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The Siege of Ueda in 1600

The siege of Ueda in 1600 was a battle of SANADA Masayuki and the army of TOKUGAWA Hidetada. Hidetada advanced to the west to fight against the West Army, led by ISHIDA Mitsunari. On the 2nd of September 1600, Hidetada approaches Ueda and SANADA Masayuki, lord of Ueda Castle appealed for mercy to him. But on the following day, he provoked Hidetada and they entered a state of war.

Sanada Masayuki (Masao Kusakari, left), Nobusgige (Masato Sakai) and TAKANASHI Naiki (Takeo Nakahara) prepare for the battle.

SANADA Nobuyuki, heir of Masayuki took the side of Tokugawa after the parting at Inubushi. But he did not want to fight against his father and younger brother Nobushige.Then he fought against them on the surface and shut himself in Toishi Castle. After that, Hidetada's soldiers began karita-rozeki (*) to lure Sanada's army out from the castle. As they anticipated, some soldiers go out and attacked by them.
Nobushige fight against...

Hidetada's men approached the main gate of Ueda Castle but they were attacked by the army of Masayuki with matchlocks. And the vans of Hidetada's army who tried to retreat encountered the rears and it made them be at a complete loss. Besides a dam, previously constructed on the upper reaches of Kan River was broken and the water gushed out. It drowned many of Hidetada's soldiers. And a skirmish still continued in the aftermath.

his elder brother Nobuyuki (Yo Oizumi) but it's not earnest

In "Sanada Maru", Nobuyuki and Nobushige fight on the surface based on historical fact. After Nobuyuki shuts himself in Toishi castle, Nobushige and his vassals conduct guerrilla war and attack the bases of the Tokugawa's side thoroughly. Hidetada's soldiers are in the tight corner and to make the matter worse, Kan River raises as a result of the long rain. Much rainfall is not unusual there in autumn. Hidetada who realises that he was trapped by Masayuki leaves there and hurries to Sekigahara though he was late for the battle.

Honda Masanobu (Masaomi Kondo, left) advises Hidetada (Gen Hoshino) that the Kan river will rise because of the rain
"It needs to prepare for the battle perfectly before it begins," says Masayuki. And the Sanada Army have a party to celebrate their win. When it is in full swing, Sasuke appears and tells them that the West Army was defeated at Sekigahara. It dumbfounds all of them.

They have a party to celebrate their win

(*) Karita rozeki is a strategy that soldiers lure their enemy out of the castle by reaping crops, especially rice irregularly. It means that they have the right of controlling the territory.


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