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Kinō Nani Tabeta? (What Did You Eat Yesterday?) 12

On New Year's Day, Shirō and Kenji wears a suit and visits Shirō's parents, Gorō and Hisaē . They sit around table and get tense. Then Hisaē stands up and tell her son to help her cook kara-age (Japanese style fried chicken). And Gorō asks kenji to see Shiro's photo in his high school days. Gorō says that he was a serious boy but he thought it waN7t good. Kenji tells him that he knew he was a gay at that time so he avoided working as office worker. Because the co-workers around him tend to introduce him marriage partner so he became a lawyer. Kenji says he also knew in his teens and that's why he became a hair stylist. Kenji becomes close to Gorō.

Shirō (Hidetoshi Nishijima, right) and Kenji (Seiyō Uchino) visit Shirō7s parent's house

Hisaē offers Kenji the chickens she cooked. He eats one of them and says, "Yummy! So great!" Immediately after Gorō and Hisae go out of the room so Kenji and Shiro feel embarrassed. After a short time they return as if nothing has happened. Kenji is delighted with the meal and goes home with Shirō in high spirits. Shirō tells him that Gorō thought that one of a gay couple was disguised himself as a woman so they left the room to talk about it during dining. Though Shirō feels confused about it, Kenji doesn't mind it is glad to have visited his parent's house.  

Shirō and Kenji go shopping

On the following day, Shirō and Kenji go shopping at Nakamuraya and then Kenji takes his partner to a cafe near the station that is popular among women. Shirō feels uneasy but he decides to go along with Kenji as far as he can from now. After returning home, Kenji trims his back hair while he calculates their food expenses. He tells Kenji to go to the cafe again. Kenji is so happy with the words and surprises him by hugging him from behind with scissors in his hand. After that they prepare their dinner cheerfully and Kenji thanks Shirō who cares about the scratch he gets while cooking.

They prepare their dinner in the kitchen

The images are from the official website of TV Tokyo.

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Rugby in Japan 7

Japanese national rugby team are at training camp to prepare themselves for the tests against Fiji and Tonga, and the US in the Pacific Nations Cup. And they will play a warm-up match against South Africa on the 6th of September.

And TBS, one of commercial broadcasting stations broadcasts a TV series "No Side Game".  In it, the main character Hayato Kimishima works at a fictional company Tokiwa Motors. But he is transferred to the company's factory because he is opposed to his boss Keiichirō Takigawa. There he holds the posts of the chief of the general affairs and a GM of the Astros, rugby team of the company. Though the Astros had good results in the Platinum League in the past, they make a poor showing recently and is regarded as good-for-nothing. Hayato has no interest in rugby at first and plans to fold the team despite the complaints of players. However, Takigawa's real intention makes him become to strengthen the team.

Hayato Kimishima (Yō Ōizumi, centre) holds the posts of the chief of general affairs and GM of the company's rugby team 
(From the official website of TBS)

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Kinō Nani Tabeta? (What Did You Eat Yesterday?) 11

December has come again. Shirō visits his parent's house and helps his mother Hisaē cook dinner and thinks his cooking style follows that of her.  It's unusual for her to cook a heavy meal as tonkatsu (pork cutlet) because her husband Gorō went through an operation recently. But Shirō realises that she cooked it for him. Gorō and Hisaē tell him to bring Kenji home next New Year holidays because he is his partner.

Kenji (Seiyō Uchino) buys a new Christmas tree

Kenji buys a new Christmas tree for him and Shirō who plans to invite  Daisaku Kohinata and his partner Wataru Inoue to their home. Though Daisaku planned to dine at a restaurant with Wataru, Shirō and Kenji but Shirō thinks it costs so much. And his boss Yoshiē Uemachi tells him that she will have a rich New Year’s Eve party not to disturb the family of her son Osamu. On the next weekend, Shirō visits Kayoko tominaga to share onions. Howeder, he and her husband worry about their daughter Michiru who has lived with her lover for years but doesn't wish to marry him. He thinks that parents always worry about the future of their children.

