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愉快な四人組の冒険2/The Adventure of the Cheerful Four2





The Adventure of the Cheerful Four 2

The Sholto twins are attacked also. Holmes and Watson hurry to nurse's office where the twins are heared about the affair by Grimesby Roylott, who is in charge of giving life guidance of pupils after the treatment of their injury. Holmes asks them who did it but they try to keep it a secret and insist that it's caused by the quarrel between them. School nurse Irene Adler tells Holmes and Watson that both the twins have scratch marks but their nails are not long. And She asks Holmes whether he is rewarded for solving affairs or not. Holmes answers her that the work is his reward.

Holmes and Watson enter the twin's room despite the warning of Gordon Lestrade, member of life-guidance committee who is told not to enter any pupil into there. Then Holmes finds a small handprint left in ointment that Watson gave Thady who complained itch on the previous day. He also finds one piece of the score of "Agra Treasure" left with other ones. Holmes realises that the offender is still in the school to steal it and brings Toby from Sherman's shed to the room. He makes Toby learn the smell of ointment and chase the offender but it ends in failure for the dog chases not the smell of the offender but that of Watson who uses the ointment regularly. Next Holmes gathers "Baker House Irregulars", a group of rats includes the leader Wiggins and at last they find a mailman Jonny with Tonga and make him fall from the roof of Dealer House, where he goes up on to avoid Toby. Holmes, Watson and Mary arrives at where he falls and Holmes tells him that the game is over.

The offender is Jonny but the reason is not the exclusion from the Treasures. Jonny tells them that "Agra Treasure" is a song made by him whose original title is "You Are My Treasure". It is retitled after Agra that Abdullah tells Arthur probably. The song is taken down in musical notation by Arthur for Jonny cannnot write a score. Arthur once told him that he declined entering a music competition between schools only for pupils. But he decides to enter it again with the song whose title is changed to "Agra Treasure"and some of the words are modefied. It makes Jonny angry and he steal the score of the song at midnight with the help of Tonga. Mary apologises him on behalf of her brother but then Arthur appears before them. At nurse's office, he says that the discord among them doesn't bring good harmony and he and the Sholto twins reconcile with Jonny finally. Besides Holmes discloses that it's Jonny also who sent postcards to Mary every week before her entering to Beeton School for he loved and still loves her. It's all settled but Watson has a rival in love now.

「愉快な四人組」登場パペット/The puppets appear in the episode.

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