO Naoyuki and the villagers of Ii-no-ya plant young pines on the mountain slope. Jinbei seems to be happy with the work. And three years later, the trees grow to a height of one metre but Jinbei has passed away at that time. Then Natsu visits Ryotanji temple that she decided to become a nun.

Natsu (Sayaka Yamaguchi. right) visits Ryotanji Temple and tells Nankei (Kaoru Kobayashi, centre) and O-Towa that she decided to become a nun

It seems this series is far from what the Taiga Drama series should be.  I will write about it after the broadcast of the final episode in mid-December.

(*) In reality, systematic tree planting started under Tokugawa shogunate, not in this period.

The images are from the official website of "Onna Joshu Naotora".

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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 42 Nagashino ni Tateru Saku (The Fence in Nagashino)

O-Towa visits the well of Ryugu-kozo and prays for TOKUGAWA Ieyasu's winning the battle. There she finds Nankei who drinks sake secretly and tells her that Toramatsu (Manchiyo) will participate in a battle soon. At that time, Manchiyo, Manpuku and Nobu make a new shoe box but then Manchiyo is ordered to take care of the arms in Okazaki Castle. And in Shitaragahara, the major battlefield of the Battle of Nagashino, Tokugawa Nobuyasu is given a tenmoku, a kind of tea bowl by ODA Nobunaga but he refuses it.

Tokugawa Ieyasu (Sadao Abe) bows to Oda Nobunaga with his son Nobuyasu (Kinari Hirano, left)

The vassals of Ieyasu and Nobuyasu get anger that Nobunaga ignores the Tokugawas and decides everything on his own authority. And OKUYAMA Rokuzaemon and NAKANO Naoyuki, who now serves KONDO Yasumochi and make umase, a kind of frise de chevaux for the Tokugawa Army. As they are short of woods, they log a forest near them without permission. Then TAKEDA Katsuyori, general of the Takeda Army is taken in by SAKAI Tadatsugu and he is badly defeated in the battle. In it, he loses many vassals and it weakens the power of his clan.

Okuyama Rokuzaemon (Miou Tanaka. left) and Nakano Naoyuki (Yuma Yamoto) make umase at Shitaragahara
Ieyasu decides to attack the rulers in Totomi who take the side of Takedas and the pages in Okazaki Castle supply the arms. But a page called Kogoro steals Manchiyo's thunder and it offends Manchiyo but Nobu tells him to use this experience as a springboard to be promoted to a higher position. After that he is called by Ieyasu who returns to Okazaki and thinks it's pederasty (*) though Ieyasu plans to praise him because he knows everything. In Ii-no-ya, O-Towa sees a tenmoku tea bowl that is given to Rokuzaemon and Naoyuki and is surprised at its value. Then she goes to Nagashino with Ketsuzan and they chant a sutra for the dead.

Manchiyo (Masaki Suda) takes care of the arms in Okazaki Castle

It is strange that nobody takes the care of the arms in Okazaki Castle regularly in this period.

(*) Some of daimyos in this period are said to have intersted in pederasty.
(**) The bowl is said to be worth a castle in the episode.

The images are from the official website of "Onna Joshu Naotora".

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Onna Joshu Naotora Episode 41 Kono Genkan no Katasumi ni (Manchiyo loses his chance)

A middle age man called Nobu joins Manchiyo and Manpuku but he is HONDA Masanobu, falconer of Ieyasu in reality. He once betrayed TOKUGAWA Ieyasu and participated in ikko-ikki (*) until a while ago and is disliked by HONDA Tadakatsu though they are from the same clan. Nobu is a slow worker at first and it makes Manchiyo angry but Manpuku is close to him. And in Ii-no-ya, MATSUSHITA Gentaro decides to adopt NAKANO Naohisa because Toramatsu (Manchiyo) returned to the Ii Family.

Nobu (Seiji Rokkaku, left), Manchiyo (Masaki Suda, centre) and Manpuku (Kai Inowaki, right) at the entrance of Hamamatsu Castle

In April 1575, TAKEDA Katsuyori takes up arms and Manchiyo hopes to participate in the battle. He plays cheap tricks to approach Ieyasu but he penetrates his wiles. And Nobu gets the knack of his work and becomes to place zoris in front of the vassals timely. One day OKUBO Tadayo, one of the vassals who doesn't appear the entrance at the usual time. He worries about preparing wood for umase, a kind of chavel de frise used in battlefield and Manchiyo offers his help to Tadayo to realise his wish to join the battle.

Tokugawa Ieyasu (Sadao Abe) develops strategy by playing go (***)

Manchiyo thinks that he can provide the wood from Ii-no-ya but there is ruled by KONDO Yasumochi now. O-Towa apologises to Ieyasu about it in her letter and then Ieyasu orders Yasumochi to provide the wood. And OKUYAMA Rokuzaemon, who now serves Yasumochi directs logging. Though he is not thought well by Yasumochi because of the dullness, he is eager to distinguish himself. So he seems to be so happy at the cutting site. But Manchiyo is ordered to remain in the castle and  he loses his control and shouts "That rotten nun!* Hang it all!" 

Okuyama Rokuzaemon (Miou Tanaka, right) tells O-Towa (Ko Shibasaki) that he is eager to distinguish himself

I think Manchiyo is too emotional while Manpuku is calm.

(*) Needless to say, it's O-Towa though she is not a priest now.
(**) The uprising of the believers of Jodo Shinshu, one of the schools of Buddhism in the 16th century Japan.
(***) It reminds me of SANADA Daisuke who compares go board to battlefield in "Sanada Maru".

The images are from the official website of "Onna Joshu Naotora".

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