Wataru (Hayato Isomura, far left) and Daisaku (Kōji Yamamoto, second from the left) are invited by Shirō (Hidetoshi Nishijima, second from the right) and Kenji

Daisuke and Wataru visits them. Kenji welcomes them putting a ring on his finger. Daisuke gives them a bottle of cold champagne and cake. However, Wataru who is outspoken in his minds says,
"You are careless about decorating this room,"
"We intended to dine at a restautrant but Daisuke had to cancel the reservation."
"What a menu! Are you going to make me get flabby?"
"I don't like celery."
"I don't like Manila clam because its has sand in its shell."
"I won't return home until I eat the cake".
So Daisuke admonishes him and he finally eats everything. And he enjoys the milk tea flavoured sherbet also cooked by Shirō.
Then Shiro declares that he will take Kenji his parent's home on the New Year's Day. Though Wataru teases him, Shirō decides to introduce Kenji to Gorō and Hisaē to show them that he in not so unhappy as they think. Kenji agrees with his idea.

Wataru (right) asks Daisaku to reserve the restaurant again and buy a ring for him

On their way home, Wataru tells Daisuke that he found him in tears while Shiro was talking. He also says that he never weeps at his talk and Daisuke is made to promise to go to dine at a restaurant with him though he once cancelled the reservation. Wataru also asks him to buy a ring for him because he envies Kenji who puts on a ring (*). 

Shirō talks with Hisaē on the ohone and tells her that he will take Kenji to their house, It makes Kenji feel happy.

(*) Wataru really wants Daisaku to treat him kindly and realise his hopes. 

The images are from the official website of TV Tokyo.

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Kinō Nani Tabeta? (What Did You Eat Yesterday?) 10

The episode 10. Reiko, wife of Hiroshi Miyake plans to make a beauty treatment clinic in her husband's beauty salon. Hiroshi allows her to do it to amend for his illicit love affair with a female customer. However, she asks the customer to visit her clinic and there is a tense atmosphere in the salon and the employees includes Kenji become nervous. And reiko advises him not to be cheated on by his partner. When he comes home, he finds Shirō talking with Daisaku Kohinata by telephone and makes an appointment of dining with him next Tuesday. Kenji feels uneasy about it because Daisaku is Shirō's type though Shirō plans to take him. He is so afraid of being cheated on by Shirō and he himself once betrayed his love and hurt his feelings. Needless to say, he thinks it's so foolish but he asks Shirō to cancel the appointment in tears.

Kenji (Seiyō Uchino, left) asks Shirō (Hidetoshi Nishijima) to cancel the appointment

Then he finds an envelope from the city goverment of Chiba. There is a document in it and it  asks him whether he can support his father Ken-ichi who is getting public assistance or not but it's hard for him to do so. Ken-ichi didn't live with his family from the time he could remember. When he visited his family, he threatened his wife with force and took some money. When Kenji was a junior high school pupil, Ken-ichi visited his family again but as soon as he saw his son who became tall, he ran back to his home. Though his mother still marries him in the eyes of the law, the document is the only way for Kenji to know that his father is alive.

Shirō (right) cooks crepes for brunch

On the following morning, Shirō cooks crepes for brunch because Kenji is off on the day. They enjoy the crepes with ham and eggs, sliced vegetable, tunamayo (tuna tosses with mayonnaise as filling), yogurt, sliced banana and chocolate sauce. And they drink canned beer. At that moment, Kenji remembers that why his father ran back when he was a junior high pupil was not because he was tall but he told him not to visit them any more. Kenji suggests Shirō going on a trip with Daisaku and his partner Wataru. Shirō tells Kenji that if they act as one unit, he will envy Daisaku as a joke. But it's true that Daisaku is his type so he apologises Kenji at heart.   

Kenji enjoys the crepes and beer

The image are from the official website of TV Tokyo.

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The New Executives of the JRFU

Former Japanese international Shigetaka Mori was elected as the new president of the JRFU (Japan rugby Football Union). And Katsuyuki Kiyomiya,who formerly coached Waseda University, Suntroy Sungoliath and Yamaha Jubilo was elected as one of the vice presidents. In addition, Kensuke Iwabuchi who is a Cambridge blue and coaches national rugby sevens and team became a chairman. Mori plans to the perfect professionalisation of Top League and win the World Cup someday.

According to the Sankei Shimbun, Kiyomiya plans to make Jamie Joseph continue to coach Japan after the World Cup. I think it's too early for that yet though I hope the team will leave a good result, needless to say.

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Kinō Nani Tabeta? (What Did You Eat Yesterday?) 7

The episode 9. Shirō joins the party after the wedding reception of his friend Kōichi Suganuma. But many women introduce themselves to him there because he is single. Shirō who has not come out that he is a gay to his friends and coworkers yet, he really hopes to have a marriage ring to keep them away. As he could not enjoy the meal at the party, he cooks Napolitan pasta after returning to home. On the other hand, Kenji advises Hiroshi Miyake, owner of the beauty saloon where he works at a bar. Miyake has an affair with one of the customers and Kenji tells him he should make his partner happy if he doesn't want to divorce her.

