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The Vassals of NAGAO Kagetora (UESUGI Masatora)

USAMI Sadamitsu

Please see USAMI Sadamitsu

NAOE Sanetsuna

Please see NAOE Sanetsuna


He was the vassal considerably trusted by Kagetora and was skilful in war. He always was in the van of the attack. But it is said that he made a great achievement in domestic administration also recently. He has some legendary episodes and some say that he never married though he had a wife and sons. And others say that he betrayed Masatora (Kagetora) and was executed but he is said to have died of illness in reality.
In this series, he supports Kagetora and doesn't get on well with the former vassals of the Uesugi clan as ŌKUMA Tomohide. He puts an end to the life of TAKEDA Nobushige in the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima.

Kakizaki Kageie (Ken-ichi Kaneda)

HONJŌ Saneyori

He served NAGAO Harukage, elder brother of Kagetora at first but then served Kagetora who was more talented than his brother. He taught him stratagem and became one of his important vassals and participated in some battles.
In this series, he is described as a man who is loyal to Kagetora but opposes Ōkuma Tomohide, like Kakizaki Kageie.

Honjō Saneyori (Gen Kimura)

ŌKUMA Tomohide

Like his father Masahide, he served the Uesugi clan and was charge in tax payment but he served the Nagao clan later. But there was an internal struggle in the clan and he betrayed Kagetora and served the Takeda clan and obeyed TAKEDA Katsuyori until his death in 1582 and they shared the same fate.
In this series, he betrays Kagetora with the help of YAMAMOTO Kansuke and SANADA Yukitaka. He participates in the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima and offers two vassals of Shingen (*) sake before departure for the front.

Ōkuma Tomohide (Gorō Ōhashi)

(*) Akira Senju who was in charge of music and Kōji Kaminuma who wrote the title played the roles of the vassals.

The images are from the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan".

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MATSUDAIRA Motoyasu was a heir of MATSUDAIRA Hirotada who ruled Okazaki , Mikawa. He called himself TOKUGAWA Ieyasu later.

He was a hostage of IMAGAWA Yoshimoto and studied under TAIGEN Sūfu Sessai. He served in the Battle of Okahazama and enters Okazaki Castle, his family's castle after the death of Yoshimoto. Then he formed an alliance with ODA Nobunaga and also allied himself with  TAKEDA Shingen who conquered Suruga but it's dissolved soon after. Later he and Nobunaga attacked TAKEDA Katsuyori, heir of Shingen and destroyed his clan in 1582. After Nobunaga died because of Honnoji Incident, he served TOYOTOMI Hideyoshi. After his death, he made many of Hideyoshi's vassals serve him and win the Battle of Sekigahara. In 1603, he established Edo Bakufu and destroyed the Toyotomi clan in 1615. In the following year, he died at the age of 75.

In this series, he is a hostage of Yoshimoto and lives in his residence. He is familiar with Sessai and is told by him to establish a rule in the future but immediately after he dies. He joins Yoshimoto's army and carries provisions into Ōtaka Castle but disappears after the battle and is rumoured that he enters Okazaki Castle.

The image shows Keisuke Sakamoto as Matsudaira Motoyasu
(From the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan")

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SUWA Katsuyori

SUWA Katsuyori was a son (later heir) of TAKEDA Harunobu (Shingen) and a grandson of Suwa Yorishige.

He was born between Harunobu and his concubine Suwa Goryōnin, daughter of Yorishige in 1546. He took over the head of Suwa clan in 1562 and was appointed to the lord of Takato Castle later. His first battle was the attack on Minowa Castle in 1563 and he became the heir of the Takeda clan after his half brother Yoshinobu was disinherited. After the death of Shingen in 1573, he took over the head of the clan but was defeated by ODA Nobunaga and TOKUGAWA Ieyasu in the Battle of Nagashino in 1575. And then he failed in mediating the internal troubles of the Uesugi clan. Besides Nobunaga forces him into a difficult situation by making his vassals betray him. At last he committed suicide in March, 1582.

