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フレンズ『iをyou』/"i o you" by the Friends


The ending theme of "Kinō Nani Tabeta?" (What Did You Eat Yesterday?), a TV series produced and broadcast by TV Tokyo in 2019. Its film version will be released next November.


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Hanzawa Naoki

A new series of "Hanzawa Naoki" (Hanzawa is a family name in this case) will start on the 19th of July - the broadcast is delayed because of an epidemic of COVID-19. 

In the first series broadcast in 2013, Hanzawa, main character of the series works at a branch in Osaka of Tokyo Chuo Bank and tries to collect debts. However, it becomes clear that his boss Tadasu Asano plots to lay the responsibility of the uncollectible loan on him and Shunichi Kurosaki from the Financial Servicdes Agency also intends to trap him. 

After that he returns to Tokyo and tries to rebuild a hotel that gets into finance trouble but finds Akira Ōwada, executive director of the bank and Natsuko Hanē, managing director of the hotel conspire together to bankrupt the hotel intentionally. Ōwada is a man who didn't finance Hanzawa's father Shinnosuke who managed a small company and made him kill himself. Hanzawa orders Ōwada to prostrate himself in front of executive officers of the bank but he is finally transferred to a subsidiary company of the bank. Then the second series is going to start at last.

The words "Yararetara Yarikaesu" (An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth) in the first series was one of the vogue words in 2013.

Masato Sakai as Hanzawa Naoki (From the official website of TBS)

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Rugby in Japan 14

The Rugby World Cup starts on the 20th of September. Players were welcomed and got their caps. On the other hand, Wales coach Rob Howley was sent home because of his "potential breach" of betting rules.
(Sky News)

Japanese wing Kenki Fukuoka will not play for the opening match against Russia because his injury has not recovered perfectly.

In the 10th (and final) episode of "No Side Game", Kenji Wakisaka wins promotion by kicking Keiichiro Takigawa out of his position. It is him who told Yūya Kazama to hide the affair of oil and gets his account details because he has been his friend since high school. Hayato Kimishiha exposes it at director's meeting and corners him. Hayato also tries to stop his plan of abolishing the Astros. Wakisaka says that unless Japan Football Association changes its policy, rugby can never be popular and the president Shigenobu Tominaga is so concervative and dislikes change. But at the same time Hayato's phone rings. Shōsuke Kido, secretary of the association tells him that Tominaga was dismissed. Hayato asked Kido to have a meeting to dismiss him while director's meeting is held.

It is Wakisaka (Zen Ishikawa, left) who pulls the strings behind the scenes

Though director's meeting is over, Hayato has another hurdle. It is a final match against the Cyclones that lead in the first half and Jō Hamahata hurts his injured knee again. But he is going to play in the second half also and tells Hayato that this is the last match for him. Takuma Saimon makes Keita Nanao join the match. Then these two players lead the second half and Keita kicks three drop goals and scores 9 points. Though being pressured by the Cyclones, the Astros win the match at last and Jō who contributed to the victory despite his injury is praised by both teams after the match.

The Kimishima family, Maki (Takako Matsu, left), Hayato (Yō Ōizumi, second from the left), Naoto (Atsuki Morinaga) and Hiroto (ICHIKAWA Ukon) celebrate the victory 

After that Hayato becomes to work at the main office of TOKIWA MOTORS again and his position is succeeded by Jō. One day he visits the ground in Fuchū and finds Takigawa also visits there. They talk about rugby and Hayato remembers that he was told whether rugby in needed or not in Japan by him before. Hayato tells him that rugby and the spirit of "No Side" are needed since there are many problems in the world even if "No side" is a fantasy used only in Japan. Then Takigawa says to Hayato, "If Japan becomes stronger enough to cope with major rugby countries, you are the very man to introduce the spirit to them".

Hayato talks about rugby with Keiichirō Takigawa (Takaya Kamikawa, right)

Children who play mini rugby under the coaching of the Astros, especially scrum half Hajime Sasa run to the ground. It is them who are responsible for the next generation of rugby.

And children who are responsible for the next generation of rugby runs to the ground
The images are from the official website of TBS.