Shirō (Hidetoshi Nishijima, right) cooks o-chazuke for Kenji (Seiyō Uchino)

Kenji returns home. He couldn't enjoy the meal either so Shirō cooks o-chazuke (rice with green tea and topped by ingredients) for him. Then Shirō tells him that he will buy rings for themselves. Kenji is so delighted with it and they decide to go to jewelry shop next Tuesday. After ordering the rings at the shop, Kenji tells Hiroshi to give something to his wife but he denies because it is as good as confessing his love affair. At around the same time, lawyers of Uemachi law firm includes Shirō are busy with dealing with divorce cases and they talk about the importance of family.

Kenji is pleased with his ring

One day Shirō who prepares for dinner finds that rice is running out. Then he cooks pasta with vegetable and fungi and mainly seasoned with men-tsuyu, Japanese soup base instead. He also cooks minestrone and turnip salad. During the meal, he hands the rings to Kenji. But Kenji asks him to give it after the dinner. Kenji is really pleased with it and asks Shirō to put a ring on as he does. However it's hard for him to put it on at his office because if he does so, he will be wrongly suspected. 

The images are from the official website of TV Tokyo.

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Rugby in Japan 6

The league matches of Super rugby has finished. Regrettably, the team are in the lowest rank of SR this season. I think their poor results was caused by the balance between the team and so-called "Wolf Pack", team B of Japan (Brave Blissoms). Above all, Japan should get good results in the World Cup as the host country next autumn so it needed to strengthen Japan most of whose players also play for the SunWolves. It's one of the reason why the Sun Wolves couldn't play well. 

Needless to say, there are some players who displayed their talents includes Luke Thompson in this year's SR. Thompson who is 38 years old once decided to return to his mother country New Zealand but joined the Sun Wolves last January. Not only Thompson but other players as Semisi Masirewa, Hayden Parker, Fumiaki Tanaka, Gerhard van den Heever, Kazuki Himeno, Kenki Fukuoka and Michael Leitch did their best. though next year's SR will be the last chance for the team, the JRFU must decide how to strengthen the team and Japan after the World Cup immediately. And it also needs to promote TOP League more than before.

The national squad at training camp in Miyazaki
(From the official website of the JRFU)

And a bad news. Ryōta Kabashima who plays for TOYOTA Verblitz was arrested because of the illegal possession of cocaine. The Verblitz announced that they would withdraw from the TOP LEAGUE CUP that will start on the 22nd of June.

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Kinō Nani Tabeta? (What Did You Eat Yesterday?) 6

Episode 8. One Friday night. Shirō and Kenji meet Yoshi-kun whose real name is Yoshiyuki Nagahsima and Tetsu-san whose real name is Tetsurō Honda. Both of them are the friends of Kenji. Tetsu-san who runs a restaurant says that he decides to obtain organic ingredients for the cuisine served there. It's obvious that he and Yoshi-kun are a gay couple and Shirō feels restless while he is with them. Though he tells Kenji that it saves him the trouble of cooking dinner, he cannot bear speaking about being gay in an ordinary restaurant, not in the one in Shinjuku ni-chome. Kenji apologises him but he then feels irritated and tells him he doesn't need to do so. 

Shirō (Hidetoshi Nishijima, second from the left) meets Tetsu-san (Daikichi Sugawara, second from the right) and Yoshi-kun (Bokuzō Shōna, far right)

On the weekend, Shirō shares peaches with Kayoko Tominaga. Kayoko says that she received many peaches as summer gift before but now she has to by them by herself. However a dozen of peaches are too many for her family so she decides to share them with Shirō. She tells him that he seems to be cool but is not so in reality. It's true that he will feel so sad if he lives apart from Kenji now and it's hard for him who is over forty to seek for another partner using online dating app.

Kenji who is at work talks with someone on the phone and sends e-mails to Shiro who is on the way home from Kayoko's flat. Shirō learns that Yoshi-kun and Tetsu-san will visit them. Kenji tries to buy organic ingredients Tetsu-san mentioned for the dinner but they are over the budget so he cooks dinner in his own way. Shiro minds that it's too simple to entertain them but they enjoy eating the dishes with red wine they bring for Shiro and Kenji. But Shirō is very nervous.

