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Kinō Nani Tabeta? (What Did You Eat Yesterday?) 12

On New Year's Day, Shirō and Kenji wears a suit and visits Shirō's parents, Gorō and Hisaē . They sit around table and get tense. Then Hisaē stands up and tell her son to help her cook kara-age (Japanese style fried chicken). And Gorō asks kenji to see Shiro's photo in his high school days. Gorō says that he was a serious boy but he thought it waN7t good. Kenji tells him that he knew he was a gay at that time so he avoided working as office worker. Because the co-workers around him tend to introduce him marriage partner so he became a lawyer. Kenji says he also knew in his teens and that's why he became a hair stylist. Kenji becomes close to Gorō.

Shirō (Hidetoshi Nishijima, right) and Kenji (Seiyō Uchino) visit Shirō7s parent's house

Hisaē offers Kenji the chickens she cooked. He eats one of them and says, "Yummy! So great!" Immediately after Gorō and Hisae go out of the room so Kenji and Shiro feel embarrassed. After a short time they return as if nothing has happened. Kenji is delighted with the meal and goes home with Shirō in high spirits. Shirō tells him that Gorō thought that one of a gay couple was disguised himself as a woman so they left the room to talk about it during dining. Though Shirō feels confused about it, Kenji doesn't mind it is glad to have visited his parent's house.  

Shirō and Kenji go shopping

On the following day, Shirō and Kenji go shopping at Nakamuraya and then Kenji takes his partner to a cafe near the station that is popular among women. Shirō feels uneasy but he decides to go along with Kenji as far as he can from now. After returning home, Kenji trims his back hair while he calculates their food expenses. He tells Kenji to go to the cafe again. Kenji is so happy with the words and surprises him by hugging him from behind with scissors in his hand. After that they prepare their dinner cheerfully and Kenji thanks Shirō who cares about the scratch he gets while cooking.

They prepare their dinner in the kitchen

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