In this series, he is described as a young man who is obliged to live with his mother Yu-u hime and maids in Suwa in his childhood. But Kansuke who occasionally visits them and treats him kindly as if he were his real child. Though He intends to participate in the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima, Kansuke tells him that Shingen doesn't allow it and he enters Takashima Castle to provide logistic support.

The image shows Sōsuke Ikematsu as Suwa Katsuyori
(From the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan")

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TAKEDA Yoshinobu

TAKEDA Yoshinobu is a heir of Takeda Harunobu(Shingen)and a half brother of Takeda Katsuyori.

He was born as a heir of Harunobu and tutored by OBU Toramasa. His first battle was an attack on the Chiku clan in Shinano. In the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima, he distinguidshed himself and made a surprise attack on the headquarter of UESUGI Masatora (Kenshin).

However, Toramasa was executed in 1564 because of a secret conversation about the assassination of Harunobu. After that, he and Shingen became to oppose each other and he was ordered to confine himself in Tōkōji Temple (Yoshinobu Jiken). The reason why Toramasa planned the assassination is said that Shingen treated Yoshinobu coldly. Besides he was critical of his father’s invasion into Suruga as his wife was a daughter of IMAGAWA Yoshimoto.

He died in Tōkōji in 1567 and his wife returned to Suruga. There is the theory that he committed suicide but others say that he died of illness.

In this series, he is described as a prideful heir of the Takeda clan and familiar with his half brother Shirō, later Katsuyori. "Yoshinobu Jiken" is not described because the last scene of it is the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima.

The image shows Ryō Kimura as Takeda Katsuyori
(From the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan")

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OBU Masakage (YAMAGATA Masakage)

OBU Genshirō Masakage was a younger brother or a nephew of OBU Toramasa. He served TAKEDA Harunobu as his attendant and became one of his vassals in 1552. The armours of him and his vassals were red like those of Toramasa.

He distinguished himself in some battles but Toramasa was executed because of the scandal of Takeda Yoshinobu and the Obu clan was extinct. Then he was ordered to succeed the Yamagata clan and called himself YAMAGATA Masakage. After that he participated in attacking Kōzuke and Suruga and invaded Mikawa. However, Harunobu (Shingen) died in the middle of his campaign. 

Then he served Takeda Katsuyori who succeeded Harunobu but was treated coldly by him. He, BABA Nobuharu and other vassals who served Harunobu opposed the Battle of Nagashino but Katsuyori and the vassals who were close to him insisted to fight against ODA Nobunaga and TOKUGAWA Ieyasu there. But Katsuyori’s strategy was not effective.

He died in the battle at the age of 47.

In this series, he serves as attendant of Harunobu and is promoted to one of the vassals who can join the council (hyōjō). He participates in some battles especially a series of the Battle of Kawanakajima and gives a shout of victory for dead Kansuke with Harunobu and other vassals.

The image shows Yasuyuki Maekawa(*) as Obu Masakage
(From the DVD series of Fūrin Kazan)  


(*) Though real Yamabata Masakage is said to have been very small, he is over 185cm tall. 
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KASUGA Toratsuna (Kōsaka Masanobu)

Kasuga Danjō Toratsuna was a vasssal of TAKEDA Harunobu (Shingen) and Katsuyori. He was called Kōsaka Danjō Masanobu when he was adopted by Kōsaka Chikuzennokami Muneshige. But he called himself Kasuga Toratsuna again later.

He was born as son of a wealthy farmer in Kai, 1527. After the death of his father, he had a dispute about an inheritance with his sister and lost. Then he became to serve TAKEDA Harunobu as page and became the keeper of Komoro Castle in 1553. After that he constructed Kaizu Castle to strengthen the defenses of the Takeda clan. He participated in some battles including the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima and the Battle of Mikatagahara.

He was neglected at the time of the Battle of Nagashino in 1575. However, he proposed how Katsuyori should take control the clan after the war and committed the alliance of Kai and Echigo after Otate no Ran. Just after that, he died at the age of 52 and was succeeded by his second son Nobutatsu though he was executed by UESUGI Kagekatsu in 1582. And his family members were crucified by MORI Tadamasa who served ODA Nobunaga.

