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愉快な四人組の冒険1/The Adventure of the Cheerful Four






The Adventure of the Cheerful Four (Yukai na yoningumi no boken)
based on "The Sign of the Four"

One morning John H. Watson gets up and finds Sherlock Holmes studies how to make big soap bubbles all night and is anxious about his heath. Then Mrs. Hudson and a mailman called Jonathan Small surprise them by entering 221B while singing.

On the previous night, Arthur Morstan, a pupil of Archer House and member of chorus club was attacked and got injured. His younger sister Mary Morstan visits 221B of Baker House and requests Holmes to find out the truth behind the affair. Watson falls in love with her at one sight and interviews her as if he were a detective, ignoring his roommate. Soon after they visit Arthur's room and begin examinating with the help of Abdullah, roommate of Arthur and they find that the offeder stole into the room from the skylight. Holmes and Mary get up on the roof and discover small handprints there. Watson tries to get up on the roof also but falls from the roof and injures his cheek.

Holmes connects the pieces of paper found in Arthur's room and finds it's the paper with the signs of four people - Arthur, Bart, Thady, and Jonny. He asks Langdale Pike to check who they are. Pike sells Watson two containers of ointment with the smell of peppermint as substitute for search fee and Watson cures his injury with it.

Accrding to the search of Pike, Bart and Thady are Thaddeus and Bartholomew Sholto, the twins who are the members of chorus club and do musical activities with Arthur. Holmes, Watson and Mary meet Thady who tells them that he, Bart, Arthur form a vocal group "The Treasures" and their song "Agra Treasure" made by Arthur gathers many fans. The group is going to enter a musical competition between schools but they are obliged to remove Jonny as a member for he is not a pupil of Beeton School. Thady emphasises that the offender is Jonny who bears other members a grude over it. Then Bart goes back to the room and makes them go away by threat. Holmes thinks there is another reason why Arthur is attacked and Pike tells him that Jonny is a mailman who delivers mail in the school. Holmes identifies Jonny as Jonathan Small. That night Jonny hides himself in the school with his pet monkey Tonga.

The Treasures
The Trearures: Jonny, Arthur, Thady and Bart (from left to right)

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