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Rugby in Japan 13

National teams from various countries now stay in Japan to train themselves for the Rugby World Cup that starts from next Friday. The below is an image of some staffs of Welsh national team and Kokura Castle in Kitakyushu that is lit up in red, national colour of Wales. The team live together in a training camp in the city.

(Nishinippon Shimbun)

In the 9th episode of "No Side Game", Keiichirō Takigawa is forced to resign from his position because of the falsification of the data of Kazama Coprpration's oil. Kenji Wakisaka takes his place them but his real intention is reducing the budget and he thinks the Astros are not necessary for the company. And unlike Takigawa who also doesn't think of the team, his idea is not theoretical. It depresses Hayato Kimishima and players become vaguely aware of his worry. Then Hayato dares to tell the players about it and then Jō Hamahata says that they should unite to overcome such hardships.

Hayato (Yō Ōizumi) tells the players about the reduction of budget of rugby team

The season 2018-19 starts and the Astros are on a winning streak. Especially Keita Nanao is  an outstanding player but he cannot play in the ruck because he injured his knee in a ruck play when he was a member of New Zealand under-20 rugby team. Then Jō Hamahata comes back to the team as standoff in the match against the Braves whose strong point is jackalling and he plays so well after the breakdown. Though Jō injures his knee in the ruck in the first half, he decides to keep playing and Takuma Saimon has the same idea. Jō says to Keita who worries about his injury at half-time.
"It's true that I worry about my knee but we should win this match. So I will keep playing. That's all".

Takigawa (Takaya Kamikawa, right) hints to Hayato that Wakisaka directs things from behind the scenes.

After the match, Hayato sees Takigawa in the stadium. He paid for the ticket out of his own pocket and tells him it was a good match. Then he also tells him that his father played rugby but he couldn't because of the failure of his family's business. And he wanted to get his own back to Yūya Kazama who has looked down on him since their university days. Hayato feels that the real mastermind is not him but Wakisaka in everything he says. Takigawa says Hayato's game is not over and encourages him not to lose it and leaves.

Shō Sakurai will appear in the final episode that will be broadcast on the 15th September. He is a member of a boy band "Arashi" and one of the special supporters of the World Cup 2019. Toshiaki Hirose who plays the role of Jō Hamahata was his fellow-student at Keio University.

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Rugby in Japan 12

Last Friday, Japan were beaten by South Africa in the test at Kumagaya Stadium. The final score was 41-7. However, they were not defeated thoroughly and did well in a scrum play. So they should use this experience to win against Russia, Ireland, Samoa and Scotland in the World Cup.

It was a surprise that Chester Williams died. May his soul rest in peace.

In the 8th episode of "No Side Game", Keiichi Takigawa's acquisition is almost successful. And Hayato Kimishima plans to talk about the problem of building a golf course with those who are against it. During the discussion, a man who is called Naeba says that Shōichi Morishita, professor of Teito Institute of Technology who led them retired from the movement about five months ago. And it is him who checked the banker oil of Kazama Corporation and said there was no problem. However, Nobuteru Hoshino of TOKIWA MOTORS Research Institute tells Hayato that he didn't check the sample of Kazama Corporation's oil so he couldn't compare his data with that of Morishita. It seems that Morishita falsified the data of the oil and retired from the movement in exhange for the cost of the operation and leaving his memorable gingko tree in the coarse. His daughter Mana is seriously ill.

Hayato (Yō Ōizumi, left) and Nobuteru (Jingi Irie, centre) visit the laboratory of Shōichi Morishita (Kazunaga Tsuji, right)

Hiroshi Aono who works at Fuchū Green Country visits a Japanese restaurant to meet Yūya Kazama and Takigawa and hands an expensive wine to Kazama as present. Aono tells Takigawa that he played rugby before but retired because of injury. Takigawa asks him why he didn't cure it completely. Then he drinks it with Kazama and tastes the sweets of his success. When he was a student, he dined at an exclusive restaurant with his friends whose fathers were wealthy and Yūya was one of them. Takigawa became diffident and he still remembers that Yūya despised him. But now he becomes to own his company. At the same time, Hayato invites Aono to  a selection match of the Astros and tells him about the banker oil and his meditation in the club house. He emphasises,
"I want to protect TOKIWA MOTORS and the Astros so I ask you to give evidence for me that the oil is inferior because Professor Morishia has gone to the US with his daughter".

