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The Sengoku period 3

Especially in Taiga Drama series, so-called "San Eiketsu" (The Three Heroes), ODA Nobunaga , TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi and TOKUGAWA Ieyasu often appear in the ones set in the Sengoku period. However, none of them appear in a series called "Mōri Motonari" broadcast in 1997. The daimyo is known as a ruler of Chūgoku region who conquered neighbouring provinces by planning a stratagem but had no connection with San Eiketsu. It is a rare case but exciting.

NAKAMURA Hashinosuke (NAKAMURA ShikanVIII) as Mōri Motonari
(From the quidebook of the series)

In the series, NAKAMURA Hashinosuke (present NAKAMURA Shikan) plays the role of Motonari and needless to say, the lesson of the Three arrows is described. In the series, Motonari, who is born as second son of Mōri Hiromoto who rules a manor of Aki, western part of present Hiroshima. Motonari loses his parents in his childhood and is brought up by his father's second wife. As his elder brother Okimoto dies young, he takes over as the head of the family and strengthens his clan though he loses his heir Takamoto. He dies in the final episode. As for the Mōri clan, his grandson Terumoto (son of Takamoto) became the lord of the region but the territory was reduced because of the defeat at the Battle of Sekigahara. The Mōri clan made a comeback at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate.


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