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The Adventure of Henry Baskerville and a Dog 2

"The Adventure of Henry Baskerville and a Dog" is based on "The Hound of the Baskervilles" and "The Adventure of the Dancing Men". Watson starts investigating a Monster Dog instead of Holmes who is busy with decoding the stick figures used in the message found in the school. But his search doesn't make satisfactory progeress. Above all he wants to know whether Mary goes about with Baskerville or not but she tries to keep it a secret somehow. This is because Jack Stapleton, one of her childhood friends digs fossils near them in the fossil digging spot. He loves Mary and harasses the boys who approach to her.

Baskerville is modelled on Prince William and looks a well-bred young man but dog hating since his childhood and self-conciousness are his faults. As well as Watson, he is in love with Mary but the appearance of the Monster Dog makes him leave her behind when they have t.heir first date. Baskerville vists there again with her to redeem his honour but he did the same thing again. Besides he is shocked by his unwashed sock is in Mary's bag for he worries about the smell of his foot. It proves fatal to his love and he leaves the spot. Watson who sees him says to himself that a love is lost with a bragging face which is unusual for him.

It is Stapleton who puts Baskerville's sock in Mary's bag and he advised Baskerville to visit the digging spot with Mary before their first date. He planed to harass Baskerville from the beginning and plans to do the same thing to Watson and asks him what he dislikes.Watson answers it's banana for he was locked into a warehouse of bananas and had to keep off his hunger by eating bananas only for three days in his childhood.That's why Stapleton disguises himself as banana but Watson never leaves Mary behind him, needless to say. On the contrary, he saves Stapleton who falls into a bottomless swamp while Holmes spends time what is the best way to save him and cocludes that it's calling a person.

On the other hand, Holmes vents his anger upon Agatha who deciphers all codes prior to him and tells her that she disturbe his decoding. The scene reminds me of Sherlock's bahaviour to Molly in "Sherlock". Anyway, Holmes who recognises her talent requests her to be his assistant using the stick figures. Such idea is typical of him.

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