Tetsu-san and Yoshi-kun visit Shirō and Kenji (Seiyō Uchino, far right)

Tetsu-san tells them that he is a restaurant owner and made a fortune. He decides to draw up his will but he hopes to leave his fortune not for his parents but for Yoshi-kun. So he wants to adopt Yoshi-kun (*) and attempts to consult Shirō at his firm about it. But He is afraid of troubling Shirō who hasn't come out there. However Shirō accepts it.

After their leave, Shirō tells Kenji that he should have told him what their purpose was. Kenji apologises him but Shirō is not angry with him but himself who is intolerant of letting his coworkers know that he is a gay. After that Kenji goes out to discard non burnable rubbish. Shirō worries if he doesn't return to him. 

Kenji eats peaches and feels happy

On the following morning, Shirō prepares Kenji's breakfast and is about to go out. Then Kenji appears and asks him to cook hamberg stake using his recipe for dinner. Shirō appreciates Kenji who healed the relationship between them at heart while going to office. Kenji finds some peaches and his breakfast in the fridge and feels that he is beloved so much while eating them.

(*) In Japan, the partnership of gay people that is regarded to be equivalent to the marriage is adopted by some local governments now.

The images are from the official website of TV Tokyo.

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The Cast of "Miss Sherlock"

Sherlock (Sherlock Holmes)
(The six images are from the official website of Hulu Japan)

Yūko Takeuchi as Sherlock

A detective who lives in 221B who consults her clients and solves a criminal case. Though being brilliant and active, she is rather eccentric and occasionally behaves rudely. And she hardly opens her mind to everyone. Her real name is Sara Shelly Futaba and was born in Britain. She loves chocolate so much.

Wato Tachibana (Dr. John H. Watson)

Shihori Kanjiya as Wato Tachibana

A surgeon who joined the team of doctors to Syria but returns Japan because of bombing. Then she thinks she couldn't do anything in Syria and decides to resign as a doctor. She becomes to live together with Sherlock by accident. She has a strong sense of justice and always show her feelings so Sherlock tells her that she is too simple. She is often called "Wato-san" by Kimiē.

Kimiē Hatano (Mrs. Hudson)

Ran Itō(*) as Kimiē Hatano

An elderly woman who owns 221B. She is a widow and her husband worked at a trading company. As she was saved by the parents of Sherlock before, she always support her and knows what she has experienced. 

Kento Futaba (Mycroft Holmes)

Yukiyoshi Ozawa as Kento Futaba

A member of Analysing Intelligence Team of the Cabinet. According to Sherlock, he is a real genius and has strong connections in the political and business world. He always says "I have only twenty minutes" and worries about his sister who closes her mind to everyone.

Gentarō Reimon (Inspector Lestrade)

Kenichi Takitō as Gentarō Reimon

A police inspector of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He is shrewd but cunning and uses Sherlock's reasoning to promote himself. He is stylish and instructs Tatsuya Shibata who works under him well. He also has a plenty of knowledge about IT tools.

Tatsuya Shinoda 

Tomoya Nakamura as Tatsuya Shibata

An original character. He is a police sergeant and works under Gentarō Reimon. He is a serious man and dislikes that Sherlock intrude on their investigation but works diligently as right-hand man of his boss.  

The series is produced by Hulu Japan and HBO Asia.

There is a Japanese novel that is based on the series of Sherlock Holmes in which female characters appear. The characters are Shirley Holmes, Joan Watson and Gloria Lestrade.

(*) Itō is a wife of Yutaka Mizutani, an actor who plays the role of Ukyō Sugishita in "Aibou"(Aibō, Tokyo Detective Duo) .
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Miss Sherlock Episode 1

Dr. Wato Tachibana reads the letters from Takayuki Mizuno, her former teacher when she was a medical student. She meets him at the airport but he falls down on the floor with the sound of an explosion. He dies and his internal organs are destroyed. After that Wato and Akiko, wife of Takayuki arrives at a police station but Takayuki's body is being examined by a woman who is called "Sherlock". She says that Takayuki was killed by a capsuled fluid bomb operated by remote control. 

Sherlock then points out that Wato returned from Syria where she volunteered as a member of the team of doctors. She gathers it from the sutures tied up to her suitcase and her watch that tells the local time of Syria. She then smells her and says it is that of the firepower of RDX and aluminium that caused the explosion. Wato is given a name card of Gentarō Reimon who is a police inspector of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. That night she sees it in a room of a hotel but she is unaware of the plug socket is about to be off. 