Keita Nanao (Gōdon Maeda) is surprises that he is selected as one of the starters of the first match of the season 

Keita Nanao injured his knee when he was in New Zealand and lacks in stamina. Jō Hamahata points out that his lack of stamina is caused by his injury and brings him to an acupuncture clinic to make his knee be treated. After that Keita becomes to feel much better than before and plays well in the selection match. Then Takuma Saimon announces  the starters of the first match of the season and Keita is included in them instead of Jō. Jō hugs him and says,
"I hope you will keep it up".

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No Side Game Episode 7

Nobuteru Hoshino tells Hayato Kimishima that there is no problem in Kazama Corporation's oil. On the other hand, Saburō Tsuda, head coach of the Cyclones offers Jō Hamahata to join his team but he finally turns down it. However, Ryōta Satomura who is a key player of the Astros like Jō accepts his offer. Tsuda attempts to weaken the Astros who are eager to win the championship this season. Ryōta decides to quit the Astros and TOKIWA MOTORS (*) and doesn't join the training with his teammates any more. He also thinks about playing abroad in the future.

Ryōta's behaviour alienates other members and he then comes into collision with Hayato Kimishima and Takuma Saimon over his transfer.  Hayato decides that he never accepts his transfer. If he does so, Ryōta won't be able to play for the Cyclones for one season. 

Ryōta Satomura (Sō Kaku, right) comes into collision with Hayato Kimishima (Yō Ōizumi, left) and Takuma Saimon (Ryōhei Ōtani, centre) over his transfer

Hayato's son Hiroto is selected for a scrum half of B team but a boy who fails to be selected quits the team. Hayato feels sorry for him but later he learns why he quits the team is because of his family's move. Then Hitoro, Ryūichi and his friends play rugby for him on the way home. Hayato tells him that rugby bonds him and his friend though they are far apart.

Some people who are against building a golf course by Fuchū Green Country because Hiroshi Aono, who is in charge of building the course decided to restart it. Then he tells Hayato that he expects the play of Ryōta and it makes Hayato feel confused. And Yūya Kazama, president of Kazama Corporation who is also involved with the course tells Keiichirō Takigawa that his company will be owned by TOKIWA MOTORS soon because the due diligence of the company is over. Keiichirō says that the company will be not owned by TOKIWA MOTORS but HIMSELF.

Ryōta occupied with the job told by his boss who never treats him specially because he won't play for the Astros any more (**). Then Jō approcahes and tell him to go out for training and he will do the rest instead. There Ryōta who sees Tetsu Kishiwada helps Yūki Tomobe practice tackling and then he replaces Tetsu. It's hard for Yūki to tackle a speedy player and Ryōta puts him to hard training and at last Yuki tackles him well. Jō, who goes out and sees the scene asks him whether he intentionally made him catch him or not but Ryōta says nothing.

Ryōta quits the Astros and TOKIWA MOTORS and goes out from the club house. Then the lamps of the ground light up suddenly and Hayato , Takuma and his teammates appear. Tetsu tells him that the Astros will play fair and defeat the Cyclones and they wish he will play without blemishing his career with clouding hid reputation. On the previous day, Jō tells his teammate that he was also offered by the Cyclones  to join them and it will be a loss for Ryōta if he cannot play for one season and it’s the pride for the Astros to have a player like him. Then Hayato says that he will accept his transfer and hands him a document that proves it. Ryōta sheds tears of gratitude and leaves the team.

Tetsu Kishiwada (Mitsuomi Takahashi), captain of the Astros approaches Ryōta with Hayato, Takuma and his teammates and wishes the success of Ryōta.

Later Takuma tells Hayato why Ryota quits the team is because of the growth of Hajime Sasa. Hajime is the very man for the scrum half of the Astros and not only him but other players improve themselves thought friendly rivalry also. And a new poster of the team is printed. Maki sees it and says that they seems to be more delightful than themselves last season.  