In this series, he became to know YAMAMOTO Kansuke who lodges his house before serving the Takeda clan. Then he served Takeda Harunobu also and later he is asked by Kansuke to marry his adopted daughter Ritsu.

The image shows Kōtarō Tanaka as Kasuga Toratsuna     
(From the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan")

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She is a fictional figure. She served Yu-u hime as maid and accompanied her when she goes to Kai from Suwa to become a concubine of TAKEDA Harunobu (Shingen).

But it is decided that Yu-u hime moves to Suwa and then she accompanied her again and served her and her son Shirō, later TAKEDA Katsuyori. She is a calm and thoughtful woman and supports her mistress who is prideful and strong-willed. When she dies of tuberculosis, she weeps bitterly. Then she is offered by YAMAMOTO Kansuke to serve him but she hopes to serve Shirō and thanks him for his kindness to Yu-u hime.

The image shows Akemi Ōmori as Shima
(From the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan")
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Momo hime (Sentō-in)

She was an elder sister of NAGAO Kagetora (later UESUGI Masatora then Kenshin) and married NAGAO Masakage. She gave birth four children between him includes Uesugi Kagekatsu. And she was a woman who recommended HIGUCHI Yoroku, later NAOE Kanetsugu as his page.

She married Masakage in 1551. After his death, she became a nun and was called Sentō-in. Then she lived in Kasugayama Castle but left there temporarily because of Otate no Ran, the internal troubles in the Uesugi clan after the death of Kenshin. After that, her son Kagekatsu succeeded Kenshin as the head of the clan and she returned to Kasugayama Castle and lived there again under his protection. When he moved to Aizu and then Yonezawa., she went along with him and died in 1609. she was over the age of eighty.   

In this series, she is called Momo though she is said to have been called Aya in reality. In her childhood, she often plays with her brother Kagetora and later she admonishes him who tends to be so idealistic. And she accepts the marriage with Masakage for the future of Echigo. When Masatora, former Kagetora participates in the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima, she prays his good fortune in battle with Unomatsu, later Kagekatsu.

The image shows Naomi Nishida as Momo hime
(From the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan")

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Hisa is a fictional figure. She is a daughter of YAZAKI Jūgorō and a wife of Yazaki Heizō.

When Heizō becomes to serve the Yazaki family, she loves him but marries the head of the Aruga clan. After Suwa is attacked by TAKEDA Harunobu, she divorces him and Jūgorō serves the ASHIDA clan though the clan is destroyed by Harunobu again. Then he serves MURAKAMI Yoshikiyo and she marries Heizō. But Jūgorō is killed in the battle against SANADA Yukita and his army. After Yoshikiyo is defeated by the Takeda Army, Heizō serves the Nagao clan first and then USAMI Sadamitsu. Not only her father and husband but she goes through a lot of hardships in her life.

They have two children and she hopes to make a happy home but Heizō has ambition to become a strategist like YAMAMOTI Kansuke with whom he has a strong sense of rivalry  because he serves Harunobu. After the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima, she prepares his supper and waits for him come home though his fate is unknown.

In this series, she calls him by his first name but it was rare for samurai-class woman at that time.  

The image shows Asami Mizukawa as Hisa
(From the DVD series of "Fūrin Kazan")

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She is a fictional figure. In this series, she is the youngest daughter of HARA Toratane who is cheerful and apt and a companion of O-Goto hime. He suggests to Kansuke that he should marry her. Kansuke who loves Yu-u hime at heart refuses it but after that she often visits his house and tells him that she loves him. Kansuke is perplexed and after the death of Yu-u hime, he visits Mt. Koya alone.

After returning to Kai, he tells Harunobu and Toratane that he would like to adopt her. Then he tries to make KASUGA Toratsuna marry her and plans to celebrate a wedding after the Fourth Battle of Kawanakajima. However, on the day of the battle she finds her Malici Kansuke gave her something unusual and realises that he died in the battle.

The image shows Aki Maeda as Ritsu
(From the video of "Furin Kazan")
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