Sherlock (Yūko Takeuchi) examined the dead body of Takayuki Mizuno

After that a young man called Ryūichi Kurimoto is killed by the same method. At the same time, Wato visits Sherlock in a house 221B owned by Kimiē Hatano. She is so surprised with Sherlock who lives there behaves in a very strange fashion. Kimiē tells her that she has a real name but those who are close to her began calling her so after a certain time. Sherlock hears from Gentarō and goes to the murder scene of Ryūichi with Wato. It seems that Ryuichi visited a dance club that is called "Drug Box" and he received a drug that is a bomb in fact by a juggler called Kūya Kirisaki.

Wato visits Akiko Mizuno. She puts a hand on her stomach and tells her that her late husband Takayuki used to say that Wato would become a good doctor because she cannot leave the weak alone. However she feels she cannot do anything and decides to resign as a doctor. Then they go out and Wato sees Akiko who is childless treats a little girl as if she were her real daughter. At that time Wato receives an email from Sherlock and meets her and her brother Kento Futaba who is a member of Intelligence Analysis Team of the Cabinet . There is a point in common between Sherlock and Kento. 

Sherlock smells Dr. Wato Tachibana (Shihori Kanjiya) and says it's that of the firepower of aluminium and RDX

They visit a company that raises funds by crowdfunding and gives samples to those who invested a large amount of money. But the sample was changed by someone into a bomb that is called "Devil's Foot". Both Sherlock and Wato find the name of Kūya in the list of the investors. And they are informed that a woman who lives with Kūya reported that he went out of their room in the state of dementia after swallowing "Devil's Foot".

Kūya gets a gun hidden for him on the way to the rehabilitation facilities for drug addicts. He enters the facilities and shoots Yosuke Makishima in the leg. Yōsuke is also a drug addict. At that time Sherlock, Wato, Gentarō and policemen arrive there and bear back the people there shouting that Kūya swallows a bomb. 

Kūya saw a net news that a little girl was killed by a drug addict 10 years ago before going out. The staff of the facilities received a letter that says the emotional care of drug addicts is nothing but a pity party. Shelock sees a stamp on the envelope and asks Gentarō to examine the name of the girl who was killed 10 years ago. And Wato tells her though Akiko is childless, she treats a little girl as if she were her real daughter.

Wato (far left) is introduced to Kento Futaba (Yukiyoshi Ozawa) by Sherlock

Sherlock visits Akiko with Wato and tells her that it's her who killed her husband. Akiko who was a single mother and lived with her daughter but she was killed by Yōsuke who became intoxicated. He escaped immediately and it made her move to Tokyo and then she married Takayuki. Akiko invested in the company in the name of Kūya Kirisaki and changes the sample into "Devil's Foot". However her husband suspected that she is up to no good and pressed her to tell him the details. Then she killed her husband, Ryuichi and made Kūya attack Yōsuke. 

The stamp on the envelope is one of a sheet of commemorative stamps released two years ago. She used one of them to send her letter to the facilities and others were used to send letters to Wato in Syria by Takayuki. The fingerprints on the stamp has already identified her. She tells Sherlock that noxious insects should be exterminated by someone but Sherlock declares it's not her duty. Akiko puts her hand on her stomach but she touches her pendant under her clothes in reality. It's a kind of mourning jewelry and her dead daughter's hair is in it. Akiko approaches the table and takes her smartphone to kill herself by exploding "Devil's Foot" in her body.

Sherlock runs up to her immediately and asks her to say who planned such a thing. She realises that someone pulls the wires behind the scene. Gentarō and Kento come there and Wato is asked what she plans to do from now on. She says she will think about it when she returns the hotel but they learn that Hotel New Kamata in Ōta-ku is burnt down. It's the hotel Wato stays at. Because of this, Wato becomes to live with Sherlock but she says to her new roommate that she will surely make her regret sharing a room with her.

The images are from the official website of "Miss Sherlock" of Hulu Japan.

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実は『いだてん~東京オリムピック噺~』を観なくなったので、再び『西郷どん』復習の投稿をアップしています。関連文献もまた読もうかと考えていますし、BSで再放送中の『葵 徳川三代』の再放送も観ています。そしてパペットホームズの続編ですが、これは是非とも三谷氏にお願いしたいところです。