(*)(**) Under the company amateurism of Japan, players play for the teams owned by their company and train themselves after finishing their jobs. So if a player decide to transfer like Ryōta or retire, they should devote themselves to the main jobs. However there are many professional players in Top League teams and a complete professional league will start in 2021.
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Rugby in Japan 11

Japanese national squad entered camp in Hokkaido and they played a practice match against Yamaha Jubilo yesterday. And today, hundreds of fans came to see their training camp and some players visits a local primary school in the afternoon. 

On the other hand, Yūichirō Fujii who is in charge of strengthening national team says that Jamie Joseph should continue coaching Japan after the World Cup. Katsuyuki Kiyomiya, vice president of the JRFU has the same idea.

In the 6th episode of "No Side Game", Hayato Kimishima tries to ask the executives of TOKIWA MOTORS to approve the budget of 14 thousand million yen a year for the Astros though they couldn't win the championship. And Hiroshi Shimamoto, president of the company approves it putting his presidential post on the line. Then Takuma Saimon asks Keita Nanao who entered the company after returning from New Zealand and decides to play rugby he once quitted. But Kenji Wakisaka who is a former boss of Hayato asks him to return to the head office to investigate the background of the acquisition of Kazama  Corporation. It seems that there is something evil behind the scene. Hayato is worried because his son Hiroto becomes to like playing rugby.

Hiroto (ICHIKAWA Ukon, left) asks Hajime Sasa (HAYASHIYA Tamahei) how to pass the ball

Hitoro Motonami, one of the experienced players of the Astros announces his retirement and he says that it's regrettable that he couldn't celebrate winning the championship with his teammates. So Hayato tells Wakisaka that he wants to carry out as GM. He also plans to improve the current system of Platinum league but the officials of Japan Football Association but is rejected. One day Nobuteru Hoshino who works at a research institute of TOKIWA MOTORS tells Tetsu Kishiwada and Hayato that the bunker oil of Kazama Corporation is thought to be inferior.

Nobuteru Hoshino (Jingi Irie, right) talks with Tetsu Kishiwada (Mitsuomi Takahashi, second from the left) and Hayato Kimishima (Yō Ōizumi) about the banker oil of Kazama Corporation

Hayato plans to hold a thanksgiving event for the Astros' fans. The chief attraction of the event is a practice match between the starting players and the reserves. Keita who plays one of the reserves kicks three drop goals and makes his side win the match. It surprises not only the fans but Saburō Tsuda, coach of the Cyclones who also checks the match also and after the event he meets a man. The man is Jō Hamahata of the Astros. 

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Rugby in Japan 10

The 15th of August was the anniversary of the end of the Pacific War. According to a tweet of NIKKEI Rugby, Michael Leitch who captains Japan says that his grandfather who was a military officer. During the war, he confronted the Japanese army in Papua New Guinea but they went separated their ways without killing their enemies. Leitch says that there is a kind of unbreakable tie between him and Japan.

It is said that some breweries in Japan plan to increase the production of beer to welcome rugby fans especially from abroad. And on the 16th of August, former Japanese international Ayumu Gorōmaru attended an event of rugby and encourages Japanese national team.

Gorōmaru at an event of POLO rugby with POLO BEAR and Hirona Yamazaki who is an actress.

In the 4th episode of "No Side Game", Keiichirō Takigawa who watches an opportunity to become next president of TOKIWA MOTORS meets Yūya Kazama, a president of KAZAMA Corporation that is to be pursued by TOKIWA MOTORS. He was a classmate of Takigawa at Meisei Gakuen University and Takigawa intentionally leaks the news of the acquisition to the press. On the other hand, Takuma Saimon who is a former classmate of Hayato Kimishima worries about how he should do to make the Astros win against the Cyclones. He then plan to strengthen reloading by checking a video. 

