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Manpuku 2

This is a continuation of Manpuku. In 1970, Expo'70 is held in Osaka and Manpei Tachibana plans to develop a new product. The product is also a noodle but it's contained in a kind of paper cup and it can be eaten even in the outdoors. This is modeled on Cup Noodles.

Then he tries to concoct soup for the product and occupies the kitchen in his house. It astonishes his mother-in-law Suzu who lives with his family includes her daughter Fukuko. And Gen, son of Manpei and Fukuko works at his father's company Manpuku Foods and is a member of the project team of the product. He is confused that he cannot keep up with Manpei who is a genius inventor and worries about it. Not only him, other members of the team puzzle over how to develop the new noodle and its container. Manpei who learns the worries of Gen from Fukuko changes his plan a bit.

Sachi, younger sister of Gen is on friendly with an American boy called Leonardo who visits Japan to see the expo. It also astonishes Suzu. And Katsuko Kōda, elder sister of Fukuko bother about her family especially Daisuke, son of her daughter Taka and Shigeru Kanbe who also works at Manpuku foods. Under such circumstances, Manpei's new product will be launched soon.

 Manpei (Hiroki Hasegawa, centre) explains the plan of the new product to the team
(From the twitter of "Manpuku")


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あなたとトゥラッタッタ/Anata to Turattatta (THE WAY I DREAM)


This song is the opening theme of "Manpuku" sung by DREAMS COME TRUE, Miwa Yoshida and Masato Nakamura. In this video clip, all of the dancers including the members and the musicians wear pajamas.

Sakura Andō as Fukuko Imai (later Tachibana) in the opening credits
(From the Instagram of "Manpuku" )

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"Manpuku" is a series of so-called "Asadora", morning drama series produced and broadcast by NHK. The main characters Fukuko and Manpei are modeled on Masako and Momofuku Andō. Momofuku Andō invented instant noodles.

In this series, Fukuko is the third daughter of the Imai Family and works at a hotel after graduating from Jogakkō, a high school for girls from Meiji period till 1948. Then she meets a strange man called Manpei Tachibana and they get married. But Manpei is falsely accused and the war breaks off. Fukuko, Manpei and Fukuko's mother Suzu evacuate to countryside. Manpei cannot go to the front because of the condition of his health.

After the war, Manpei is engaged in some business but end in failure. In 1950s he becomes a chairman of a credit association. However the association goes bankrupt and he goes broke. One day, he thinks out a plan of instant noodles when he has dinner.

Not only Fukuko, Manpei and their children but their relatives and friends appear also. Fukuko is described as a cheerful woman who always supports her husband while Manpei is a rather eccentric man who absorbes in one thing. Sakura Andō plays the role of Fukuko and Hiroki Hasegawa acts Manpei. Hasegawa will feature in "Kirin ga Kuru", a Taiga Drama series in 2020.

Fukuko massages the shoulders of Manpei who has returned home
(From the Instagram of "Manpuku")
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Hanako to Anne (Hanako and Anne)

This is an Asadora (the morning drama series produced and broadcast by NHK) broadcast from April to September 2014. It is written by Miho Nakazono, a scriptwriter who writes "Segodon" and describes the life of Hanako Muraoka who translated "Anne of Green Gables" into Japanese for the first time in Japan. She was born in Yamanashi and was educated at Toyo Eiwa Jogakkō, a private school for girls established by a missionary of the Methodist Church in Canada. 

Yuriko Yoshitaka as Hanako Muraoka (From NHK ONLINE)

In this series, the main character is Hana Andō (later Hanako Muraoka) who is born as the eldest daughter of a farmer. Though her family is so poor, she is interested in "Thumbelina" her father bought for her and enters a primary school. Then she goes to Tokyo and enters Shūwa Jogakkō modeled on Tōyō Eiwa Jogakkō as scholar. She learns English there and made some friends includes Renko Hayama who is modeled after Byakuren Yanagihara, a poet who is a cousin of Emperor Taishō. She takes an interest in translation when she works at a part-time at a publisher called Kōgakukan. After graduating, she goes back to Yamanashi and teaches children but returns to Tokyo and works at Kōgakukan as editor. Later she was given the original work of "Anne of Green Gables" by her former teacher. and decides to translate it. Both the main characters of the series and "Segodon" are born in a family that are not wealthy and experience difficulties in their young days but realised their wishes.

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"Aibou" and "Naruto Hichō"

In this post, I write about "Aibou" (Aibō), a long runnning TV serial. This is a detective drama series and describes Ukyo Sugishita, a police inspector of Tokyo Metropolitan Police department and his aibou (Partner) s. Though they are considered to be dead woods, they sometimes resolve an incident in an unexpected way.  And the supporting characters also attract the viewers.

Ukyo Sugishita (Yutaka Mizutani, left) and his current "aibou" Wataru kaburagi (Takashi Sorimachi)
(From the official website of TV Asahi)

And NHK is going to broadcast a historical play (jidaigeki) "Naruto Hichō" from next April. This is produced for the first time in forty years. It is based on the novel written by Eiji Yoshikawa that describes the activity of a secret agent of the Tokugawa shogunate who spies Tokushima domain. I will explain it in more detail later.
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The historical drama series of NHK other than Taiga Drama

"Onna Joshu Naotora" will reach the peak in the next episode in which ONO Tajimanokami Masatsugu meets his end. Besides Taiga Drama, NHK broadcasts some historical drama series.

Doyo Jidai Drama Series
The series is formerly called "Doyo Jidaigeki" (Historical Drama Series on Saturdays). A weekly program and many of the series are set in the Edo Period and most of them are fiictional.

Haru Kuroki as Mio in "Mio (Mi wo) tsukushi ryoricho", a series that describes a woman from Osaka becomes a cook in Edo

BS Jidaigeki
The series that is broadcast on BS Premium. Like Doyo Jidai Drama Series, most of the series are set in the Edo Period but some of them are set in other periods. Some of them are the remakes of the ones once broadcast by commercial stations.
NAKAMURA Baijaku as Denshichi in "Denshichi Torimonocho" (Second from the right)

In both series, 10 or 12-13 episodes are broadcast in one season.

Shogatsu Jidaigeki
A drama broadcast on New Year Holidays. In 2018, "Fuunji tachi - Rangaku kakumei hen" will be broadcast. This describes Dutch sholars (*) and politicians in the mid-Edo Period and is dramatised by Koki Mitani, who wrote "Sanada Maru". And some of the cast of the Taiga Drama series as Masao Kusakari, KATAOKA Ainosuke, Koji Yamamoto and Shinya Niiro appear in.

(*) Those who learn Dutch and medical science at that time. As the Netherlands was the only western country that traded with Japan, they learned Western world through studying Dutch. In this drama, their translation task of "Ontleedkundige tafelen" ("Anatomische Tabellen" in German) is mainly described.

The Images are from the official websites of "Mio tsukushi ryoricho" and "Denshichi Torimonocho".

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