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I'll Stop Posting the Entries on "Kirin ga Kuru" and the Characters of the Series 11

This may be the last entry on "Kirin ga Kuru" in 2020. The broadcast of the series will be restarted on the 30th of August but I decided that I wouldn't watch it any more, however, I will keep on recording the series. But I'm not sure whether I will watch the videos or not. Like "Idaten", the series is disappointing for me also.

Ironically, thanks to the decision, I become to be interested in "Seiten o Tsuke", the series that will be broadcast in 2021 though I didn't expect it at first. Needless to say, I cannot tell the series attracts me or not unless I watch it in actuality - it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive. But now I expect the next year's series.

And the below are the cast of  "Kirin ga Kuru" that I haven't introduced yet.

KINOSHITA Tōkichirō or HASHIBA Hideyoshi (Kuranosuke Sasaki)

A son of a farmer of Owari. At first he plans to serve IMAGAWA Yoshimoto but then ODA Nobunaga. He beat Mitsuhide at the Battle of Yamazaki after the Honnoji Incident.


SAKUMA Nobumori (Nobuaki Kaneko*)

One of the vassals of Nobunaga


SHIBATA Katsuie (Masanobu Andō)

One of the vassals of Nobunaga


MŌRI Shinsuke (Tsubasa Imai)

One of the vassals of Nobunaga and beheads IMAGAWA Yoshimoto at the Battle of Okehazama.


Hōjin (Bengal)

A fictional figure. He is the man who tells Koma how to make a pill.


Genshin-ni (Kyoko Maya)

A grandmother of MATSUDAIRA Motoyasu (TOKUGAWA Ieyasu) and mother of O-Dai.


YAMAZAKI Yoshiie (Takaaki Enoki**)

One of the vassals of ASAKURA Yoshikage and kajin (waka poet).


(*) Kaneko appears in "Gunshi Kanbei" and acts KUSHIHASHI Sakyonosuke (Masakore), brother of Kanbei's wife Teru.
(**) Enoki appears in some Taiga Drama series and in "Taiheiki", he acts HINO Toshimoto, an aristocrat. The series is written by Shunsaku Ikehata who writes "Kirin ga Kuru"also but and I like it much better than this year's one.

The images are from the official website of "Kirin ga Kuru".


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The Future Development of "Idaten" and the reason why I stopped writing about the series

This may be the last entry on "Idaten" in English. This is the development of the story from now on and it is based on the story in the guidebook. 

Shisō and Yahiko Mishima take part in the Olympics 1912. However Yahiko withdraws his entry from the race and Shisō goes missing during the marathon race. He loses his memory in the race. Later he remembers that a local family gave him who is exhausted a glass of lemonade and a cinnamon roll. He returns to Japan and decides to clear his name next time. But the Olympics 1916 is canceled because of the WWI. He takes part in the Olympics 1920 in Antwerp but he cannot bring his ability into running. On the other hand, he marries Suya who loses her husband and then has a son. He tries to improve Japanese sports includes that of women and realises Hakone Ekiden.

Kōzō Minobe becomes a pupil of TACHIBANAYA Enkyō. But he drops put when going on tour to tell stories and is imprisoned because of lodging without money. He cannot tell stories on stage in Tokyo and stays in Shizuoka. Then he becomes to know a boy called Masaji who is a son of a sake brewer. He who is a member of a swimming society in Hamamatsu later enters the Asahi Shimbun and devotes himself to host the Olymics 1964.

After the Olympics 1912,Jigorō Kanō is confused becaus the Japan Amateur Athletics Association is deep in debt. He protests the cancellation of the Olympice 1916 but in vain. And in Antwerp 1920, he decides to retire.

Hyōzō Ōmori who heads the Japanese team in 1912 dies of tuberclosis.

In the post below, I write about why I stopped writing about "Idaten".

Shisō (NAKAMURA Kankurō VI,left) and Yahiko Mishima (Tōma Ikuta)

The image is from the twitter of "Idaten".

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The TV series is based on the novel by Jun Ikeido and was broadcast in 2017. The main character is Kōichi Miyazawa who is the fourth president of a long-established company of tabi in Gyōda, Saitama. However the business performance continues to hang low and he suffers financial embarrasments. Then he plans to make running shoes using the skill of making tabi. Though he faces the finaicial difficulties, a lack of workers and the pressure of a major sporting goods manufactur, he still tries to make new-style shoes.

As the series is set in a tabi company, Kōichi mentions Shisō Kanakuri who wore tabi when he ran in the races. And the role of Kōichi is played by Kōji Yakusho who acts Jigorō Kanō in "Idaten" but I prefer this series.

The word "Rikuoh" (Riku-ō) is the name for the shoes Kōichi plans to make but it's originally the name of a trial product of a pair of sport shoes made by his predecessor.

Kōji Yakusho as Kōichi Miyazawa in the series
(From the official website of "Rikuoh")

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『いだてん』関連投稿の中止について/ I'll Stop Posting the Entries on "Idaten"




At first, I apologise you who see the posts on "Idaten". To tell the truth, it's hard for me to enjoy series. There are some reasons why I think so. Firstly, the main characters seem to be described as those who are always full of energy. Secondly, I think the direction is a bit exaggerated. Thirdly, I cannot become familiar with a time travel method in the series - in every episode, some scenes are set in Meiji period but the other are set in Shōwa period. 

Kankurō Kudō who writes the script would prefer such methods. Indeed it's unique for Taiga Drama series, but it disappoints me a bit. Needless to say, there are some viewers who like  it and if such methods were used in a film or a stage play, I could enjoy them. 

I continue posting the entries about "Sego-don" and the history of Satsuma/Kagoshima. Besides I will write about "Kirin ga Kuru" if I get new information about it. And I will upload some entries related to the characters in "Idaten" and its summary until the end of February.

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This is the plot of "Shibahama" mentioned in the post on the 4th episode of "Idaten".

There was a man called Katsugorō. He was a peddler of fish and sold them well but he loved drinking sake very much. Because of this, he sometimes made a mistake and lived in poverty. One morning his wife got him out of bed so he went to buy in fish at a fish market in Shiba (Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo today). However it was too early so he washed his face at the beach (Shibahama) at twilight time and had a smoke. Then he found a leather purse at his feet and there was a large amount of money in it. He ran very fast to home and had a party with his friends. He drank sake heavily.

On the following morning, He who had a hangover was told by his wife that they had no money to pay for the sake he and his friends drank. He told her about the purse he picked up but she said that she didn't know about it. She also said that it was his dream. He looked for it but could not find it. So he thought it was a dream and made up his mind to give up drinking and set about his business in earnest.

From then on, he worked well and opened his shop on the main street three years later. His life became stable and had same saving. On the New Year's Eve of the year, he thanks his wife for having supported him and bows his head to her. Then she spoke about the purse he picked up three years ago. In reality, it was not his dream.  

She felt confused when she was shown a purse with a large amount of money. At that time, pocketing big money was a capital crime so she tried to avoid it. She consulted with the owner of the tenement house they live in about it. Then she told him it's a dream and he didn't pick up any purse. But the owner of the purse didn't appear so it was given to him.

He didn't blame his wife and thanked her who reformed him. She appreciated his effort and  offered him sake for the first time in a while. He once refused it but had his sake cup. However he put his cup down and said,
"I will stop drinking. I don't want to make this kind of happiness a mere dream".

(The wife of Katsugorō told him a lie that she wanted to reform him and avoid being executed because of pocketing the money. But he thought that his happiness always turns a dream so he stopped drinking on the New Year's Eve)

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