Keiichirō Takigawa (Takaya Kamikawa, right) meets Yūya Kazama (NAKAMURA Shikan) 

And Hayato plans a press meeting sponsored by TOKIWA MOTORS before the match against the Cyclones to give both Takuma and Saburō Tsuda who coaches the Cyclones the chances of speaking about the match. Takuma's self-confidence overawes Saburō and Makoto Kagihara, GM of the team. On the match day, Hiroto Kimishima, son of Hayato wears a shirt of the mini rugby team coached by Hajime Sasa, a reserve of scrum half. In the match the Astros play well and in the second half, Takuma tells Hajime whose shirt number is 21 to play. Then Hayato stands up and shows him his number that is 21 also. Hajime confuses his opponents by passing but they lose the match by a narrow margin. It influences the future activities of the team.   

Jō Hamahata (Toshiaki Hirose, right) tackles his opponent

The images are from the official website of TBS.

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Rugby in Japan 9

In the Pacific Nations Championship, Japan beat the US Eagles in Suva, Fiji and won the championship. Though their play against the Eagles was not perfect, I think their defense against the eagles was well. After the squad for the World Cup was selected in early September, they will play the test against South Africa at Kumagaya Stadium, Saitama.

Japanese internationals celebrate their victory after the match against the Eagles

And the Wallabies beat the All Blacks by the Wallabies 47 to 26. It's a record win indeed. For the details of the two tests of the teams formerly coached by Eddie Jones, please check the article on the official website of World Rugby below.

And in Osaka, Kobe Steel Cobelco Steelers won Top League Cup by defeating Kubota Spears. 

In the 4th episode of "No Side Game", the Astros win successively in the Platinum league but Keiichirō Takigawa, who thinks having a rugby team is unprofitable and is eager to purchase Kazama Corporation to become next president. And Hayato thinks it needs to make the league known more to attract potential fans of rugby. Then he asks a business magazine to publish the Astros but Makoto Kagihara, a GM of the Cyclones, their rivals that are unbeaten advertises for the magazine and asks an editor to publish his team. As a result, it covers the Cyclones rather than the Astros. In addition, Hajime Sasa, a member of the Astros makes a mistake during work and an order of golf carts produced by Tokiwa Motors is cancelled.

Keiichirō Takigawa (Takaya Kamikawa) who is eager to purchase Kazama Corporation to become next president is indifferent to the Astros 

Hajime is an earnest man who works for the team behind-the-scenes of his own accord and helps Taē Sakura who analyses the deta of the players. Hajime feels responsible for the cancel and the injury of Ryōta Satomura, ace player of the Astros during the practice match he suggested. He asks Hayato for leaving the team but he stops him. At last Hayato learns that the cancel is not caused by Hajime's mistake but there is another reason. Though other members complain of his mistake and suggestion that led Ryōta to injury, they trust him in fact. And Taē tells Hayato it is her responsibility because she wanted to check all players during the match. Hayato tells her that she is a role model of data analyst of rugby team. Then she tells him that her father formerly played for the Astros before and that's why she workd at Tokuwa Motors and analyses the data of the players.

Hayato Kimishima (Yō Ōizumi, left) stops Hajime Sasa (HAYASHIYA Tamahei) from leaving the team

Hiroto, son of Hayato enjoys playing rugby and seeing matches. However he becomes to have a poor record on the othere hand so Hayato tells him to overcome the things he is not good at step by step. It also goes for his management of the Astros. 

The images are from the official website of World Rugby and TBS.

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Kinō Nani Tabeta? (What Did You Eat Yesterday?) Trivia

Though the broadcast of "Kinō Nani Tabeta?" on TV Tokyo finished, it is still being broadcast by its BS Channel. And the exhibitions on the series were or was held in Tokyo and is held in Nagoya now. It is said that a sequel to the series will be produced in the future.

As the series is themed on cooking and dining,  a food stylist Shinya Yamazaki joins the staff and cooks the food in the series. The images below are some pieces of mochi (rice cake) that is imitated to pizza and strawberry jam. Yamazaki says that the meals of Shirō and Kenji are not special but ordinary so he tries to show them more natural. He also says both Hidetoshi Nishijima as Shirō and Seiyō Uhcino as Kenji were satisfied with the jam when the episode 2 (in which the jam appears) was shot. 

In the comics the series is based on, there is various food cooked by Shirō more than those in the TV series. If the production of the sequel is realised, more food will be introduced.

きのう何食べた?ピザ風もち      きのう何食べた?イチゴジャム

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